Pokemon Fission One Hall ROM Download [2023 GBA]

Pokemon Fission One Hall ROM Download [2023 GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Fission – One Hall (口袋妖怪裂变一道馆)
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Region China, Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 8.73 MB
Released September 18, 2022
Downloads 9871
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Playing Chinese Pokemon games is hard to find on the internet. Therefore, get the Pokemon Fission One Hall game with Chinese modifications. This is a specially modified Pokemon ROM game for Chinese players. So, get multiple modifications and the latest features in this ROM. Hence, the gameplay will be more exciting.

The Pokemon game is a Japanese game. So, the first language of Pokemon is Japanese. Therefore, the games support other languages that are introduced later. However, Chinese language games are not introduced. Hence, Chinese players can only play hack games that support the Chinese language.

What is Pokemon Fission One Hall ROM?

The Pokemon One Hall Game is a modified GBA ROM. This GBA hack provides modifications and updated Pokemon Gen features. So, the hack offer modified Pokemon, Region, New Game Story, Evolutions, and much more. Hence, playing this ROM will be exciting for players. It is the modified edition of Pokemon Hyper Emerald.

Emerald ROM hacks are quite popular these days. So, this website provides multiple emerald-modified editions. However, it is recommended to try Pokemon Mirage Of Tales. Because of completely altered storylines. But, this page provides information about the latest ROM hack.

Role-playing games are depended on a good story. So, with a attractive story players enjoy spending time playing the game. However, even playing a good RPG game multiple times is boring. Therefore, players want to enjoy improvements in the storylines.

Mostly, ROM hacks provide the latest gen modifications with the same storylines. So, playing these ROMs is fun for a certain time. However, there are also hacks with completely altered features. Therefore, get details about modified ROM with the modified storylines. Hence, stay to get the complete details of the ROM alterations. 

Pokemon Fission One Hall GBA is the latest introduced ROM hack. So, this exciting ROM offers multiple modifications. But, this GBA hack is specially introduced for Chinese Pokemon players. Thus, unfamiliar language players will encounter problems with language. So, try another ROM from this website. 


Playing with a limited number of Pocket creatures is boring. Because players cannot exceed the team. Therefore, players don’t enjoy playing the Emerald ROM edition of Pokemon. However, this modified ROM hack offers additional alterations to the collection of Pocket creatures. Hence, gaming will be more exciting with endless creatures.

Currently, the ninth Core Pokemon generation is ongoing. However, the Emerald edition only supports third-core monsters. So, 口袋妖怪裂变一道馆 provides an updated Pokedex of Emerald. Therefore, get monsters from one to seventh Pokemon generations in this edition. Thus, have unique gameplay with endless monsters options.

Capturing monsters is possible using Pokeballs in Pokemon Games. However, not all available monsters are catchable in the Emerald edition. Therefore, this modified ROM offers alterations in the catching process. Hence, players will be able to catch all monsters.


Fan-based introduced Pocket creatures are known as Fakemons. But, fan-introduced creatures are not added in the official editions. So, this exciting fan edition provides the largest collection of Fakemon. Hence, getting Fakemon is easy for players.

Fake monsters also have differnet moves and abilities. So, moves and abilities are also added in this ROM game. Therefore, players will get the powerful abilities of monsters and super-effective moves. Thus, winning any battle of monsters will be easy.


Mostly, Pocket creatures don’t change their form nor evolve. So, players will get a single type of creature in the Pokemon ROM games. But, this modified edition allows players to evolve creatures. Therefore, players will get multiple types of creatures.

Change in the size of Pokemon is fun. So, the change in monster size is known as Dynamax. However, the Dynamax feature is not available in Pokemon Emerald. Therefore, Dynamax forms are added in this modified edition. Hence, increase the size of monsters using Dynamax.

Changing in the size without the abilities of monsters is a waste. Therefore, players prefer Mega Evolutions compared to Dynamax. So, this modified ROM game provides Mega evolutions for players. Thus, increasing EXP is required to unlock Mega Evolution.

Region and Story

The official story of Pokemon ROMs is loved by players. Therefore, this hack doesn’t offer changed storylines for players. Hence, players will have the taste of originality. However, there are additional missions added. So, players will have more fun gameplay.

The available missions of this modified ROM are new. Therefore, players won’t find any of these missions in other ROMs. Thus, gaming will be fun. Additionally, this ROM hack provides more unique alterations. Hence, download the GBA ROM hack to play all.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Fission One Hall GBA ROM?

Want to download the Chinese ROM hack? Then, no need to search on the Internet anymore. Because this website provides the fastest ROM hack downloading system. So, players will get an updated Hack on this page. Thus, start downloading with a click on ROM.

The problem with GBA Hacks is the Patching process. Because this process required a perfect official ROM edition and hack. However, finding an accurate edition is hard. Therefore, this website provides a pre-patched GBA hack. Hence, no need to go through the patching process.

Main Features

  • Latest Pokemon Hyper Emerald Hack
  • Get New Game Story
  • Changed Region 
  • Gen 7 Pokemon and Fakemon Available
  • Gen 7 Moves and Abilities
  • Mega Evolutions and Dynamax Form
  • Tiles From Light Platinum Edition
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokemon Pokémon Fission One Hall ROM?

We are here with the pre-patched ROM.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Fission One Hall GBA?

Find the download section and get pre-patched ROM.

How to Download Pokémon Fission One Hall 3DS CIA?

You can also download the 3DS CIA file from the download section.


Pokemon Fission One Hall Download to enjoy the Chinese GBA hack. Although, most of the information related to the ROM hack is provided on this page. But, there are much more unshared. Thus, downloading and playing the hack is the best method. So, get the GAB Hack to enjoy all modifications. Additionally, for more GBA hacks keep following this website.

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