Pokemon Wally Quest ROM Download [2023 GBA Patched]

Pokemon Wally Quest ROM Download [2023 GBA Patched]
Full Name Pokemon Wally Quest
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Sofie
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 16.59 MB
Released October 17, 2022
Downloads 24922
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Each ROM game provides unique features for players. But, finding the combination of two different ROMs is hard. Therefore, try Pokemon Wally Quest with unique modifications. This altered edition provides a combination of two different ROMs. Additionally, there are much more hacks available. Hence, Pokemon players will enjoy playing this modified ROM.

Pokemon ROM provides limited features. Because these editions provide features added from a single Pokemon generation. This is the reason, players search for modified editions. In modified, players will get additional features to have fun. Thus, stay on this page to learn about the latest modified ROM.

What is Pokemon Wally Quest ROM?

Pokemon Wally Quest Game is a GBA ROM Hack. This mod GBA provides a combination of features added from multiple ROMs. So, here players will get altered Gameplay, Pocket monsters, Quests, and much more. Additionally, fan-based modified features are also injected into this GBA mod. This is the improved edition of Pokémon Emerald.

Emerald-modified ROMs are quite popular among young monster trainers. Such as Pokemon Emerald Crest modified ROM. This edition provides endless ROM modes for players. So, it is recommended for Emerald players to try. However, this page offer information related to the latest modified ROM of Emerald.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is the best-advanced edition of Emerald. So, this edition provides features included from Emerald. But, there are not all features of Emerald are available. And it is also impossible for Emerald GBA players to get these features. But, there is a way to get ORAS features in Emerald. Hence, to know about this method stay on this page.

The Pocket Monster Emerald edition is introduced way before the ORAS edition. So, it is impossible for players to get ORAS features in Emerald. But,  some fan-based modified edition provides features of ORAS. So, this page is about the best hack with complete ORAS features.

The Pokemon Wally Quest GBA is the latest introduced modified edition. This is the altered edition of Emerlad with exciting features of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Addtionally, this edition provides multiple modified features. Hence, get detailed information about alterations on this page.


The gameplay of the official GBA is completely altered in this GBA hack. So, the gameplay of the hacked GAB will start in Petalburg City. In this city, players will get the first pocket monster to start the adventure. Additionally, this edition offers modified quests, events, and much more in the gameplay.

  • Rival
  • Quests
  • Episodes
  • Events
  • Many More

The events of the official ROM are completely modified. Therefore, players will get exciting events in the ROM. Better, added events are fan-modified. Consequently, modified events are not available in the official ROM. So, monster trainers will have unique gameplay with altered events.


Playing with Generation III monsters is boring for Emerlad players. Therefore, this modified edition offer alterations in the monster generations. Thus, monster trainers will get VII generation pocket monsters. So, creating a team of powerful monsters is possible using the latest generation of monsters.

The moves and abilities of Pocket creatures are quite important. Because with high-end moves and abilities winning creature battles will be easy. Therefore, the abilities and moves of creatures are also modified in the altered edition. Hence, battling of creatures will be fun for players.


The evolution of monsters is quite necessary to unlock powerful moves and enhance abilities. But, the Emerald doesn’t offer pocket creature evolutions. So, this altered edition provides a Mega Evolution system. Addtionally, players only need to increase EXP levels and evolve creatures.

The Z-Move is the most unique Pokemon move. This move is introduced in the seventh generation Pokemon core series. Thus, the Z-Move is not available in Emerald. But this altered edition provides ZMove. Hence, defeating other trainers will be easy for players using Z Move. Additionally, this move is available only for trainers.

Side Quests 

The main quests of this modified edition are modified. Further, side quests of the modified edition are also altered. But, side quests are not completely unlocked for players. So, Pokemon players need to activate quests manually. Contact, NPCs to unlock quests and have fun with side quests. Hence, enjoy gaming with endless alterations.

Players will enjoy playing modified ROM with multiple alterations. Although, this page provides information about added modifications. But, the best way to explore alterations is to play the modified ROM. Hence, download the ROM hack and start exploring all features.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Wally Quest GBA ROM?

This website provides the fastest ROM hack downloading process. So, downloading ROM hacks is simple and easy for players. No need to search for hacked ROMs on the internet anymore. Just, click on the ROM download button and get the hacked edition.

GBA patching process is also not compulsory. Because this website offers pre-patched GBA hack files. So, players don’t need to go through the patching process anymore. Simply, download the Pre-patched GBA file from this page and enjoy gaming.

Main Features

  • Latest Emerald ROM Hack
  • Changed Game Challenges and Quests
  • Gen 7 Pokemon and Moves Available
  • Get a Combination Of ORAS and Emerald
  • Find the Latest Movesets and Abilities
  • Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves Added
  • Double Battle System Available
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Wally Quest ROM?

We are here with the Pre-Patched ROM.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Wally Quest ROM?

You can get the ROM from the download section.

Can We Play Pokémon Wally Quest On PC?

Yes, get a GBA Emulator On PC and play the game.


Pokemon Wally Quest Download to enjoy Emerald with ORAS features. This altered edition offers advanced-level alterations in the gameplay. So, players will enjoy spending their free time in the monster world. Addtionally, more unexplored features are available in-game.

GamePlay Video

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