Pokemon Saffron Version ROM Download 2023 GBA Patched

Pokemon Saffron Version ROM Download 2023 GBA Patched
Full Name Pokemon Saffron Version
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer mattymannnn
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 7.57 MB
Released November 28, 2019
Downloads 34125
Download now

In Pokemon, monsters have different types, evolutions, generations, forms, and other attributes. But, these attributes aren’t available in GBA editions. Therefore, try the Pokemon Saffron Version ROM with the best modifications. This modified edition of GBA allows trainers to experience altered attributes of pocket monsters.

The Pokemon industry introduced a new theme of humans and monsters. Thus, in this fantasy world humans are living along with mysterious creatures known as Pokemon. Additionally, different games are introduced with this monster theme. Hence, this page provides information related to a unique Pokemon game with alterations.

What is Pokemon Saffron Version ROM?

Pokemon Saffron Version ROM is a GBA ROM hack. This modified ROM provides unique modifications. Thus, players will find it more interesting compared to the official GBA. In this ROM hack, monster trainers will get altered monsters, evolutions, gameplay, and much more. Hence, experience endless fun with amazing alterations. Additional info, this is the mod version of Pokemon Emerald.

Emerald Pokemon is one of the popular GBA ROMs. Thus, endlessly modified editions of this GBA are available. However, limited editions are fun with unique modifications such as Pokemon Trick-or-Treat House. Moreover, this page also offers the latest introduced altered GBA. Hence, players should explore details related to alterations here. 

It is common to find Pokemon-related modified editions. However, most modified ROMs provide limited changes in the gameplay. Usually, the added modifications result in easier gameplay. But, players don’t like to play easy games. Therefore, stay on this page to experience a unique modified edition with different modifications.

Pokemon Saffron Version GBA is the latest available altered edition. Thus, this edition provides the latest generation features. Addtionally, players will also get fan-based edition modifications. Hence, playing this edition will be fun with the combination of the latest generation and fan-edited modifications. Hence, stay on this page to learn more.


The Gameplay of this altered ROM is completely changed. Thus, the starting region is Danse Region. In this region, the Main character is living with family. Thus, newly fan-based added quests and events are available. Although, the quests are different from the original edition. But, the main theme of Pokemon is available. Hence, the battle of monsters and reaching a higher position is the main goal.

This altered GBA offers a special event known as Skyrocket. In this event, monster trainers from different regions will gather in the Dense Region. The reason for this gathering is to battle and find the best trainer. Thus, the main task of players is to win the special event Skyrocket. Additionally, side quests and events are available.


Pokemon fans introduced various types of Pokedex. Thus, the Aziran Pokedex is the most popular available Poke Dex. Therefore, Aziran Pokedex is added to this modified edition of ROM. Hence, the official Emerald ROM pokedex is completely removed. But, this Pokedex provides the best collection of monsters.

Third-generation monsters are available in the official Emerald. However, this altered GBA offers monsters from the first to the eighth generation. So, the collection of monsters will be high compared to the official GBA. Additionally, all the available monsters are catchable. Hence, completing Pokedex in a single gameplay is possible.

  • Forms
  • Mega Evolution
  • Gigantimax
  • Regional Variant
  • Alolan Variant
  • Galarian Variant
  • Many More

With the altered forms and evolutions of monsters, battling will be fun. Because winning any battle will be easy for monster trainers. Additionally, evolve monsters also have more abilities and skills. Hence, players will get additional support during the battle or Skyrocket competitions. 


The altered GBA provides various modifications in the forms and evolutions of monsters. Thus, these monsters are equipped with modified battle moves. Additionally, players love to use Z Moves in the GBA ROM editions. Therefore, this GBA hack also offers Z-Moves in this gameplay. Hence, the dream of using Zmoves will become a reality.

Pokemon Saffron Version Download to experience the most unique altered GBA. This page offers almost complete details related to the alterations. But, reading is not the way to enjoy GBA modifications. Therefore, it is recommended that players download and play this exciting GBA edition.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Saffron Version GBA ROM?

This website offers the fastest GBA hack downloading process. Thus, searching on the internet for hacks isn’t compulsory anymore. So, Players only need to find GBA hack download button on this page. Once, the hack download is found click on it. Because the hack downloading will automatically start.

This website provides a pre-patched GBA hack. Thus, going through the patching process is not required. The patching process is compulsory to add modifications in the GBA. However, finding a compatible GBA file is hard. Thus, here players will get patched GBA hack files.

Main Features

  • Latest Emerald ROM Hack
  • Get Changed Gameplay
  • More Pokémon Added
  • Additional Forms and Evolutions
  • More Items Added
  • Upgraded Mechanics
  • Improved Graphics
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Saffron Version GBA?

We are here with the Pre-Patched GBA.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Saffron Version GBA?

Get the pre-patched GBA from the download section.

Can We Play the Pokémon Saffron Version On PC?

Use a GBA Emulator on PC and enjoy the game on PC.


Pokemon Saffron Version ROM is the latest and unique modified edition. This page provides information related to the modifications. But, playing this modified ROM is the best way to enjoy it. Therefore, download the patched ROM from this page and start playing the modified ROM. Additionally, for more ROM hacks keep following this website.

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