5 Best Tekken ROMs for PSP

Tekken is a series of super hit games that has a global fanbase. PlayStation Portable console is one of the most used gaming consoles all across the world. Today we focus on the 5 Best Tekken ROMs for PSP and explain why these ROMs are on the list.

PSP is home to many game-producing franchises including Tekken, God of War, GTA, and numerous more thrilling gaming series. PlayStation Portable is a popular handheld device that offers a fascinating gaming experience.

The best thing is that it supports the Tekken ROMs to be played on this console. This series is based on fighting and arcade games developed by the famous company Bandai Namco Entertainment. Some of the ROMs had an enormous success when they were released.

5 Best Tekken ROMs for PSP

In this article, we have made a list of the best PSP ROMs for PlayStation Portable considering their gameplay, graphics, and popularity. These games can be installed easily from various websites available for different kinds of ROMs.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

This is one of the best and most famous games in this series. It is an action-packed adventure with stunning graphics and excellent gameplay. There are various modes to enjoy and various upgrades to previous versions of the series.

The arcade battle has been immensely improved and upgraded to a level that it can keep track of the player statistics. The ranking system is also been updated and many changes are made to the highest-ranked titles.

It provides tools to customize the characters in-game and new moves are added to many of the characters available to play.

Tekken 6

This ROM is also very famous among PSP users. It is also a fighting adventure with many thrills and great features. It has gameplay where players fight against enemies with different strategies and plans. There are numerous modes to choose from and play.

This version has an additional mode Beat Em’ Up and various other features that have been updated. The elements inside in-game remain the same as the earlier versions. The new rage system increases the strengths of the player’s character.

Players can also acquire items by completing the mission and tasks. This also helps in empowering the player’s characters. It is a frantic gaming experience available for PSP devices.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

This is another brilliant ROM to play on the PSP console with intriguing storylines and quality graphics. As the name suggests, it is a tournament-based gaming experience where all the characters from the previous versions.

The character can fight as a single player, duo partnering any player or in a squad form with other players. Players can switch fighters at any time and play different roles. Tag moves and combos have been upgraded and strengthened.

It has numerous modes to play offline and online including Tag Team, Arcade, Versus, and various more.

Tekken 3

This was the first one to make a huge impact on worldwide audiences and it sold more than 8 million PlayStation copies all over the world. It is called one of the greatest video games of all time by many reports and surveys.

This fighting adventure is a very thrilling game to play on your PlayStation Portable devices. The concept and functionalities are similar to previous versions but in an improved way. This ROM has numerous modes to choose from with additional modes.

Like other versions, it has 6 characters from the previous versions. Adding two new characters to the mix and it also has customizable options.

Tekken 4

This fighting adventure also made huge noises and got immense success when it first came on to the scenes in 2001. The gameplay is similar to other versions with more improved graphics and some additional features.

It has also made tweaks by allowing players to move around the arena interacting with different equipment and obstacles to have more effective damage. The new graphics system and smoother surface are additional features.

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Final Words

Well, this is the list of the 5 Best Tekken ROMs for PSP to play and savor the unique gaming experience that’s on offer.

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