Pokemon Tim GBA ROM Download [2023 Pre-Patched GBA]

Pokemon Tim GBA ROM Download [2023 Pre-Patched GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Tim GBA
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Tim and Games
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.58 MB
Released November 5, 2022
Downloads 27516
Download now

Download Pokemon Tim GBA to experience the latest modified GameBoy Advance edition. This altered edition offers significant improvements in the gameplay. Thus, players will find unofficial features and modifications. Hence, playing this mod will be exciting for players.

Modified games are always fun to play and explore. Therefore, most altered games only offer services for easier gameplay. However, Pokemon-altered ROMs offer significant changes in the gameplay. Thus, the difficulty levels are not changed. Instead, the latest generation features are introduced. Hence, find such a modified game here.

What is Pokemon Tim GBA?

Pokemon Tim GBA Hack is a GBA ROM hack. This modified edition provides endless modifications in the official Pokemon Emerald. In this altered ROM, get updated on monsters, evolutions, characters, and much more. Thus, get higher generations features and also fan-introduced features. Hence, a wide range of new features is available in this hack.

Emerald ROM hacks are quite fun to play. Thus, this website offers a wide range of Emerald-based hacks such as Pokemon Emerald Docal ROM. Although, the Docal ROM is quite a popular hack these days. But, this page is about the latest altered GBA hack. Hence, stay to know about the latest introduced edition.

Mostly, ROM hacks offer modifications in the gameplay. This will reduce the player’s gameplay interest. Thus, monster trainers don’t like to play modified ROMs with zero originality features. But, there are players enjoying such completely changed ROMs. Hence, this website offers such editions for players.

Completely changed gameplay lovers should check out this website. Because there are tons of completely modified ROMs available. Thus, players will find tons of interesting and unique mod ROMs. However, players will limited modifications should stay on this page. Because this page is about a unique hack with limited changes.

The newest available modified ROM hack with official gameplay is Pokemon Tim ROM. In this ROM hack, a series of improvements are added.  Therefore, this page provides detailed information related to the modification. Thus, stay on this page to learn all about it before downloading this ROM hack.


To this day, 9 generations of Pokemon Core have been introduced. But, Pokemon Emerald only offers the first 3 generations. Hence, players only have limited monsters in the gameplay. In this hack, this feature is modified with the 7th generation Pokemon. Hence, players will get additional monsters in the gameplay.

Catchable monsters are 151 in the official Emerald ROM. Hence, catching more than 151 creatures is not possible. But, this edition provides players access to catch all types of creatures. Therefore, players will get a simple way to complete all Pokedex in one go. Hence, capture all available monsters and create a powerful team.

Moves and Abilities

The abilities and moves of monsters are a great concern for trainers. Because using high abilities and powerful moves winning battles is easy. Therefore, this hack offers seventh-generation high-quality moves and abilities. Hence, winning any battle will be quite instant and exciting. Thus, no need to use multiple monsters in battle anymore. 

Types and Evolutions

With each Pokemon Core generation update new monsters and types are introduced. Thus, get the Pokemon Fairy-type monsters in this hack. This monster type wasn’t available in the official edition. Additionally, the Mega evolution system is also added. Hence, players will get higher types of monsters with evolutions.

Game Story

Players love playing Pokemon ROMs with the official storylines. Therefore, no modifications have been added to the existing storylines of Emerald. But, some dialogs are improved to make the gameplay more interesting. Hence, trainers will find minor changes in the dialogs of characters and nothing else.


Modifications in the list of characters have been made. So, now players will get more characters with more communication abilities. Additionally, newly added characters also have different dialogs systems. Hence, communication with NPCs will be more fun and exciting.

Pokemon trainers love playing altered ROMs. So, download the Pokemon Tim Game and start playing this latest altered edition. Players will experience high-quality modifications in this altered ROM. Hence, download and start playing this edition to enjoy all alterations.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Tim GBA ROM?

ROMSFORGBA.COM offers the fastest and simplest GBA hack downloading system. Therefore, searching on the internet for Mod GBA editions is no longer needed. So, find the hack download button and click on it. Thus, the downloading process will start automatically.

Mostly, players find the patching process hard. Because this process requires multiple files in the patching process. Thus, this website provides patched files. Hence, no need to go through the long patching process anymore. Only, download the patched file and start playing.

Main Features

  • Latest Emerald ROM Hack
  • Get Gen 7 Pokémon
  • Gen 7 Moves And Abilities
  • Mega Evolution 
  • Fairy Type Added
  • Rematch With GYM Leaders
  • More Items Added
  • Repel System From Gen 5 Added
  • Indoor Running System
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Tim ROM?

Use a GBA Patcher to Patch the ROM, but we have a Pre-Patched ROM for you.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Tim ROM?

Get the Pre-Patched ROM from the download section.

How to Download Pokémon Tim 3DS CIA?

You can also get the 3DS CIA file from the download section.


Pokemon Tim GBA Download to enjoy all available alterations of Emerald. So, players of emerald ROM will have unique gameplay with endless alterations. Addtionally, keep following this website for more GBA ROM hacks. Hence, stay up to date with alterations here.

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