Pokemon Fused Dimensions GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA] 2023

Pokemon Fused Dimensions GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA] 2023
Full Name Pokemon Fused Dimensions
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer DanteZ.35
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.39 MB
Released September 24, 2022
Downloads 25317
Download now

Pokemon Fused Dimensions‘ is a GBA ROM hack game. This ROM offers an unofficial Fused Pokemon collection. The newly added Pokemon are fusion of two differnet official Pokemon. Further, multiple improvements are added to the official game. Thus, Poke trainers will have unique gameplay. Hence, Download and play this new ROM hack. 

The official GameBoy Advance games are popular among Monster trainers. However, official GBA games offer limited features without any updates. This is the main reason for players to search for GBA hacks. Because GBA cheats offer fan-based improvements. Therefore, get information about a unique game here. Hence, stay to learn all about this new GBA ROM hack.

What is ‘Pokemon Fused Dimensions’ GBA?

‘Pokemon Fused Dimensions’ ROM is a GBA ROM hack. This hack is based on the official GBA game Pokemon FireRed. So, trainers will get unofficial improvements in the FireRed. Further, this ROM hack offers fusion Pokemon, Improved Gameplay, and much more improvements. Thus, playing this improved GBA game will be more exciting. But, stay to learn before downloading this ROM hack.

In Pokemon-based games, Pocket Monsters are the main characters. Because the complete gameplay revolves around monsters. But, the official Monster in the GBA games is limited without any improvements. Thus, Poke trainers have to play using the same monsters while playing official games. It is the reason for playing GBA hacks to get more options.

In the official GBA FireRed, the PokeDex consists of 151 monsters. But, multiple hacks are shared on ROMSFORGBA.COM with an improved number of monsters such as ASDDS. But, there are a limited number of games with fusion effected Pokemon. This page is about a unique GBA cheat with fusion-based pocket monsters.

Pokemon Fused Dimensions Game is the first available Pokemon hack with fusion-based Pokemon. This GBA hack offers a unique combination of modifications and improvements together. Therefore, players find it exciting to play and enjoy free time. So, get details about added improvements and mods here. Hence, learn about new enhancements before downloading.


The official Fire Red gameplay is mostly available in this ROM hack. However, multiple newly added events and improvements are also available. So, Poke trainers will now encounter Johto Gym leaders in this GBA. Further, the Safari Zone mechanic is removed. Thus, trainers can easily battle with monsters. Similarly, more improvements are also added to the gameplay.

Pokemon Fused Dimensions PokeDex

The main improvement in the GBA hack of FireRed is Pokemon Fusion Pokdex. Although, the official version offers 151 monsters. But, now players will get 337 Fusion Pokemon. Further, all available monsters are catchable. Thus, catching all available Pocket creatures in a single gameplay is possible. Hence, capture and complete the national Pokedex.

Mega Evolution

The evolution process can easily improve the stats of any Pokemon. Therefore, this feature is added in this fusion GBA hack. Most newly added Fusion monsters only need a high level to evolve. However, some creatures require special items to evolve. Thus, players also have to get DAWN STONE, THUNDER STONE, LEAF STONE, SUN STONE, MOON STONE, DUSK STONE, WATER STONE, and other items.

Each Fused Pokemon has unique stats and abilities. Thus, trainers also have to use differnet types of items to evolve. Additionally, the behavior of the trainer also affects the evolution process. Golbaria Pokemon will only evolve after getting happy. Hence, the treatment of the trainer with the monster should be friendly. 

Sprites And Types 

The Sprites and types of monsters are also modified in this GBA hack. Therefore, players will find monsters with new and differnet types. Similarly, the stats of monsters will also be changed according to the sprites. So, anything players previously learned about official Pokemon will be changed in this GBA hack. Hence, play to have fun and explore improvements.

Pokemon Center

In the Poke Center, players used to purchase items and heal for free. But, this Pokemon Fused Dimension offers improvements. Thus, trainers can find the Forgotten Move learning system in the Poke Center. Use this to learn removed or forgotten moves. Hence, learn new and old all moves to create the best move sets manually from Pokemon Center.

Routes And Encounters

Although, the official Routes of Fire Red are used in this Fusion GBA game. But, the encounters with Pokemon have changed. Therefore, trainers will encounter at least one Fused Monster in any available route. Further, the encounter rate will be high according to the gameplay. Thus, explore all available routes of the Kanto Region and catch new Fused Pokemon. A special File with complete Encounter information is provided in the downloaded section.

Shiny Odds

Encountering a Shiny Pokemon is pure luck in the FireRed. Because the rate of encountering a Shiny monster is 1/4096. However, this rate is increased up to 1/257 in this GBA hack. Therefore, it probability of encountering Shiny Pocket Monster is double compared to the official game. Hence, play and find if you are lucky to get Shiny Monsters.

Pokemon Fused Dimensions Cheats

Three methods are available to use cheats in this game. The first method is to use the Cheat Code of FireRed GBA. Similar cheat codes will work on this FireRed GBA hack game. The second method is to use the Guideline Sheet provided in the download section. This sheet provides all details about encounters, movesets, and more. The last method is to chat with NPC on route 1 and get 153 rare candies unlimited times.

Pokemon Fused Dimensions Download to enjoy all available exciting improvements. On this page, a limited number of modifications are shared. However, much more are still unshared features available. So, it is recommended to download this unique GBA ROM hack. Experience all GameBoy Advance game modifications.

Screenshots Of Pokemon Fused Dimension

How To Download Pokemon Fused Dimensions GBA ROM?

This GBA hack has multiple complete versions available. Therefore, this website offers all available versions with additional files. So, tap on the DOWNLOAD NOW button to get all GBA hack versions and additional files. No need to search for this GBA hack on the web anymore. 

How To Patch Pokemon Fused Dimension?

The Patching process of ROM hacks requires multiple files. Thus, players have to get an Official ROM, ROM hack, and Patching tool to complete patching. However, this website offers Patched ROM hacks. So, going through the patching process isn’t needed anymore. Get the Pre-patched ROM hack Game and enjoy.

How To Play Pokemon Fused Dimensions?

Playing this Fused Cheat GBA isn’t difficult. Because the main gameplay is still available as official gameplay. Therefore, players will start their journey in the Pallet Town. After this, get the stater monsters from Professor Oak and start the mission to complete the Pokedex. All follow-up missions will be simple and easy. Hence, play and have fun with this unique game.

Main Features

  • New FireRed GBA Hack
  • Fusion Based Pokemon
  • 300+ Pokemon Available 
  • Improved Moves And Abilities
  • Altered Types And Sprites
  • Mega Evolution Added
  • New NPCs With Infinity Candies
  • All Routes With Fused Monsters
  • GYM Leaders Changed
  • Upgraded Stats
  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Difficulty Levels Increased
  • Many More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Download Pokemon Fused Dimensions On PC?

A simple downloading process is available on this page to download this ROM hack.

How To Download Pokemon Fused Dimensions Apk?

This game is available for only GBA devices. However, use an Emulator Apk to play it on any Android device. 

How To Install Pokemon Fused Dimensions?

To Install on a PC, install a GBA Emulator Software on the PC and run this GBA hack on the Emulator. To install on Android, Install a GBA Emulator APK on Android and run this GBA cheat on the Emulator.


Pokemon Fused Dimensions GBA is a unique game with high-quality modifications. Therefore, every GBA gamer should try this unique game to experience unique gameplay. Further, more interesting GBA ROMs are available on this website. Hence, follow to learn more about ROMs. 

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