Pokemon Eris Emerald ROM v0.3.1 Download [2023 GBA]

Pokemon Eris Emerald ROM v0.3.1 Download [2023 GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Eris Emerald
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Teon
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 15.34 MB
Released July 24, 2022
Downloads 6959
Download now

Another Edition of the best GBA game is available here for you. Get the Pokemon Eris Emerald ROM, which provides some of the modified features of Pokémon Emerald.

There are multiple types of modified editions of Pokémon available on the web. But still getting the best experience is quite hard for anyone. So, we are here with the latest edition for you all.

What is Pokemon Eris Emerald ROM?

Pokemon Eris Emerald ROM is a GBA Modified ROM, which is the modified edition of Emerald. Here you can get additional changes in the gameplay and game items.

There are multiple editions of the Pokémon are available. Some of them are officially introduced, but there are also more available, which are designed by the fans.

The Pokemon Eris Emerald is one of the latest developed editions, which provides some of the best collections of improvements for the users.

As you know the official Emerald was introduced in the year 2004, which provides some of the best features of that time.

But these days there are tons of improvements, that any developer can easily make to it. So, we are here with the modified edition.

Each edition provides multiple types of fans based on developed editions. The Pokemon Emerald DX and Pokemon Theta Emerald EX were one of the best-modified versions, but now there is another one.

The Eris Emerald Pokemon ROM provides some of the best modifications for the players. We are going to share some of the features with you all below.


The color management is quite simple in the original game, but here you will get extra services. The mod provides a better Palette in the game.

So, you will get better coloring, through which the visual will be improved. Improving Graphics is quite hard, which is why making changes in the Palette is the best available option.

There are changes in the Pokemon palettes, which can provide better visuals for the players. So, now your pokemon will be more colorful.


The placeholder is quite simple in most of the versions. But here the movement of the placeholders has been enhanced for the users, through which anyone can have fun.

Department Store

As you know there are limited items available in the department store, but now you can explore more. Here you will get additional items in the store, which are available below.

  • Evolution Items
  • Competitive Items

So, players can easily use these items in the evolution process and get the upper hand in the battle. Enjoy all available services here and have fun.

New Repellent System

Getting any Pokemon is quite hard for any newbie, which is why here you will get the new repellent system. The system prevents wild pokemon to jump out of range.

So, now you can easily catch any pokemon easily using the Repellent, which will make the monsters slow. You can easily get all types of monsters using this system.

Similarly, there are more additional features available for the players, which you can explore in Eris Emerald Pokémon. So, if you want to get the ROM, then no need to search on the web.

We are here with the simplest method for you all, though anyone can easily get the ROM. So, you don’t need to watch multiple advertisements.

Screenshots of ROM

How to Download Pokémon Eris Emerald ROM?

If you want to download the ROM, then we are here with the latest edition for you all. You can easily get the ROM from this page.

So, you only need to find the download button, which is provided at the top and bottom of this page. O Once you found the button, then make a single click on it.

The downloading process doesn’t require you to access multiple pages. You will get a simple process to get the file and have fun.

Main Features

  • New Modified Version of Emerald
  • HM Field Moves Available
  • No Effect of Poison
  • Evaluation Items Available At Store
  •  Bags With More Pockets
  • Adjust Palette
  • Additional Improvements
  • Many More


How to Get New Updated Eris Emerald ROM?

We are here with the latest updated edition for you all. So, you can easily get the latest edition here.

Is It Safe to Use?

We have tested the edition and played the game personally. There are no harmful files available in it.

How to Download Eris ROM?

If you


There are more features available for you to explore in the game. So, get the Pokemon Eris Emerald ROM and start playing your favorite game to have unlimited fun.

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