What is GBA?

The Gameboy Advance started its journey in the early ’90s and it’s still a very famous handheld console for gamers. For a ’90s kid, it was one of the best gifts parents bought was GBA ROMs and it is still going strong with advancements and upgrades to the console.

It is a handheld device or a console that provides a unique gaming experience and is part of the sixth generation of video game consoles. It is a 32-bit device used to connect with PCs and mobile phones for the ease of gamers.

This device was developed and marketed by the famous company Nintendo as the upgraded version of the previously used Game Boy Color. You can play a long list of games using this console available with great graphics and exciting gameplay.

What are GBA ROMs?

Many people don’t know ROMs play an essential part in this console. So, in the article below we will explain Read-Only Memories and their usage on this device.

Read-Only Memory (ROM) is present almost in all devices. It is non-volatile memories that play an important role due to their compatibility issues with this device.

This is a console with its own ROMs, so if anyone wants to play games on this device, they should get the Gameboy Advance Read-Only Memories customized according to their device compatibility.

Read-only memory is mostly used for storing software that complies with that firmware and GBA games are the kind of video games that supports this system. You will find files on your PCs that you have to locate in the right place to run these particular games.

ROMs files are files with. GBA extensions and if this file is available on your computer, it refers to that game is been copied from read-only-memory and located on your GBA system. The customized Gameboy advance ROMs allow you to install Gameboy games and play them for free.

Now the question arises in many people how will they install these games and run them on their Gameboy consoles without any issues. so, in the next section of the article, we are going to list the steps which can help you install Gameboy advanced ROMs.

How to install GBA ROMs?

You can find ROMs for both PC and android devices From our site RomsForGba.com. So, the only thing you have to do is select a suitable GBA emulator of your choice and install them.

Note that not every emulator supports the same kind of operating system.

  1. First, you have to find an emulator that matches your PC specs and suits your system
  2. After choosing the right emulator, you have to install it. One of the famous emulators is VisualBoy Advance which is compatible with most systems.
  3. After the installation process, you have to unzip the RAR file and find the .exe file after the extraction
  4. The next step is to install some Gameboy advanced games of your choice
  5. Now you should also unzip those games and place them in a folder where you can easily use and access them. Note that making a separate folder with a unique name will help you in many ways
  6. Now open the emulator’s files and to run it, click on .exe file
  7. After it opens, you will have an interface where you will find different options. Now click the file menu and open a game using .GBA extension
  8. The last step is to wait for a little bit and start playing the game you just opened

In this way, you can easily install and play Gameboy advanced ROMs.


The GBA console has made major updates and advancements that have impacted the console in a good way. You can enjoy the amazing GBA ROMs more and play a thrilling long list of games available for this device.

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