5 Best Naruto ROMS to Play in 2022

Naruto universe has been among the most famous gaming universes out there. This universe has offered numerous series and it was immensely famous across multiple platforms. So here we will try to find the 5 best Naruto ROMS to play in 2022. So this is going to be a fun read for the fans.

Millions of fans out there are still trying to find these games. Using ROMS is a way to enjoy them once again on devices other than consoles. There are numerous consoles like Nintendo DS, PSP, and Game Boy Advance.

What are 5 Best Naruto ROMS?

In today’s article, we will be sharing NDS ROMs to play in 2022. Naruto Universe has been inspired by the Japanese Manga comics. All fans will surely know that

Manga comics are extremely famous. There are some really interesting stories from which the games have been inspired. The complete universe has been inspired by these Manga comics.

All the characters in the Naruto universe have separate fan-following. There are multiple reasons why these characters are famous. The abilities these characters hold are really special. The overall presentation of every character is highly attractive. All these aspects are the reason for immense fame globally.

The list shared below cannot be considered complete. Because there are so many parts in the series, it will be hard to directly consider some of the best. Although the ROMS shared here are suggested by most from the gamers community. So let’s get to the list and find more about the games.

Screenshot of Naruto ROMS

Naruto Shippuden: Naruto vs Sasuke     

This gameplay has been inspired by a very famous series. The series was extremely famous and it had 500 episodes that aired from 2007 to 2017. This gameplay is about the last battle between NarutoVsSasuke. The battle is going to be epic because of the background build-up of the clash.

The gameplay is going to be very fast-paced and thrilling. Players have to use multiple battle tactics. The controls are going to be very smooth and responsive. All the Anime fans will surely live playing this part of the series. To win the battles gamers have to enhance their skills with time through proper practice.

The players have to keep going and overcome the obstacles.  There will be a proper combination of Ninja attacks and jumps. There are six more characters in this gameplay for the players to choose from. It will also be offering multiple game modes for the players.

Naruto Shippuden – Ninja Destiny 2

This 3D action game is also inspired by the Shippuden anime series.  The gameplay is offering a proper storyline to the players more involved in it. It offers multiple game modes such as Quest mode. There will be multiple characters as well. Training mode is also offered to help the players practice.

The training mode will help the gamers in practicing combo attacks. There are numerous magical attacks that can be drawn only once. So the gamers have to practice a lot beforehand. There will be a round of three battles and winning 2 rounds is very important for the players.

Naruto: Ninja Council 3

This is the fourth part of the Ninja Council series for Nintendo DS.  The previous parts of the series were quite famous but this part gathered a separate fan base. It introduced some really interesting challenges for the gamers. These changes to the gameplay were quite fun to experience for everyone.

 All the missions in this were to be carried out on a specific map. It also offered multiple game modes for gamers. There were a lot of challenges for the gamers while facing Bosses. The challenges were like defeating the opponent with half health, Saving an ally, and many more like that.

Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble

This is the Fifth part of the Ninja Council series on NDS. This part of the series has the highest number of characters to choose from. All the characters are going to be easily payable and there will be no added requirements. The abilities of characters are also going to be higher as compared to previous parts.

Higher characters abilities are much needed in this gameplay. This time there final bosses are also more powerful than ever. The best bosses are going to be quite hard to defeat. The bosses in this gameplay are actually going to be the Antagonists from the Shippuden Anime series.

Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2    

The story plot of this part is different from all others.  There are some really interesting adjustments offered for the gamers this time. The list of characters is going to be higher than most of the previous parts. This the creators have also offered unplayable characters as well.

These unplayable characters will be unlocked at some point. These characters may be against you as bosses and you have to defeat them. There are multiple activities for the players to perform here. There will be some fun experiences for the gamers.

Naruto universe is extremely famous among the fans as said multiple times above. There are some other similar series which are also very famous. So gamers can also try Grand Theft Auto ROMs.

Final Words

These are the best Naruto games gamers can consider playing in 2022. All of the above-mentioned ROMS were offered for Nintendo DS. Interested users can start playing immediately using an emulator on their device.

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