Best Sega Genesis Fighting Games To Download

The most prominent feature in the 16-bit Video consoles was the surge of fighting games. If you have a Sega Genesis or are looking for its ROMs, we are here with the best Sega Genesis fighting games.

This list is for the fans of arcade fighting titles who want to explore the old and vintage games right now on their console, or even on PC or the mobile phone with the help of emulators.

So if you are one of them and want to know which ones are the best to try, we have got you covered.

Best Sega Genesis Fighting Games

Pick your console or get the right ROM to experience the same gameplay on your digital device, the entertainment here is unlimited.


Let’s explore the list without any further delay.

King of the Monster 2

This is one of the epic combat games ever made for the Sega Genesis console. In this simple yet interesting game, you get three characters to make do with.

You can enjoy yourself a lot here. Such as it is side-scrolling action all the way with a co-op play option. Boss battles that one after the next will keep you engaged throughout the gameplay.

Get across a crowd of monsters to go one level up every time you make a winning battle in the arena. Another monster with more powers and skills will be in waiting to tackle you. Can you defeat all the monsters? Check it out.

Dragon Ball Z: Buyū Retsuden

Another epic fighting arena for you with different gameplay and a set of options to pick from. If you have any idea about Street Fighter II, this has similar traits.

So in this 1 to 1 fighting, you have to exhaust the health bar. The sooner you do that the better, because if the opponent counter-attacks, he will reduce your health in return.

If you manage to regenerate your health during the hand to hand combat you can do something amazing.

In this way, you can also build ‘force’, which can unleash an opponent’s shattering blow.

Face the opponent in midair, or on the ground. With two modes and eleven characters in the roster, featuring split-screen. So stay far away from your opponent and get ready to take them on.

Virtual Fighter 2

The game brought epic gameplay and enhanced graphics to the combat games across the board. Released in 1994, it was a sequel to Virtual Fighter. It was the first to introduce texture-mapped 3D characters.

Virtual Fighter 2 is a 1v1 fighting game. Here the player has to select a character and use it to overcome the opponents. This could be done in two ways, either beat the enemy enough to knock them or put them out of the ring by beating them.

The characters here have a unique fighting style. These all, coming from real-life fighting techniques that vary from genre to region. The battle takes place in three rounds, usually deciding the game on best of 3.

Mortal Combat

This title was a trendsetter when first released in 1992 and is one of the best Sega Genesis fighting games.

This title later became a base to launch sever sequels and spin-offs. All have an adventure-action nature. Here you can use a high kick, low kick, block, punches, and more.

The defining feature of the game was the finishing moves termed as ‘Fatalities’. This allows the winner in the game to finish the opponent for good with a deadly move.

Fatal Fury: King of Fighters

This title has a name when it comes to combat gaming experience on various consoles. For Sega, the Fatal Fury: King of Fighters is a title worth remembering for a number of reasons.

The very first reason is the existence of a unique list of characters that you can pick and use in the combats. Each character has its own fighting style and actions. Here you can choose between the foreground and background.

To date, it carries a significant fan base across the world and we can see the gamers streaming the combat scenes on their Twitch and YouTube streams.


So this is the list of best Sega Genesis fighting games that you can try now. Other mentions in this list include names like Samurai Showdown, Eternal Champions, and Street Fighter: Champion Edition. Tell us which one is your favorite.


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