Pokemon Metal Red ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA]

Pokemon Metal Red ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Metal Red
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Romsprid.xyz
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.23 MB
Released April 14, 2020
Downloads 18141
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Each Pokemon form has a unique appearance and ability. But, forms are not available in all Pokemon ROM editions. So, try Pokemon Metal Red ROM with alterations and modifications. In this edition, get the advanced-level improvements and new core generation features. Thus, getting forms is possible in this edition.

Modified games always attract more players. So, Pokemon trainers love to enjoy modified ROM hacks. Thus, there are multiple types of ROM hacks available.  But, finding the ROM hacks on the internet is quite hard. Therefore, this page provides relative information about modified ROM.

What is Pokemon Metal Red ROM?

Pokemon Metal Red is a GBA Modified ROM. This altered edition offers a wide range of modifications and the latest generation features. So, here players will get the eighth Pokemon Core generation monsters, Forms, Evolutions, Game storylines, and much more. Therefore, enjoy high-end alterations in this modified GBA.

Specific modifications are also introduced for differnet languages. So, German Speakers can try Pokemon Violet Wodka modified ROM. It is a special modified ROM of FireRed for German Pokemon players. Although, this edition offers unique features. But, this page provides information related to a different GBA Mod.

Pokemon Core generation provides unique features. So, there is a total of nine Core generations of Pokemon that have been introduced till this day. But, the initially introduced ROM games only support the first three-generation features. Thus, it is impossible to get the latest gen features in initial ROMs.

There are modified ROMs available on the internet. So, these modified ROMs provide unique changes to the official ROMs. Although, there are ROMs with the latest generation features. But, limited modified ROMs provide endless features of the latest gens. Hence, it is hard to get perfect ROM.

The FireRed is the best third Core Pokemon Generation GBA game. So, this GBA edition only offers third gen features. Therefore, try the Pokemon Metal Red GBA edition. This fan-based edition offers advanced-level modification. Hence, getting eighth-gen features is possible.

The latest modified ROM is completely different from any other fan-based edition. Because this edition gets some of the best features. Mostly, ROM hacks doesnt even offer the features provided in this ROM. Hence, playing this edition will be exciting. Additionally, information about added modifications is provided on this page.


In FireRed, the Pokedex consists of one hundred and fifty-one monsters. So, the Pokedex isn’t changing due to no updates in the game. But, this altered GBA provides additional monsters added from the eighth core generation. Hence, the Pokedex of the game is finally modified.

Pokemon players love to get a wide range of Pocket monsters in the game. So, players will get a modified Pokedex of the game consisting of nine hundred Pocket monsters. Hence, get more than seven hundred newly added monsters.

Pokémon Forms

Pocket creatures have a simple form at the initial stage. So, in the latest Pokemon GBAs, evolutions and forms are added. Hence, enhancements in the monster’s appearance and abilities are possible. So, this altered GBA also offers added Pocket monster forms.

The modified GBA allows players to access multiple Pocket creature forms. So, there are multiple exciting creature forms added from differnet Pokemon generations. Additionally, the added monsters are more powerful than normal creatures.

In the Pokemon games, there are multiple monster forms are introduced. So, this exciting game offers multiple wide collections of forms added from differnet games. Hence, players will have a variety of options to enjoy. Therefore, get the list of forms on this page.

  • Alolan Form
  • Galor Form
  • Gigantamax
  • Many More

The evolution of Pocket creatures required stones, EXP, and other items. So, getting these items is hard to unlock forms or evolutions. Therefore, this hack allows players to change forms using only EXP levels. Hence, players only need to increase exp levels to unlock forms.


Mostly, altered GBA editions offer modifications in the game storylines. However, this altered GBA doesn’t offer modified storylines. Therefore, players will get the same original game story. Thus, experience originality game story with altered features.

The GBA ROM offers the same storylines. But, there are additional events have been added. So, players will get more quests in the Firered. Additionally, these added quests are fan-based introduced events. Hence, these events are not available in the official edition.

Moves and Abilities

monsters are useless without powerful moves. So, the modified monsters also have legendary moves. Therefore, battling using these monsters is fun for players. Thus, winning matches is easy. So, becoming the champion monster trainer is easy in no time.

The abilities of monsters are limited in the FireRed. But, the altered GBA provides Eighth core gen abilities of monsters. So, players will get monsters with additional abilities. Although, information related to modifications is provided here. But, download the GBA hack to access all modifications.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Metal Red GBA ROM?

This website offers the fastest ROM Hack downloading process. Therefore, no need to search on the internet for GBA hack anymore. Simply, get Hack direct download link on this page with a simple click. Thus, searching on other websites isn’t necessary.

Mostly, GBA players have to go through the patching process to play hacked ROMs. However, the process is quite tricky for anyone. Therefore, this website offer pre-patched ROM. So, download the available patched ROM and enjoy gaming. Hence, no need to go through the patching process.

Main Features

  • Latest FireRed Improved Edition
  • Newly Added Events
  • Pokémon From All 8 Gens
  • Multiple Pokémon Forms Available
  • Improved Abilities and Moves
  • Capture Monster Get EXP
  • Fairy Type Available
  • Changed Rival
  • Improved Graphics
  • PSS System Available
  • Difficulty Levels Improved
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Metal FireRed ROM?

We are here with the Pre-patched ROM.

How to Download Pre-Patch Pokémon Metal Red GBA ROM?

Find the download button and click on it.

How to Download Pokémon Metal Red 3DS CIA File?

You can also find the 3DS CIA File on this page.


Pokemon Metal Red Download to enjoy a modified edition of FireRed. So, new Pokemon players will have fun gameplay with the best modifications. Although, information related to the hack is available here. But, download the hack edition to play all. Additionally, keep following us for more exciting ROM hacks.

GamePlay Video

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