Best PlayStation 2 ROMs Of All Time

The PlayStation 2 famously known as PS2 is a fantastic gaming console with a huge library of epic ROMs to play. Today, we are here with the Best PlayStation 2 ROMs of All Time that you can enjoy on your particular PS2 devices.

This console is developed by the famous and reputable firm Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released in 2004 and since then it has been successful and one of the most popular among gamers. The PS2 is the best-selling gaming console of all time.

It offers a unique gaming experience and amazing features to enjoy. It is home to many fabulous ROMs which gained a worldwide appreciation and played with enthusiasm. The PS2 is a portable device with many functionalities on offer.

Best PlayStation 2 ROMs

Well, this article is all about the best gaming adventures hosted by PlayStation 2 and PS2 ROMs This list is made based on the gameplay, graphics, and popularity of these ROMs.


GTA: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto is a world-famous gaming franchise that has produced some of the top games of all time. San Andreas is probably the best in terms of the impact it made on the gaming world and the gameplay it offers.

It is an action-packed adventure with stunning graphics and thrilling gameplay. Players can explore many places including regions, landmarks, and cities. The Player character can run, walk, swim, climb, shoot, steal, fight, and fly planes or jets.

The character can also drive different vehicles on the roads and in the sea. Players have the option of how they want to play this ROM and explore the open-world adventure. There are numerous modes, missions, and characters to choose from and play.

Resident Evil 4

This is another thrilling game available on the PlayStation 2. It is a survival gaming experience conceptualized based on a horror movie. This ROM made a massive impact on this device’s users and impressed many.

This shooter gaming adventure is a sequel to previous versions of Resident Evil with much more improved gameplay and high-quality graphics. The player character is named after the protagonist of the game known as “LEON S. Kennedy”.

There are several modes to play and the storyline is hair-raising after all it is a horror story. The players have to destroy the evil enemies using strategies and deadly weapons. Resident Evil is one of the best games on this console if not the best.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

This is one of the best and most popular ROMs available on PS2. It made big positive noises when it was released and got massive success due to its enthralling storylines. It basically offers a stealth gaming experience to the players.

Its gameplay is also similar to its previous versions of Metal Gear Solid but with impressive improvements and better-quality graphics. The snake which is controlled by a player should move around a hostile environment undetected.

Players can use many deadly weapons including rocket-propelled grenades, handguns, and various more. With numerous fascinating modes and missions, this ROM becomes a must-play on your PlayStation 2 consoles.

Shadow of The Colossus

This is another exciting and thrilling action-adventure gaming experience to play on PS2. This ROM also got huge positive shouts and has a global fanbase. It is 3D combat-based game with many eventful modes to enjoy.

Players have various impactful weapons to use and defeat enemies. Players have to seek out a colossus and destroy it. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is intriguing which makes it a very brilliant game on offer.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Football is a sport with an enormous fanbase. It is the most-watched and played sport all around the globe. Pro Evolution Soccer is home to some of the best footballing games and it is still continuously producing them.

The graphics are amazing, it gives a real-life feeling to this gaming experience and the various modes including seasons of top 5 leagues, international tournaments, events, and numerous others are a big part of this soccer adventure.

The controls are easy to master and players can pick their favorite club team and international team to participate in different competitions.


PS2 is one the best video gaming console developed by Sony and it is available with the most epic games of all time. Well, we have made a list of the Best PlayStation 2 ROMs of All Time that helps you in playing the best ROMs.


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