Pokemon Johto Legends ROM Download [2023 GBC Patched]

Pokemon Johto Legends ROM Download [2023 GBC Patched]
Full Name Pokemon Johto Legends
Console GameBoy Color
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Ferropexola
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 1.16 MB
Released October 21, 2022
Downloads 30278
Download now

Modified Game Boy Color ROMs with advanced features. Therefore, try the Pokemon Johto Legends GBC modified edition. Because this GBC hack is fan-based with advanced-level features added from the latest generation and much more. Hence, players will have a better gameplay experience.

ROM games are played all over the globe. However, the problem for gamers is to get the latest generation features of Pokemon in GBC ROM. Therefore, players prefer to play modified GBC ROMs. Hence, this page provides information related to the latest modified GBC editions.

What is Pokemon Johto Legends ROM?

Pokemon Johto Legends Game is a GBC ROM Hack. This modified GBC edition provides the fourth Pokemon generation features and the Fakemon collection. So, players will experience new generations and fan-introduced monsters. Additionally, there are much more alterations available. Hence, get this modified edition of Pokemon Crystal.

GBC-modified ROMs are quite hard to find. However, this website provides the best collection of GBC ROM hacks. Such as Pokemon Spark Yellow and much more. Thus, interested players will get more similar ROM hacks here. But, this page is about the latest introduced GBC ROM hack. Hence, stay to know about the latest GBC hack.

GBC games are the rarest games available. Because these types of Pokemon games were initially introduced with low features. However, at that time people enjoy playing these GBC editions. With the introduction of new games, people moved to the latest edition. However, Pokemon fans still enjoy playing these editions.

Pokemon Crystal is the first GBC game. This game is officially introduced by the Nintendo company. So, the main theme of this GBC consists of Pocket monsters or Pokemon. With a simple story, this RPG game provides a world of monsters and humans. But, this GBC edition doesn’t offer updates. Accordingly, it is boring to play games same gameplay. Consequently, monster trainers don’t enjoy playing GBC editions.

The Pokemon Johto Legends GBC is the best available Pokemon Crystal modified edition. So, this modified ROM offers multiple alterations in the GBC. Therefore, players enjoy spending time playing this modified GBC ROM. Thus, stay on this page to learn all about modifications in this GBC edition.


The New Generation of Pokemon offers extra monsters. So, this modified edition provides a combination of monsters from gen 1 to 4. Thus, trainers will get a wide collection of monsters. In this mod, ROM players will get more than three hundred-eleven monsters. Hence, trainers will have fun gameplay with the endless collection of monsters.

Unofficially introduced Pokemon are known as Fakemon. So, These unofficial monsters are not available in the official games. Thus, this modified edition provides the best collection of fakemon. Hence, players will get a variety of options during capturing of monsters. Have a new gameplay with fan-introduced Pokemon.

Fairy Type monsters is introduced lately. Therefore, the official ROM doesn’t offer this type of Pokemon. However, this modified ROM provides Fairy-type Pokemon. So, creating a team of Fairt-type monsters is possible for players. Hence, players will have fun gameplay with new type of pocket creatures.


Moves play an important during the battle of Pocket creatures. However, the official GBC provides limited moves. So, this modified GBC provides additional moves. Newly added moves are added from the latest generations of Pokemon. So, trainers will find battling more exciting.

In this Mod GBC, trainers will get newly added moves from the Crystal edition. So, get the most powerful and super-effective moves. More than four hundred moves are added from the Crystal edition. Hence, players will get Steel Slice move and much more. So, enjoy gaming with effect moves and have fun.


The best way to enjoy battles of pocket creatures is to evolve monsters. So, this modified edition provides Mega evolution of creatures. Thus, increase the EXP level and use stones to evolve. This process will evolve creatures and unlock powerful abilities. Thus, winning battles will be easy with evolved creatures.

This GBC modified edition offers a unique combination of modifications. Because features from the latest generations and fan-added features are available. Thus, the best way to explore modifications is to download this GBC ROM hack. Hence, download this GBC edition and start exploring all modified features.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Johto Legends GBC ROM?

This website provides the fastest GBC hack downloading system. Therefore, searching on the internet for GBC hacks is no longer needed. Players only need to find the GBC download button on this page. Thus, click on the GBC download button and get the latest hack.

Mostly, players find GBC hack patching process complicated. Because it is hard to get compatible editions to patch hack. However, now Pokemon trainers don’t need to worry about the GBC patching process. Because this website provides pre-patched GBC hack. Hence, download the pre-patched GBC and start playing without the patching process.

Main Features

  • Latest Crystal Hack
  • Get Latest Gen Pokémon
  • Find More Moves
  • More Pokemon Evolutions and Types
  • Additional HMs
  • Running Shoe Default 
  • Re Battle System For GYM Leaders
  • NCP Provide Power
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Johto Legends GBC ROM?

We are here with the Pre-Patched ROM.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Johto Legends GBC ROM?

Get the Pre-Patched GBC from the download section.

Can We Play Pokémon Johto Legends GBC On PC?

The GBC is playable on mGBA And bgb64 Emulator for PC.


Pokemon Johto Legends Download to enjoy features of Pokemon Crystal in GBC. This edition provides a unique combination of fan-edited alterations and new-generation features. Hence, players will have a unique experience of gaming. Addtionally, for more similar GBC hacks keep following this website.

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