Pokemon Emerald+ GBA Download [Patched GBA ROM]

Pokemon Emerald+ GBA Download [Patched GBA ROM]
Full Name Pokemon Emerald+
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Hedgeus
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.55 MB
Released September 18, 2023
Downloads 2054
Download now

Pokemon Emerald+ is a new fan-made GBA ROM hack game. This GBA hack is specially developed to provide fun gameplay. Therefore, find better Pocket monsters with new stats, Movesets, abilities, and much more improvements. Apart from this, the difficulty statuses are also enhanced. So, get higher challenges in this Poke hack. Hence, Download and Play this ROM game to enjoy more features.

GameBoy Advanced games are fun and entertaining to play. Therefore, Pokemon players spend time playing available Poke GBA games. However, officially Poke GBA ROMs are limited and aren’t released anymore. So, Poke fans have to play existing GBA ROM games. Thus, the best option available is to play ROM hacks with mod features. Hence, learn about the latest available hack here.

What is Pokemon Emerald+ GBA?

Pokemon Emerald+ ROM is a GBA ROM Hack Game. This GBA Hack is based on the Pokemon GBA Game Emerald. Therefore, get improved features in the official Emerald game. In this GBA, the official storylines and quests are the same as the official. However, stats of monsters and relative features are added. Hence get a unique gameplay with limited modifications in this GBA. 

Pokemon GameBoy Advance Games are popular for providing Role-Playing Games. Although, multiple games are available for GBA consoles such as FireRed and Emerald. But, available GBA ROM games don’t offer new features in the official games. Thus, playing such games provides one-time enjoyment. So, unofficial ROMs are available to play the improvements. Hence, learn about unofficial GBA ROM games/hacks here.

ROMSFORGBA.COM is the best available ROM hack Store to find ROM hacks. This Store provides multiple types of ROM hacks, especially Pokemon-based. Although, this ROM store offers multiple Poke Emerald hacks such as Pokemon Emerald TBT. But, this page is about the latest available Poke game. Hence, learn about a new available Poke mod GBA game with modifications here.

Pokemon Emerald+ Game is currently the latest available Pokemon Emerald ROM hack. This hack offers multiple Improvements in the gameplay. Therefore, this game will be more exciting compared to the official. This Emerald Edition is known as the next version because it offers improvements in the game without make high-level changes. Hence, Poke trainers will get a new experience with originality.


The gameplay in this modified game is similar to the official Poke Emerald. Therefore, Poke trainers don’t need to worry about any changes. So, players will get the starter Pokemon to start the adventure. After this, defeat GYM Leaders, Team Magma, and more similar characters. Hence, enjoy this mod game with official gameplay.


This GBA hack doesnt offer any major modifications in the Pokemon. Therefore, players will get monsters from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Pokemon Generations similar to the official Emerald. However, 12 extra Pokemon are added to the gameplay. So, players will have a chance to explore some newly added Pocket monsters. In total, 215 Pokemon are available in this game and all are catchable. 


Pokemon evolution is the best way to enhance the skills of Pokemon. Therefore, this GBA offers monsters with evolutions. Although, not all available monsters can evolve. But, trainers can evolve 8 Pocket monsters in total. Additionally, the evolution only needs high EXP levels. Hence, find information in this related to Evolving Pokemon.

  • Kadabra At Level 36
  • Azurill At Level 10
  • Graveler At Level 36
  • Machoke At Level 36
  • Slugma At Level 10
  • Feebas At Level 32
  • Shuppet At Level 30
  • Ledyba At Level 20


Although the abilities of Pokemon are useful in the game. However, not all available moves are useful. Therefore, this GBA hack offers modifications in the abilities. So, all the unless abilities of Pokemon are removed. Apart from this, new abilities are also introduced. Thus, Pocket monsters will have new useful abilities in the gameplay. Hence, no more unnecessary abilities in this GBA ROM game.


Moves of monsters are used in the battle to fight or defend against any attack. Therefore, this GBA hack provides improvements in the movesets. Although, not all available monsters have new movesets. But, monsters with useless movesets are replaced with powerful ones. Consequently, get new and powerful moves in the gameplay.


This GBA hack doesnt offer high-end challenges in the gameplay. However, modifications in the other trainers are made. Therefore, some of the trainers will have higher Pokemon battle skills. Additionally, the Monsters of these trainers will be at higher levels. So, the gameplay will be slightly challenging for trainers. Hence, have a new challenging battle experience.

Pokemon Emerald+ Download to enjoy all available improved features. Although, this is the first available ROM hack. But, more updates will be provided with additional improvements. Therefore, start with limited changes and wait for a completely new gameplay. So, download and start enjoying this new POKEMON ROM Hack. Hence, get information related to the download system here.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Emerald+?

This is the latest ROM hack available. Therefore, not all ROM stores offer this newly available GBA Hack ROM. However, this website does offer a simple way to download this new GBA hack. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. Downloading the ROM hack system will activate instantly. Hence, surfing the web for this hack isn’t necessary.

How To Patch Pokemon Emerald +?

To patch this ROM Hack, get Emerald GBA File, + GAB hack, and a patcher tool. Apart from this, the compatibility of Hack and GBA is also necessary. So, use the patcher tool and patch this ROM hack. However, this website offers pre-patched Hack. Therefore, download the patched ROM hack and start playing. Hence, going through this process isn’t necessary at all.

How To Get Pokemon Emerald+ Cheats?

This ROM doesnt offer any special cheats. However, the cheats of Pokemon Emerald can be used in this hack. Because this game is based on the Emerald. Therefore, get the single-line cheat codes of Emerald and use them. But, before using any cheats save the gameplay to prevent any problem.

Main Features

  • New Emerald Hack
  • Get Official Gameplay
  • Find New Pokemon
  • Movesets Enhanced
  • Abilities Changed
  • Difficulty Increased Slightly
  • Useless Moves And Abilities Removed
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

What is the latest Emerald Hack?

The Emerald+ is the latest available GBA ROM hack.

How To Play Pokemon Emerald+ Android?

To play this game on Android, install a GBA Emulator on Android and play this game.

How To Play Pokemon Emerald+ PC?

This game is only available for GBA consoles. Therefore, install a GBA emulator and play using the emulator.


Pokemon Emerald+ GBA ROM Hack is the best and latest available fan-based modified Emerald game. Therefore, Poke trainers should download and play to explore fan-based added modifications. Apart from this, more similar ROM hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more GBA ROM hacks. 

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