Pokemon Realidea System ROM Download [Updated 2023]

Pokemon Realidea System ROM Download [Updated 2023]
Full Name Pokemon Realidea System
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Elena and Slaqueen
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 727.9 MB
Released May 27, 2022
Downloads 17158
Download now

Pokemon Realidea System ROM is the RPGXP fan-based ROM. In this ROM, Poke trainers will get modifications in the official game. Further, players will get Fakemon, Evolutions, New Story, and much more. Thus, experience new gameplay with endless alterations available in this ROM. Hence, Download and Play this ROM to enjoy all available improvements.

Mostly, ROM cheats provides limited changes in the gameplay such as rules. Modifying rules is a way to easier the gameplay. But, trainers mostly prefer to play changes without limitations. Therefore, this page is about a unique RPGXP ROM with endless modifications. Hence, learn about this new RPGXP here.

What is Pokemon Realidea System ROM?

Pokemon Realidea System ROM is an RPG Maker XP ROM. This game is a completely fan-based edition with unofficial features. Further, trainers will get a unique story, Pokemon from differnet generations, Fakemon, Realideia System, and much more. Thus, a combination of the best features is added in this one game. 

ROMSFORGBA.COM is the best available store to find RPGXP Pokemon games such as Pokemon Magnetic RPGXP. Likewise, this store provides the most popular fan-based modified RPGXP ROMs collection. But, this page is not about previously introduced games. Hence, learn about this new RPGXP ROM here.

Role-Playing Game XP editions are introduced by Pokemon fans. Thus, these are not official Poke games. But, these editions offer the most advanced level features added from differnet Poke generations. So, players love to spend time playing similar editions. Hence, learn about this new RPGXP edition here. 

Pokemon Realidea System Game is the latest remake version of Pokemon. This is a completely new game using various Pokemon games. Thus, trainers will have unique gameplay with all popular features. In this game, get multiple features. Hence, get details related to this newly available fan-based Poke game here.


The Pokemon industry introduced various Pocket monsters. Apart from the official Pokemon, fans also designed various characters known as Fakemon. However, these monsters were not added to the official collection. Thus, this exciting RPGXP game provides a wide collection of Fakemon. In this game, fakemon from differnet fan collections are added.

Fakemon available in this RPGXP game is quite amazing. Because monsters not only have a unique appearance. But, each monster has a differnet type, moves, defenses, and other relative attributes. Thus, exploring these newly added Fakemon will be more exciting for any Poke trainer. Hence, start exploring all available Fake-Mon in this unique game.

Although, the official Poke ROMs offer Legendary and Rare monsters. However, Capturing all available Pokemon isn’t possible normally. Therefore, this ROM offers players to capture all monsters. So, capturing Pokemon, Fakemon, and legendary monsters won’t be a problem. Hence, create a team of the best Poke monsters.


Esoteria an unofficial Poke Region is introduced in this game. Although, there isn’t any region available in the official Pokemon. But, features of this region are similar to the combination of multiple regions. Therefore, trainers will find a diverse natural wonderland. Because this region offers mountains, forests, deserts, and other attributes. Hence, exploring each location will be exciting.


Realidea system was not an initial Pokemon feature. Because this system was introduced lately. The Realidea system is developed to create an emotional relationship between the trainer and the monster. Thus, a higher Realidea will be good to unlock higher abilities. However, a lower Realidea can cause monsters to rebel. Hence, managing the Realidea is quite important.


The official GYM badges were completely replaced with the medals. Thus, players have to find and collect all available GYM medals. Further, this ROM offers 8 GYM leaders. This means 8 GYM Medals are available in total. Thus, Poke trainers have to collect all 8 GYM medals by defeating 8 GYM leaders. Hence, start the journey to collect medals.


Although, the official gameplay is completely changed in this ROM. But, it is quite similar to the Pokemon Charged Red ROM. Because player’s decisions will be the cause of the future. Therefore, Poke trainers have to take each decision after thinking about the outcome. Further, this ROM offers multiple endings according to the gameplay. Hence, explore all endings of this ROM.

In this ROM, Poke trainers will start their journey with a single Pokemon. But, trainers will find countless monsters during this journey. Thus, battling with the GYM leaders and collecting 8 GYM Medals is the first main quest. After this quest, trainers will get the main task of Pokémon League. In this league, battle against the previous Pokemon champion. Further side-quests are also available. Hence, play side-quests to have more fun.

Pokemon Realidea System Download and join this unique game. Although, information about this fan-remake RPGXP game is available here. But, there are much more unexplored features. Thus, start playing this ROM game and explore all the exciting features. Get information about the ROM downloading process here.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokemon Realidea System RPGXP?

RPGXP Poke ROMs are not official games. Therefore, official websites don’t offer such ROMs. So, this website offers a simple one-tap downloading process. Hence, Poke trainers only need to click/tap on the DOWNLOAD ROM button. After this, the ROM will download automatically. Hence, searching for RPG XP ROMs on the internet isn’t necessary anymore.

Main Features

  • New Fan-based Edition
  • Fakemon Available
  • New Starters
  • Latest Region With Unique Locations
  • Simple and Easy to Play
  • User-friendly Interface
  • More Gym Medals
  • More Challenges
  • Many More


How to Solve X Error Of Realidea?

To solve the X Error, you have to run the game in Game_joiplay. Your PC isn’t playing the game in the .exe file.

Is the Game Playable On Android?

Yes, the game is playable on multiple devices, but you have to use an Emulator.

How to Play Mini-Game On Android?

The Mini-Game requires Mouse, but you can add the Joiplay plugin. Using this plugin you can easily skip the mini-game.


Pokemon Realidea System ROM provides complete unique gameplay. Therefore, Poke trainers should start playing this exciting game. Further, more similar RPG-XP ROMs are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more.

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