Pokemon Sword And Shield GBA Multi-Language [ENG/ESP/PT]

Pokemon Sword And Shield GBA Multi-Language [ENG/ESP/PT]
Full Name Pokemon Sword and Shield
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer PCL.G
Region Global, Spain, Western Europe
Genre Role Playing
File size 9.06MB
Released December 15, 2021
Downloads 21798
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Mostly, ROM games consist of a single language. Therefore, different players find playing these ROMs difficult. However, try the Pokemon Sword And Shield GBA Multi-Language with the best modifications and different languages. So, playing this exciting modified edition will be fun and entertaining.

There are various kinds of GBA ROMs available. So, these ROMs are available for players to download and play. But, these ROMs offer limited features. So, In ROMs players will usually get a single language. Thus, stay on this page to learn about a modified ROM. In this ROM, get unique features to have more fun and entertainment.

What is Pokemon Sword And Shield GBA Multi-Language ROM?

The Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA Multi-Language Game. This modified GBA provides the best and latest generation features. So, players will also get multiple modifications in the gameplay. Additionally, this special GBA modified edition supports multiple languages. Hence, players from all over the globe will enjoy playing. So, enjoy playing this modified edition of FireRed and have it in English, Portuguese, and Español.

Italian players love playing the Pokemon FireRed hacks. But, it is hard to find ROMs that support the Italian language. Therefore, this website offers the Pokemon Odyssey edition is available with modifications for Italian players. But today, this page delivers details related to a unique FireRed hack. Hence, get information about a unique FireRed ROM hack here.

A limited number of games are played all over the globe. Pokemon games are among these well-known games. However, most Pokemon games support Japanese as the first language. Thus, it is hard for nonfamiliar players to play. But, there are new games that support other languages. Hence, different languages players enjoy playing Pokemon games.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Multi-Language GBA is the latest modified ROM. This unique edition provides Sword and Shield edition features in the Pokemon FireRed. So, players will experience new Pokemon features in the most popular ROM game. Hence, playing this GBA hack will be more exciting.

The Sword and Shield Edition is introduced in 2019. Hence, this game supports the Pokemon Eight Core generation feature. Therefore, this modified ROM hack provides features of this eighth core generation. Hence, experience amazing modifications in FireRed ROM.


Pokemon FireRed supports only the English language. Therefore, it is hard for unfamiliar players to play this edition. But, players don’t need to worry about such problems anymore. Because this modified edition supports multi-languages. Hence, playing this Mod of FireRed will be fun for everyone, even for non-English speakers.

  • English
  • Español
  • Portuguese

In this mod ROM, players will get three different languages. So, players will get a chance to experience playing modified ROM in understandable language. Additionally, the selection process is also quite simple. So, start the ROM and select the language to start the game. Hence, the language selection box is available at the start of the ROM game.


Trainers of pocket monsters, love to get a Pokdex consisting of endless monsters. However, the official GBA offers a limited number of monsters. Thus, the modified edition provides the best collection of monsters. In this edition, monsters are added from the first to eighth core Pokemon generations. Hence, the Pokedex is full of unique pocket monsters.

Gen one to eight all monsters are available in this ROM hack. Additionally, all these newly added monsters are catchable. Thus, completing Pokedex in a single gameplay is possible. But, the exciting feature is the addition of Fairy-type monsters. Hence, players will find unique monsters and more types.

Evolution and Forms 

Evolving Pocket creatures is an exciting process for Pokemon trainers. Because using evolution, changing in appearance is moves is possible. Therefore, Mega evolutions are added in this modified ROM hack. So, players will get a chance to evolve monsters to get greater abilities.

Forms of pocket monsters are also popular among players. Although, the Gigantamax form provides an increase in size. However, no special abilities are added. Still, players enjoy this form of monster. Therefore, this GBA hack provides Gigantamax form. Hence, increasing the size monster is possible now.

Moves and Abilities 

Pocket creatures have specific moves. So, these moves allow players to defend and attack during creature battles. But, the FireRed support third-core generation moves. Therefore, get advanced-level creature moves in this modified ROM. These moves are added from the latest generations of Pokemon.

The abilities of pocket creatures are changed with the core update of Pokemon. But, updated abilities are not available in the official FireRed. Thus, this modified edition offers updated abilities of creatures. So, play with updated creatures of abilities and have fun.


The Pokemon Sword And Shield provide high-quality graphics. But, these high-quality graphics are impossible to get in the GBA ROM. In this mod ROM, trainers will get altered tiles. But, these tiles are not high-quality. Therefore, get quality colors, brightness, and tiles.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA English edition provide the English storylines. However, there are still some lines untranslated. Thus, players will get some lines in Spanish and Portuguese language. But, most of the lines are translated. Therefore, players will enjoy the gameplay.


DLC file is a frustrating process to add on the GBA Mod ROM. Mostly, downloadable content is added after the release of ROM. Thus, to experience DLC players need to add these files. So, get information about the DLC features of this Modified GBA.

Enhanced Map

Playing RPG on the same map isn’t fun for players. Thus, this modified GBA offers enhancements in the map and establishments. So, find recently added locations. Additionally, trainers will also get secret areas with occasional prizes. Hence, analyzing the modified map will be thrilling.

Characters and GYM Leaders

Characters play an important role in RPG ROMs. But, encountering the same characters is boring. Thus, this modified edition offers additional and modified characters. So, players will have a new gameplay experience with altered characters. Additionally, special characters also provide unique quests.

  • Kubfu
  • Urshifu

Players will get unique characters with exciting abilities. Similarly, much more modifications are added in this modified ROM. Therefore, it is recommended for players download this modified GBA ROM. And, enjoy all altered features by playing modifications.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA Multi-Language ROM?

Getting information about a ROM hack is exciting. However, downloading the best way to enjoy modifications is to play. Therefore, this website offers a fast GBA hack downloader. Hence, visiting other hacks providing websites isn’t necessary anymore.

The patching process and DLC-adding process are complex for some players. Therefore, this website provides a pre-patched GBA hack. Hence, going through the patching process isn’t required anymore. So, enjoy playing the pre-patched GBA and have unlimited fun.

Main Features

  • Best Improved Edition of Sword And Shield
  • Get Pokémon From Gen 1 to 8
  • Added New Region 
  • Additional Locations Added
  • Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax Forms
  • Enhanced Graphics
  • DLC Features Available
  • Many More


How to Download Pokémon Sword and Shield GBA English?

You can download the Pre-Patched ROM from this page.

How to Download Pokémon Sword and Shield GBA Español?

You can also download the Espanol edition from this page.

How to Download Pokémon Sword and Shield GBA Portuguese?

Download the Portuguese ROM from the download section.


Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA Multi-language is the best and latest modified ROM hack. So, playing this GBA will be fun for Pokemon players. Therefore, download the modified GBA and enjoy time in the monster world. Regardless, it is also possible to find additional GBA hacks on this website.

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