Top 5 NDS ROMs To Play In 2023

Nintendo “Developers System” or “Dual Screen” is a popular and one of the most used handheld systems for gaming. It is a console that offers a long list of epic games but today we will focus on and list the Top 5 NDS ROMs to Play in 2023.

This is a device as the name suggests develop by the famous company Nintendo in 2005 and since then it has achieved massive success and popularity among the gaming world. Two screens working in tandem is what makes this device different than others consoles.

One of the most pleasing features you will get is that it has the ability for multiple NDS devices can be interacted online using Wi-Fi in the short range. It is one of the best-selling handheld consoles of all time and already sold 154.02 million units.

Top 5 NDS ROMs

In this article, we have made a list of the best ROMs available to play on your DS consoles. Note that it is based on the popularity, graphics, and gameplay they offer. So here are your Top 5 ROMs to play on DS devices in the year 2023.


Pokémon Platinum

If you love the Pokémon gaming series then this is one the best game of this epic role-playing video game. It was released in 2008 on this particular console and it made a huge impact with great success all around the world.

The gameplay and storylines are of great quality with the main concepts of Pokémon mechanics will remain similar. Players have to explore a large area including populated areas, mountains, and snowy expanses.

Numerous modes where player’s characters have to battle other Pokémon’s using old and new moves added to characters. Collect various items and rewards by gaining experience points. Overall a fantastic ROM to enjoy on your NDS.

Mario Kart DS

Mario is another world-famous gaming franchise with a number of superhit games and Mario Kart DS is one of them. It is a kart racing game with fascinating gameplay and quality graphics on offer. It first came onto the scenes in 2005 and impressed millions.

This is the fifth version of the Mario Kart series with numerous new features including a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection where players can enjoy the game online for the first time. The main concepts of the ROM remained similar to previous versions.

Mario Kart DS featured two new modes VS mode and Battle mode for single players that are well appreciated and liked by the players.

GTA: Chinatown Wars

This is another action-adventure thriller made by the globally loved franchise Grand Theft Auto (GTA). It was released on DS in 2009 and it was well-received by the user of this console. Like other GTA versions, this game is an open-world style.

Characters can run, swim, climb, steal, walk, drive and perform many other activities in-game. Chinatown is a story is about a town where players’ characters do similar activities as they did in previous versions.

Chinatown introduced a new of way stealing parked cars and is available with many modes. The character can win rewards by completing missions and various tasks. With improved features and graphics, it is a must-play game in 2023.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

This ROM has all the tools and features to be your favorite game to play on the NDS console. It is a strategic gaming experience where players have to use various strategies and plan to defeat their enemies.

It is a ROM from the famous Advance War series released in 2005 and gained a massive fanbase when it first came on to screens. The storylines and gameplay are alike to older versions of Advance Wars but with many improvements and new features.

The main goal of the players on this battlefield is to destroy the enemy army with their own army using numerous weapons and strategies. There are missions, tasks, and modes to enjoy and acquire experience points and rewards.

Super Mario 64 DS

Super Mario 64 DS is part of the world-famous Super Mario series and it is one of the top-quality ROMs available on DS devices. The very much improved graphics and modes played important role in the success of this adventure.

The gameplay and storylines are also similar to older Super Mario versions with some new additions. It is a 3D platform gaming experience where a player can switch between four characters. You can increase your level and collect rewards by completing different missions and tasks.


Well, these are the best and Top 5 NDS ROMs to Play in 2023 with all the flavors of gaming. Hope this list by RomsForGBA will be useful for you in many ways and ease your stress of playing the best ROMs on Nintendo DS consoles.


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