Pokemon Bushido RPG Download [RPGXP Game]

Pokemon Bushido RPG Download [RPGXP Game]
Full Name Pokemon Bushido
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Thundaga
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 611 MB
Released June 26, 2022
Downloads 7371
Download now

Pokemon Bushido is a unique RPG Pokemon XP game. This game is an unofficial fangame with multiple official and unofficial features. Therefore, get a unique Japanese Samuri-based story, Characters, Monsters, Moves, Battles, and much more features. In this RPGXP game players will experience a completely new game with altered features. Hence, Download and play this unique game and enjoy.

Although, Pokemon games were introduced by a Japanese company. However, officially, no Japanese historic-based features are added to the games. So, playing a game based on the History of Japan is always exciting. Therefore, this page is about an unofficial game with such unique features. Hence, learn about this exciting fangame here.

What is Pokemon Bushido RPG?

Pokemon Bushido Game is an RPGXP fanbase Pokemon game. This RPGXP game is based on Pokemon Essentials. However, except for the main poke theme all features are modified. Therefore, Poke trainers will get new Pokemon, Events, Storylines, Battles, and much more features. So, playing this game is similar to playing a new Pokemon game. Hence, learn about added features here.

Pokemon games are fun and entertaining to play. However, playing the same gameplay is quite boring for everyone. Therefore, Poke trainers don’t prefer to play RPG games multiple times. Because players know about the gameplay completely. Therefore, the search for new games is quite common. Hence, the best option is to play unofficial games with unexpected features. 

Japanese-based games are fun to play. However, trainers find problems with the language. Therefore, unofficial Poke games are introduced in the English language. So, Japanese games in the English language are exciting and entertaining. This page is about a unique Japanese-based game in the English language. Hence, learn about a new game with the combination of exciting features here.

Pokemon Bushido RPGXP is the latest available fangame developed to provide a new gameplay experience similar to Pokemon ULTRALITE. Although, this game isn’t an official game. However, this RPGXP provides the best gameplay with multiple features. Therefore, Poke trainers will find gameplay with a combination of official and unofficial features. Hence, get complete information related to this unique game here.

Bushido Game Story

The Story of this Pokemon Remake RPGXP game is about Japanese Samurai. The Protagonist is the Royal Samurai’s kid. Therefore, he has to train all childhood with the Sensei Sukiro. So, now is the time to get the first Pokemon and enter the Kenshi Initiation Tournament to become the champion. However, an unexpected event changed the tournament into an adventurous journey. Hence, young Samurai have to go through multiple challenges, making friends, Enemies, and much more. 

Aisho Region

In this Game find a unique and interesting Region to explore. This Aisho Region consists of various locations similar to the Japanese locations. Therefore, Poke trainers will find Lakes, Blossom trees, Green Forests, attractive Grass, Houses/Minka, and much more. So, exploring this exciting Aisho Region will be exciting and entertaining. Hence, the tour of this exciting region and enjoy free time.


Officially, nine generations of Pocket Monsters are available. However, this RPGXP supports Pokemon from the first 8 generations. Therefore, hundreds of monsters are available in this unique edition. So, Poke trainers will get starters such as Virizion, Cobalion, and Terrakion. Apart from this, Shadow monsters are also available in the gameplay. Hence, enjoy exploring all available monsters available.


In this gameplay, multiple opponents are available. In this adventure’s gameplay, Players will encounter various challenges. Although, this game offers Battles with Trainers and Friends. However, trainers will also encounter an evil team of trainers known as the Akui Clan. This clan is living on an Isolated island experimenting on Pocket monsters. Hence, defeat the Akui Clan and have fun gameplay.

Pokemon Bushido Download to enjoy the available RPG-XP game. This exciting fangame provides the best gaming services. Therefore, playing this exciting game will be a fun experience for everyone. So, download this exciting gaming edition and have unlimited fun. Hence, learn about the downloading process of this new game here.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Bushido?

The downloading process of RPG-XP fangame is quite easy here. Because this website offers a simple and fast downloader system. Therefore, searching on the web isn’t necessary anymore. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. This will enable the downloading fangame system. Hence, download and enjoy this exciting unofficial game.

How To Play Pokemon Bushido Game?

The gameplay is quite simple and easy for everyone. Because players will start the journey with the first quest of getting starter monsters. After this, Poke trainers have to move to participate in the Kenshi Initiation Tournament and start the adventure. Additionally, chat with the available NPCs to find all routes and locations. Hence, enjoy this exciting gameplay and have fun.

Main Features

  • New Game
  • Interesting Story
  • New Region Available
  • 8th Gen Pokemon
  • Shadow Pokemon
  • Battle Animation Added
  • New Background Music
  • Multiple Locations
  • Attractive Graphics
  • Background Music Added
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokémon Bushido Android?

Use an RPGXP emulator on Android to play this exciting game.

How To Get Pokémon Bushido Cheat Codes?

This game doesnt have any cheat codes. However, cheats will be added here.

How Long is Pokémon Bushido Gameplay?

The gameplay will be 15 hours long.


Pokemon Bushido Edition is a unique RPG-XP game with multiple modifications that is exciting to play. Therefore, Poke trainers should download and try all available features. Additionally, more similar games are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

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