List Of Top GBA Emulators For Android And Window Devices

Like other video games, GBA games are also one of the most famous video games in the world which you can only play on a GBA gaming console. If you want to play GBA games on PC and Android devices then you know the below-mentioned top and best GBA Emulatorson your device.

As you know all gamers don’t have special gaming consoles like play station, Nintendo switch, etc. Because these gaming consoles are too expensive which are not affordable by everyone. So, people need alternate sources to play console games.

GBA Emulators For Android And Window Devices

Today we are back with new emulator apps which help you to play famous Game Boy Advance games on your smartphones and desktops for free without any special software or hardware just with the single app you can able to convert your device to the gaming console.

What Are GBA Emulators?

As mentioned above these are new apps developed and released by android developers which help android and desktop users to convert their devices to a gaming console with just a single app to play all famous console games for free.

Friendly saying use of emulator apps is not new for Android users. Because people use emulator apps to run android and iOS apps on their desktops and laptops for free. But now these new emulator apps are specially designed for console devices to play games on smartphones and tablets.

 If you want to convert your device to GBA games boy Advance gaming console then you must download and install any one below mentioned GBA Emulator on your smartphone or desktop for free from any website on the internet.

People who are using these emulator apps for the first time should read this whole article and try below mentioned the steps on their device to download, install and use these emulator apps to convert their device to a GBA gaming console.

List of GBA Family

This new gaming console family is subdivided into the below-mentioned subfamilies,

  • Game Boy Micro
  • iQue Game Boy Advance
  • Classic Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance

Which are the most used GBA Emulators Apps for smartphones and Windows devices?

Friendly saying users can easily get tons of free and paid emulator apps on the internet which help them to convert their device to gaming consoles. But the below-mentioned apps are one of the most used and top-rated apps according to user’s reviews.

Emulator Apps for Android devices
  • GBA.emu
  • My Boy
  • John GBA
  • GBC.emu
  • EmuBox
Emulator App for Window Devices
  • Visual Boy Advance (VBA-M)
  • No$GBA
  • BatGBA
  • mGBA
  • Boycott Advance

Key Features

  • GBA Emulators Apps are safe and secure software’s for both android and PC users.
  • Help users to convert their device to gaming console.
  • Simple and easy to download and use.
  • Use for both Nintendo DS and GBA games.
  • Backup memory.
  • Option to take screenshots while playing games.
  • Work with Bluetooth and external control too.
  • It also supports cheat codes and scripts.
  • Free to download but also have premium features too.
  • And many more.

How to download and install GBA Emulators Apps for Android devices?

If you want to convert your device to a GBA gaming console to play GBA games then download and install the latest version of any one of the above-mentioned emulator app on your device from official websites or from third-party websites for free.

While downloading the app from the third-party website you need to allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from the security settings. After installing the app successfully then start playing all GBA games through this emulator app for free.

Final Words,

GBA Emulators androids are apps that help android and PC users to emulate all GBA and console games for free. If you want to play console games on android devices then try these above-mentioned Emulator apps and also share them with other android users.

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