Pokemon Temporal GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA]

Pokemon Temporal GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Temporal
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer SrHaruno
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 11.68 MB
Released September 20, 2023
Downloads 1575
Download now

Pokemon Temporal is a short GBA ROM Hack game. This GBA offers unique gameplay with multiple modifications. Therefore, get interesting gameplay with changes in the gameplay, Monsters, encounters, and much more. Additionally, this GBA hack is a short sequel of a differnet GBA hack. Therefore, find multiple changes and alterations in the gameplay. Hence, Download and play this ROM hack to explore all mods.

Playing ROM hacks is the best way to enjoy improved features. Although, hacks are not introduced by the official game developers. However, hacks are fan-based improved games. Therefore, multiple improvements and modifications are added to the gameplay. So, this offers details related to the newest ROM hack. Hence, learn about this new fan-based game here.

What is Pokemon Temporal GBA?

‘Pokemon Temporal ROM’ is a GBA ROM Hack game. This ROM is based on Pokemon FireRed GBA ROM. Therefore, find multiple improved features in the FireRed. In this GBA, a completely new remake game is available. So, a new story is added, Quests are changed, encounters are modified, Higher-Gen Pokemon, Battle machines, and much more. Hence, enjoy a completely new Poke ROM game with this GBA Hack.

FireRed is the most popular GameBoy Advance game. Although, this GBA game dont offer updates. However, Poke trainers still enjoy playing this unique GBA ROM game. Therefore, ROM hacks are introduced to enjoy improved features. Although, multiple ROM hacks are available with modifications. But, finding the latest released hacks is quite problematic.

Multiple FireRed GBA hacks are available on ROMSFORGBA.COM. Because this is the best available ROM hack store website to find multiple hacks such as Pokemon Caliz. Although, multiple trending FireRed fan-based modified editions are available. But, this page is about the latest released hack. Hence, learn complete details related to this new GBA ROM hack here.

“Pokemon Temporal Game” is the latest remake ROM of Pokemon FireRed. This is an English-based fan-based ROM hack with differnet modifications. Although, this GBA hack does offer the basic features of Official FireRed. But, overall the gameplay has been changed. Therefore, Poke trainers will get a new experience of gaming. Hence, learn about all the newly added modifications in this mod game.


The gameplay is available in the region Sehand. In this region, players will start the Poke adventure. Therefore, selecting the stater Pokemon is the first task. After this task, complete a task related to the delivery of a parcel to Professor. Apart from this, helping NPCs is also important to progress further in the gameplay. Hence, explore this new gameplay and have fun experience.

Basically, this is a Prequel of Pokémon God. Although, the God GBA hack hasn’t been released. Because it is underdevelopment. But, this Poke temporal is directly connected to the God version. Therefore, Poke trainers will get encounters related to the God game. Hence, complete this unique game to have a fun experience.

Region And Locations

The Kanto region of FireRed is replaced with Sehand. This is a completely new region introduced in this GBA ROM hack. This region offers new locations and encounters. So, find new houses, Forests, Routes, Grasses, and much more locations in the gameplay. Apart from this, the starting Town is also changed. Hence, Poke trainers will start this GBA hack in COMESO Town


In this new GBA hack gameplay, multiple opponents are available. Therefore, the gameplay will be more exciting and entertaining. So, Poke trainers will encounter 3 GYM Leaders (More will be added in the next update), Other Trainers, and much more in this hack. Hence, play this unique ROM hack to explore more unique encounters.

Pokemon Temporal Download to explore this unique GBA hack. Although, most information related to this unique game is available here. However, much more unique features are available. Therefore, the best way to explore all modifications is to play this Pokemon ROM game. Hence, get information related to downloading this GBA ROM here.

Screenshot Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Temporal GBA ROM?

This is the latest available GBA ROM hack. Therefore, getting the download link of this ROM is rare. So, this website offers a simple and fast GBA hack downloading system. Just, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. The downloading process of this GBA game will instantly start with a tap. Hence, surfing the web isn’t necessary at all. 

How To Patch Pokémon Temporal Hack?

To Patch this hack, users need to get FireRed GBA, Temporal Hack, and a patcher tool. Additionally, the compatibility of the FireRed version and Temporal Hack is also necessary. However, the best way to skip this patching process is to download a pre-patched game. Hence, download the patched GBA and start playing. No need to find any files and tools.

How To Play Pokémon Temporal Game?

To play this GBA hack, players have to complete various tasks. Although, initial tasks are similar to the official FireRed such as Professor tasks, GYM Leaders, and some more. However, helping NPCs is necessary to progress in this game. Apart from this, players will also encounter new characters such as Someon, Celebi, and more. Hence, enjoy this new game with various unofficial encounters. 

Main Features

  • New FireRed Game
  • Unofficial Encounters
  • Sequel Of God
  • New Region Add
  • New Characters Available
  • 3 GYM Encounter
  • New Routes Added
  • Attractive Graphics
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Poke Temporal Android?

Install a GBA Emulator on Android and play this game using the Emulator.

How To Add Poke Temporal Cheat Codes?

Add the cheats of official FireRed in this game. Because Fire Red has been used as the base ROM. 

How To Play Poke Temporal PC?

To play on a PC, install a GBA Emulator and play this game.


Pokemon Temporal GBA ROM Hack is the best remake game to have unlimited modifications. Thus, play to have fun gameplay with improved and unofficial features. Apart from this GBA, more similar ROM hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to download more hacks.

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