Pokemon Shattered Light RPG Download [RPGXP]

Pokemon Shattered Light RPG Download [RPGXP]
Full Name Pokemon Shattered Light
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Voltseon
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 465 MB
Released April 1, 2023
Downloads 3731
Download now

Pokemon Shattered Light is a new unofficial RPGXP game with multiple features. This  RPG XP game provides multiple unique features added from generations. Therefore, Poke trainers will get selective features. Additionally, unofficial/fan-made features are also available. So, get a unique combination of high-quality features and modifications. Hence, download and play this new RPG XP game.

Modified games are usually introduced to reduce the difficulty of the game. However, Pokemon Modified games provide changes in the official gameplay. Therefore, Poke players are fascinated to play mod games. So, this page is about the latest available remake Poke game. Hence, learn about this exciting game here.

What is Pokemon Shattered Light RPG?

Pokemon Shattered Light is an RPG-XP Pokemon Remake Game. This RPG-XP game is based on Pokémon Essentials v20.1. Therefore, Poke trainers will get new Story, Region, Monsters, Evolutions, and much more improvements. Apart from this, unofficial characters and quests are also added to the gameplay. So, playing this game will be exciting and entertaining. Hence, play to enjoy this exciting game. 

Pokemon games are not available for Windows devices. However, unofficial developers provide various RPG-XP games. Therefore, Poke players find such games and enjoy playing them on Windows OS devices. But, finding the latest available RPG-XP games on the web is quite rare. Because not all websites offer unofficial games. 

ROMSFORGBA.COM is the best available store to find Pokemon RPG-XP games. Therefore, this store offers all newly modified and released RPGXP, GBA, and GB games. RPGXP games are quite popular such as Pokemon Bushido. So, searching for new remake games won’t be a problem. Consequently, learn about the newly available RPG-XP ROM Game here.

Pokemon Shattered Light RPGXP is the latest complete unofficial game with multiple improvements. Therefore, Poke trainers will get multiple modifications. However, before downloading this game learn about the available added improvements. So, this page provides complete information related to this game. Hence, stay and learn about available modifications.

Customize Character

Most Poke games provide pre-designed characters in the gameplay. However, this RPGXP game provides multiple customized characters. Therefore, players will get 9 differnet characters to start this game. Each available character has a different color, appearance, Hair, gender, and much more. Hence, select available character and have unlimited fun.


In this RPGXP, a completely new Region is available known as Tepora Region. In the Tepora region, multiple locations are available. Although, this is not an official region. But, this region is far more exciting and entertaining to explore. Because the Tepora Region offers Waterfalls, Forests, Deserts, and much more unique locations. Hence, this journey of the Pokemon game in the Tepora region will be exciting.


In this game, multiple challenges are available for Poke trainers. Therefore, players have to gather a powerful team of Pocket monsters. The quests and missions in this game are quite challenging. So, Poke trainers will encounter Trainers, Gym Challenges, and Tepora Champion. Multiple similar challenges are encountered during this exciting journey. Hence, play and enjoy this exciting RPGXP game.


In this exciting game monsters from all available Pokemon generations are added. Officially, 9 generations of Pokemon are introduced. Therefore, this RPGXP game provides Pocket monsters from all 9 generations. So, Poke trainers will get various options to create a robust team be Pokemon will be exciting. Hence, enjoy playing this exciting unofficial RPGXP game. In total 898 Pokemon are available in this game.

Shadow Pokemon are rare to find. However, this game offers Shadow Type Poket Minsters. Therefore, capturing Shadow Type Pokemon is also possible. Apart from this, Trainers will get three Satater options to start this game. So, Poke players can select any monsters from Turtwing, Chimchar, and Piplup. Hence, select the Starter Monster and enjoy the adventure game.

Follow Pokemon

In this RPGXP game, Pokemon will follow in the field. Therefore, get the main Pokemon outside in the field. So, change the main monster to enjoy the gameplay. Additionally, available monsters in the grass will appear. So, find any available Pokemon monster in the grass and know about the type. Hence, enjoy this new game and available features.


Monster’s evolutions change the appearance and moves of monsters. Therefore, this new game allows Poke trainers to evolve monsters. So, Get complete 9 Gen Mega Evolutions of monsters. Although, some Pokemon needed Evolution stones to activate this process. However, most monsters only need higher EXP levels. Hence, increase the EXP levels and have a fun gameplay.

Pokemon Shattered Light Download to enjoy this new and exciting RPG-XP game. This unofficial game provides the most advanced-level features for players to have fun. Therefore, the best way to enjoy this mod game is to download and play. So, start playing this exciting Pokemon game. Hence, learn about the downloading process here.

Screenshots Of Game

How to Download Pokemon Shattered Light?

The downloading process of this exciting game is quite simple and easy. Because this website offers a fast RPG Poke game downloading system. Therefore, searching for this Poke RPG-XP isn’t required. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button here and tap on it. This will start the downloading process. Hence, complete the downloading process and start playing.

How To Play Pokemon Shattered Light?

The gameplay is quite simple and easy. So, start the journey in the Asher Village. In this village, the first quests are available. So, get the first quest known as “First Pokemon”. To complete this quest, meet with the Poke Professor and get the first monster. After this, start the journey to explore the region, complete Pokedex, and become a champion trainer. Hence, explore and communicate with NPCs to unlock routes and get rewards.

Main Features

  • Completely New Game
  • Pokemon From Gen 1 to 9
  • New Region And Locations
  • Changed Professor And NPCs
  • New Quests And Side-Quests
  • Follow Pokemon And Visible In Grass
  • Upgraded Tiles
  • Attractive Melodies Added
  • Dark And Shadow Pokemon Added
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Get Pokémon Shattered Light Cheats?

The cheat codes of this game are not available.

How To Play Pokémon Shattered Light Android?

The game is not available for Android devices. However, get an RPGXP Emulator on Android and play this game.

How Long is Pokémon Shattered Light?

The gameplay is 10 hours long.


Pokemon Shattered Light Fangame is the latest and complete fan-based game. Therefore, Pokemon trainers should download and enjoy this exciting version. Additionally, more similar fangames are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more fan-based Poke games.

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