Pokemon Lightning Yellow GBA ROM Download [2023 NEW]

Pokemon Lightning Yellow GBA ROM Download [2023 NEW]
Full Name Pokemon Lightning Yellow
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Shadows
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 5.0.1 MB
Released April 30, 2018
Downloads 20399
Download now

Pokemon Lightning Yellow” is the special unofficial Pokemon GBA ROM. In this hack, unique and exciting modifications are based on fan requests. Additionally, this Hack is specially developed for Pokemon Pikachu fans. Thus, find all Pikachu-related missions and more interesting improvements. Hence, Download and Play this ROM to have a unique gameplay.

Each Pokemon fan has a different liking for playing relative games. However, Pikachu is a globally loved Pocket monster. But, most official GBA ROMs don’t offer gameplay related to this Monster. Therefore, find the most unique and popular unofficial game with Pikachu here. Stay to learn all about this unique game.

What is Pokemon Lightning Yellow GBA?

Pokemon Lightning Yellow ROM is a remake GBA Game. This remake Game is based on Pokemon FireRed GBA. Thus, players will get modifications in the Fire Red game. In this GBA ROM hack, find new Pokemon, Upgraded Graphics, Modified Storylines, and much more. Hence, all modifications are provided here.

Although, the official Pokemon GameBoy Advance games are popular. However, official games offer limited features. Therefore, most gamers don’t prefer to play official GBA games multiple times. So, fan-based modified GBA games also known as GBA hacks are popular to provide modifications. This website offers the best modified GBA games.

ROMSFORGBA.COM offers the best and trending ROM hacks. Previously, a differnet GBA hack of FireRed game was introduced. Although, this was quite popular for providing unique improvements. But, this page is about the latest available GBA hack. So, learn about this unique and special hack here.

Pokemon Lightning Yellow Game is the speical FireRed GBA hack based on Pikachu. This hack is a special developed for Pikachu lovers to enjoy. Thus, Poke trainers will get Pikachu monster in the Kanto Region. Additionally, more similar improvements are added in the official gameplay. So, players will have unique gameplay with modifications. Hence, explore details about mods here.


The gameplay of this GBA ROM hack is similar to the official gameplay. However, a limited number of modifications are added. Thus, Poke trainers will have unique gameplay. Mainly, the improvements are added due to the Pokemon Yellow. So, players will get extra quests related to this monster. Hence, enjoy improved gameplay with new limited modifications.

Game Story

In the official FireRed, the Main character gets the first Pokemon as a Reward from Professor Oak. However, this ROM hack offers a modified gamestory. Therefore, the main character will get a quest to capture the first monster”Pokemon Lightning Yellow”. This quest is activated after meeting with Professor Oak.

Capturing the Pokemon Pikachu isn’t easy. Therefore, the player needs to get Poke-balls from the professor. After getting all the required items, visit the nearby grass field. In this field, players will encounter Pikachu monsters everywhere. However, capturing these monsters needed high skills. Therefore, use strategies to capture this monster using Poke balls. Playing this unofficial FireRed will be more exciting.


The Pokemon Lightning Yellow Pokedex consists of 151 Pokemon. And, each of the available creatures has unique abilities and types. However, capturing all Pokemon isn’t possible while playing the official game. So, this ROM hack allows trainers to capture all available Pocket monsters in one go. Hence, creating a team of all monsters is possible now.


Most Poke trainers want to know about Pokemon Lightning Yellow Starters. But, this game only offers a single Poke-monster as a starter. So, players will get Pokemon Pikachu as the Lightning Starter Pokemon. However, players have to capture this monster. Hence, get a Pokeball and find the starter Poke-Monster in the grass field.

Monsters from differnet higher generations are added in this GBA hack. Therefore, Poke trainers will find a higher number of Gen 6 and 7 monsters. Additionally, relative abilities of higher-gen monsters are also added. So, higher-gen monsters with more abilities are available in this GBA hack. Hence, capture powerful Pocket creatures and enjoy.

Battle Engine And Graphics

The low-tiled-based graphics are commonly available in GBA ROMs. Similarly, this game also provides a tiled-based display. However, this ROM hack graphics are improved compared to the official FireRed. Further, a higher Poke generation battle engine is added. This will provide a better gaming experience. Enjoy playing with enhanced graphics in this GBA game.

Pokemon Lightning Yellow GBA Download to enjoy all available features. This game provides all unique modified features. Thus, players will have unique gameplay with available features. Further, more similar GBA ROM hacks are available here. Thus, follow this website to know more.

Screenshots Of Pokemon Lightning Yellow

How to Download Pokémon Lightning Yellow GBA ROM?

Official GBA games are available on various platforms. However, it is not easy to download GBA Hacks. Because hacks are fan-based modified versions. Thus, this website offers a clear ROM hack downloading system. Hence, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button at the top and tap on it. Complete the process and get the GBA hack.

How To Patch “Pokémon Lightning Yellow Cheat”?

The patching process of GBA cheats needs multiple files such as a compatible Official GBA ROM, a Cheat file, and a Patcher tool. Additionally, this won’t always work. Therefore, this website offers pre-patched ROM cheat. Thus, no need to go through the patching process anymore. Simply download the Patched GBA hack and start playing. Skip the patching process.

How To Download “Pokémon Lightning Yellow Apk”?

This GBA game isn’t available for Android. But, there is a simple way to play this GBA ROM hack on any Android. Thus, the method is to use a GBA Emulator Apk. Install an Emulator App on mobile. Simultaneously, download the GBA hack file from this page. After this Open the installed Emulator and run this download GBA ROM on Emulator. 

Main Features

  • Latest FireRed ROM Hack
  • Pikachu Based GBA
  • Modified Storyline
  • Updated Pokemon
  • Pikachu As Starter
  • Generation 6 Pokemon
  • Upgraded Battle Engine
  • Graphics Improved 
  • Many More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Poké Lightning Yellow On PC?

Use a GBA Emulator on PC and RUN the GBA file on the emulator.

Does Poké Lightning Yellow Offer Pikachu?

Yes, Pikachu is available as a Starter Monster.

Can We Use Hack Code In Poké Lightning Yellow?

Yes, use FireRed hack codes to hack this GBA.


Pokemon Lightning Yellow ROM Download to enjoy all available improvements. This is the most unique GBA cheat with surprising modifications. Therefore, any Pokemon fan should download and play to experience all alterations. Further, find more similar cheats on this website. Follow to know more Pokemon GBA hacks.

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