Pokemon Blazed Glazed GBA ROM Download [NEW]

Pokemon Blazed Glazed GBA ROM Download [NEW]
Full Name Pokemon Blazed Glazed
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Toduo
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 7.99 MB
Released March 17, 2017
Downloads 3241
Download now

Pokemon Blazed Glazed is a unique ROM Hack offering a completely new gaming experience. This new Pokemon game provides a new gameplay with multiple unofficial improvements. Therefore, get More Pokemon, New Region, New Storylines, Different Characters, and many more improvements. Download the new Pokemon ROM Hack and have unlimited fun.

Each available Pokemon game provides an interesting gameplay with multiple improvements. However, the most common problem is to get the same game with new features. Because most available Pokemon GBA games don’t offer updates. Hence, the best way to get such experience is to play ROM Hacks. Get details related to a popular hack here.

What is Pokemon Blazed Glazed GBA?

Pokemon Blazed Glazed ROM is a GBA ROM Hack Game. This GBA ROM Hack is based on the Pokemon Emerald GBA. However, this game provides a complete change in the Emerald. Therefore, get a completely new gaming experience with the available modifications. Get new gameplay, a different story, unique encounters, a new environment, and many more improvements.

Pokemon Emerald is one of the top Pokemon Games introduced for GBA devices. This game has millions of players all over the globe. However, as with any other GBA game, this edition also doesn’t provide any updates. However, the improved versions also known as Emerald Hacks are introduced. This page is about one of the most popular Emerald GBA Hack in the past years similar to the Pokemon Emerald Enhanced.

Pokemon BlazedGlazed GBA ROM Hack is one of the most popular Emerald Hacks. This GBA Hack provides an overall improvement in the gameplay with modifications and enhancements. Therefore, players will get a completely new gaming experience. Get information related to the available improvements in this game below.

Pokemon BlazedGlazed Game Stroy

The Story of BlazedGlazed is quite similar to any other Poke-Mon game. So, the gameplay is all about a young Poke trainer. Starting the journey of monster training in the region, where the trainer encounters various challenges such as official battles and other trainer challenges. Additionally, an Evil Organization is also available hunting monsters and men. However, the Story has more encounters with a high number of challenges.

Pokemon BlazeGlazed Gameplay

The gameplay will start in the region, where the player has to select the first Pokemon. Three options are available to select. So, select the first Pocket Monster to start the gameplay. After this, the available gameplay depends on the player. Each available encounter depends on the choices made in the previous encounter. Hence, explore all available encounters and enjoy the gameplay.

Pokemon BlazeGlazed Locations

The Region of Official Emerald has been changed in this GBA hack. Therefore, start the journey in the new Region known as “Tunod”. This Region provides a completely changed environment compared to the official region. Additionally, the gameplay will go beyond this Tunod Region. Hence, play and explore new locations, regions, cities, and much more.

BlazeGlazed Pokemon and Moves

In this game, the overall features have been improved. Therefore, players will get more Monsters with Powerful Moves. Get the best collection of Pokemon Monsters added from higher generations. Additionally, the Moves are also added from Gen 1-4. Enjoy battling using the high-gen moves in the gameplay and have fun.

BlazeGlazed Mega Evolution

One of the most recommended features in this GBA hack is the Mega Evolution. This feature was introduced in Pokemon X and Y to make the monster powerful during battle. However, players in this GBA ROM Hack will also get Pokemon Mega Evolution experience. Hence, battling with other monsters and trainers will be fun.

Pokemon BlazedGlazed Download to enjoy the available unique gameplay experience. Although, years have passed after releasing of this GBA Hack. However, this game is still considered to be one of the best-introduced games. Therefore, players should try to access all available unique features. Get information related to the ROM downloading process below.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Blazed Glazed?

The downloading process of this GBA ROM Hack is quite simple. This website provides a simple one-click downloading system. Find the DOWNLOAD button and click on it. This will automatically start the GBA Hack Downloading process. Download this game and enjoy accessing all available services.

Main Features

  • Best Emerald GBA Hack
  • Get New Storylines
  • Changed Locations
  • More Characters 
  • New Encounters
  • Rivals Changed
  • Mega Evolutions Added
  • NEW Region Tunod
  • Higher Gen Pokemon
  • Gen 4 Moves Added
  • Changes In QOL
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Patch Pokemon Blazed Glazed Hack and GBA?

To Patch, get the BlazedGlazed Hack and Emerald GBA File. Use a GBA file patcher tool to patch the game and hack.

How To Complete Automatic GBA Patching?

This website provides Pre-Patched GBA ROM Hacks. Hence, no need to go through the patching process.

Can I Play Pokemon BlazedGlazed On PC?

Yes, Use a GBA Emulator On PC to play this ROM GBA Hack game.


Pokemon Blazed Glazed GBA ROM Hack Download and enjoy the available unique features. This game provides the most unique combination of quality services. Therefore, Pokemon fans should try this game. More similar GBA games are available on this website. Follow to get more.

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