Pokemon Uncensored Edition Download 1.0.3 [New 2023]

Pokemon Uncensored Edition Download 1.0.3 [New 2023]
Full Name Pokemon Uncensored
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer NSFW
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 181 MB
Released June 27, 2021
Downloads 28458
Download now

Pokemon Uncensored is a completely modified Pokemon RPGXP Game. This Game provides unofficial Pokemon features. Thus, players will get New Pokemon, Storylines, Characters, Actions, Moves, and other features. Additionally, this RPGXP Game provides special animations. So, Poke trainers will have a unique gameplay experience. Hence, Download and Play this new Pokemon game.

Pocket monster games are quite popular all over the globe. However, a limited number of official games are introduced. Therefore, unofficial games are played by many players. This page is about a unique unofficial fan-based Pocket monster game. Hence, learn about this exciting game here.

What is Pokemon Uncensored Edition?

Pokemon Uncensored Game is a fan-based modified RPG-XP Game. This RPGXP is a completely altered game with fan-requested improvements. Further, this unique Edition offers modified characters, Monsters, stories, gameplay, and other features. Thus, enjoy playing this unofficial edition and have fun.

RPGXP games are specially developed for Desktop users with Windows OS. Although, there are multiple RPGXP games available to play and enjoy. But, official Pokemon doesn’t offer any special game for Desktop gamers. Therefore, fan-modified games are commonly played. Hence, it is the best way to enjoy Pocket Monster on PC.

Multiple RPG-XP Poke editions are introduced by fans. Therefore, ROMSFORGBA.COM offers tons of such games such as ASDDSAD. However, most editions offer quality similar gameplay compared to Pokemon ROM games. Thus, it is rare to find an RPGXP edition with differnet gameplay. But, this page is about a unique RPG-XP edition with a differnet story. 

Pokemon Uncensored Adventures is an unofficial Pokemon Edition for Windows OS gamers similar to Pokemon Realidea System ROM. This RPG-XP provides multiple changes in the gameplay. Therefore, playing this unofficial version will be quite exciting for any fan. Further, no need to search for information about this game. Because all details are provided here.


In this new game, the story is completely changed. So, the story of the young Poke trainer will start in Mallet Town. In this town, a limited number of houses are available. Thus, the trainer will get the first Pokemon from Professor Pokémon. This Professor is differnet from the official gameplay. Because he is careless about everything. 

In this story, the main character will get a task to find all available Pokemon in this region. Thus, the journey to complete the Pokegear will start. In this journey, multiple characters are available with special abilities. Further, the story will progress according to the gameplay without any problem. Therefore, make differnet choices to explore this unique gameplay of the Pokemon Uncensored Version. 


The gameplay will start in the Mallet Town. This town is quite similar to the Pattle Town of the Kanto Region. So, the first task is to meet with the Professor and get Starter Monster. As official gameplay, players will get three choices. Hence, select any Pokémon and complete this task. After completing this task, players can move out of Mallet Town freely.

Although, the main quests are similar to the official gameplay. However, added sidequests are completely differnet. But, unlocking sidequests requires activations. Therefore, Poke trainers have to communicate with all available NPCs. Because NPCs will provide information related to sidequests and events. 


In this Uncensored Pokemon edition, Pokemon are added from the first 8 generations. Although, not all monsters are added in this RPG XP. But, players will get 500+ Pokemon in this edition. Further, all available monsters are catchable in a single gameplay. Hence, complete the Pokedex instantly.

Legendary and rare monsters are available in this game. However, capturing those Pokémon won’t be easy. Therefore, battle with the pocket monsters and reduce the HP. After reducing the HP, try using the Pokeballs to capture. This method will work to capture monsters. Otherwise, the pocket creatures will break Pokeball and Run away.

Trainer Points

The Trainer Points or TPs play an important role. Because using TPs unlocking moves and events is possible. Therefore, train with the Pokémon to get points. Multiple methods are available to get TPs such as Defeating Trainers and gym Leaders, finding Hidden Pokeballs, and completing sidequests. Hence, earn Trainer Points and unlock events.

Graphics And Background Music

The background music and graphics of this game are improvised. Therefore, Poke trainers will have new music in the background. Additionally, find more attractive and colorful graphics. Thus, playing this new game will be more interesting for every Poke trainer. Hence, play and have fun in this new Poke world.

Free Pokeballs And Rewards

Pokemon Rule 34 Uncensored Edition, getting free items is possible. To get free items, players have to meet with NPCs. An Old Man is living in the Fucksia Wood. This Man will provide multiple items and rewards. Hence, visit this location and get free items. Additionally, Getting free Pokeballs is also possible. A girl is standing on Route 1, talk to this girl and get 3 Pokeballs for free.

Pokemon Uncensored Role-Playing Game XP is a unique edition of Pokemon. Therefore, try this game to enjoy a realistic gameplay experience and have fun gameplay. Most information about this unofficial Poke is provided. But downloading and playing is the right way to enjoy. Additionally, more similar Poke editions are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more.

Screenshots of Game

How To Download Pokemon Uncensored Edition?

RPG-XP edition downloading system is provided on this website. Thus, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button. Tap on the download button to get the new RPG XP edition. No need to surf the internet and waste time searching for the updated version. Because here, you only need to tap once and get this game.

How To Play Pokemon Edition Uncensored?

The main part of this game is about getting complete details of Pokémon using the POKEGEAR device. This device is provided by the Poke Professor to collect information about Pocket Monsters. So, the main task is to explore this region and capture all available creatures to collect information. Further, sidequests are also available. Sidequests will unlock with the progress in the main quest. 

How To Play Pokemon-Uncensored Edition On Android?

To play this XP game on Android devices, players have to go through a simple process. Because currently, this game doesn’t offer APK. So, install an XP Emulator Apk on Android and open this application. After this process, download this RPG-XP game and play this RPGXP edition on the Emulator App. It is the only possible way to play this edition on Android OS.

Main Features

  • Complete Fan-Based Game
  • Pokémon From Higher Generations
  • 500+ Pokémon Available
  • New And Improved Poke Characters
  • Storylines Are Completely Changed
  • Expressions Modified
  • New Background Music Added
  • Graphics Are Improvised
  • In-Game Cheat Rewards Available
  • Interesting Sidequests Added
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

Do We Need To Patch ‘Pokémon Uncensored’?

No, this is an RPGXP game. Hence, download and play this simple game without any patching issues.

Can We Play Pokémon Uncensored Edition On GameBoy Advance?

No, this is not a GBA-supported game. However, use an XP Operating System or an Android with XP Emulator to play this edition.

How To Install Pokémon Uncensored Edition?

Download the zip file and extract it. Open the extracted folder and play this game. Going through the installation process isn’t required.


Pokemon Uncensored offers some of the most thrilling unofficial features. Therefore, XP players should download and play this RPGXP game to enjoy all the improvements. The updated version of this game is provided on this page. Hence, download and play this XP game to enjoy all fan-based modifications.

4.7/5 - (6 votes)

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