Pokemon Wish GBA ROM Download [V 2023]

Pokemon Wish GBA ROM Download [V 2023]
Full Name Pokemon Wish
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer PSI Master
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 12.68 MB
Released June 2, 2023
Downloads 35938
Download now

Pokemon Wish is the latest and complete GBA ROM hack. This GBA provides completely new gameplay with endless modifications. Thus, get modified Gameplay, Storylines, Background Story, Pokemon, NPCs, and much more. Further, get unofficial features in this exciting game. Hence, Download and Play this GBA hack game and have fun.

Pokemon games provide interesting gameplay. However, most Poke games offer quite similar gameplay. Therefore, it is rare to find games with new gaming features. So, it is common for Poke trainers to search for Game hacks with more gaming features. Consequently, this page is about an unofficial GBA game with endless modifications. Enjoy changes in the gameplay and much more.

What is Pokemon Wish GBA?

“Pokemon Wish ROM” is a GBA ROM hack. This GBA game is based on Pokemon FireRed. So, find unofficial improvements in the official FireRed game. Therefore, get 7th Generation Pokemon, New Storylines, Quests, Characters, and relative modifications in this GBA hack. Further, high Poke features are also added. Hence, have fun gameplay with endless modifications.

Mostly GBA games are based on the same game story. In almost all Pokemon GBA games, the story is about a young trainer. Therefore, Poke trainers find it boring to play official games with the same existing services. So, playing the modified games is preferred. Because mod games offer improvements in the official story.

GBA ROM hacks are commonly used to enjoy unofficial features. In ROM hacks, fans modified the official Poke ROMs. Therefore, it is always exciting for Poke trainers to play hacks. However, finding a modified game with complete modifications is rare. Thus, this page is about a newly available ROM hack with completely changed gameplay. Hence, learn about this hack here.

Pokemon Wish Game is the latest available fan-based modified FireRed game similar to Pokemon AlteRed. This game is modified by PSI Master. In this fan-based remake of Fire Red, a completely new story, characters, and additional modifications. Further, this edition was introduced after years of development. Hence, endless modifications are added in this Remake ROM.

Game Story

The story of this GBA ROM hack is about the Acromian civilization. This civilization is been known all over the world for 1000+ years. Although, this civilization has limited resources such as Sea Ports. But, due to these ports, this civilization has grown into an empire. Therefore, every type of individual is traveling in Acromian. Hence, now it has negative effects on people.

In the background Story, the Acromian is at war with differnet civilizations. However, the lord requested the WISHMAKER to end this war. The Wishmaker and Five Keys defeat all opponents for peace. However, the dark days are back after thousands of years. Now, the governance of Acromian has changed and a new cult is emerging to awaken the WISHMAKER again. But this time, the Cult wants to start the war again.

The story of this GBA is about a young Poke trainer. So, this trainer will find a Drunken professor with a request to solve some problems. Further, this Young trainer will gain free Pokemon monsters for completing Drunken Professor requests. Therefore, this trainer will get this mission and encounter various difficulties such as Cults, Trainers, and much more. Hence, explore this journey to have fun gameplay.


Acromian is a fan-based modified region with completely new locations. The game will start at the “SAPPHIRE VILLAGE”. This is a small village with few houses. However, players will meet with the Poke professor in this village and also get relative quests. Additionally, get the first Pokemon in this small village of Acromian. More similar locations are available in this region to explore. Hence, start exploring Acromian.

New Characters

In this GBA ROM Hack, find the best available changes in the characters. Therefore, players will encounter various opponents in the gameplay. So, now find Drunken Professor, New GYM Leaders, Police, and relatively newly added characters in the gameplay. Also, the storylines of the characters are also changed. Hence, chat with the characters to explore all storylines. 


In any ROM hack, players will get modifications in the collection of Pokemon. The official game offers third-generation Pokemons. However, this hack provides Pokemon from all the first seven generations. Therefore, find high-gen monsters. Additionally, this hack offers rare and powerful monsters. Hence, explore all monsters to complete the Pokedex.

386+ Pokemon are newly added in this GBA ROM hack. This GBA offers a higher catchable probability of Monsters. Therefore, it is possible for Poke trainers to complete the Pokedex in a single play. Additionally, 14 Poke Alternate Forms are added. So, get various types of unofficial forms of monsters. Hence, have fun gameplay with new monsters and forms.

The stats and attacks of Pokemon are also improved. Therefore, find 7th gen stats and attacks of Pokemon in this game. Additionally, the Special split and Physical Split of higher generations. So, get high-quality stats of monsters with powerful attacks in the gameplay. Hence, enjoy battles using higher stats of Pocket monsters.

Type And Evolution

Evolving monsters are always exciting for Poke trainers. However, evolutions of Pokemon aren’t available in the official FireRed. But, this GBA hack offers MEGA EVOLUTION. Thus, evolving monsters is quite possible. Further, Fairy Type Monsters are also added. Consequently, evolve monsters and enjoy exploring Fairy Type.

The Evolution process in the GBA hack is quite simple and easy. Therefore, Poke trainers only need to increase the EXP. Because MEGA evolution mostly needed only a higher exp level. So, battle with other monsters or trainers to gain EXP and Evolve normal monsters into MEGA. Hence, no need to search for Evolution Stones anymore.

Day And Night System

A day and Night system is added in the remake game. Therefore, now time will change according to the gameplay. So, encounters with Poke monsters will be limited according to time. Because some monsters are only available during the day or night time. So, getting monsters at the opposite time is rare. Hence, find those monsters during the day or night only.

Pokemon Wish Download to enjoy all available unique features. Although, main features are mentioned on this page. But, much more modifications are unexplored. Therefore, Download this unique Poke GBA ROM hack and start exploring all available features. Get information about downloading GBA here.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Wish?

This Remake Game offers two versions. So, it is rare to find both versions on a single website. Therefore, both of these GBA hacks are available here. Hence, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. Get both GBA ROM hack editions here. Surfing the Web for these modified game versions isn’t needed anymore.

How To Play Pokemon Wish?

In this game, players will start the gameplay at “SAPPHIRE VILLAGE”. In this village, the first quest is to meet the Drunken Professor. Because the Professor will assign the first task. However, players have to capture a Pokemon to start the quests. Hence, visit the Grass location and capture a monster. After this complete the quest of the professor to unlock all locations and follow the gameplay.

How To Complete Professor Quest In Pokemon Wish?

To complete the professor’s quest, visit the dock area. But, players have to capture a monster. Thus, Capture first Pokemon and then travel towards the south. In the South, a new town is available. In the east of this town, the dock area is available to meet with the sailors. After this, battles with the sailor and brings the item back to the professor. Hence, the first quest will be completed after completing the delivery.

Main Features

  • Completely Remake FireRed
  • New Storylines
  • New Gameplay
  • Gen 7 Pokemon 
  • Enhanced Stats And Abilities
  • Changed Characters
  • MEGA Evolution And Fairy Type
  • New Pokemon Alternate 14 Forms
  • Time System Added
  • Customized TMs
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Patch Pokemon Wish GBA ROM Hack?

Use a GBA patcher tool to patch the UPS hack file and official game file,

How To Download Pokemon Wish UPS?

Get the UPS file in the download section of this page.

How To Play Pokemon Wish Android?

Get a GBA Emulator on Android and play this GBA game on the emulator. 


Pokemon Wish 2023 GBA ROM Hack is the latest released Poke-altered game with endless modifications. Therefore, playing this game will be exciting for everyone. Hence, download and play this GBA hack to enjoy. Further, more similar ROM hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow and get more hacks.

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