Pokemon Better Than Better Emerald 2 ROM Download [2023]

Pokemon Better Than Better Emerald 2 ROM Download [2023]
Full Name Pokemon Better Than Better Emerald 2
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Huplabombasnow
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.83 MB
Released November 26, 2022
Downloads 25255
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Do you ever want to know, what happened after the completion of the Pokemon Emerald Championship? Although, the official gameplay ends when players become champions. However, download Pokemon Better Than Better Emerald 2 to know what happens next. This altered edition provides the next chapter of the official game.

At a certain point, most Pokemon games end. Thus, no further editions or details are available. But, most players want to know more about such games. Therefore, fans offer altered games with further storylines. Hence, get details about a similarly modified edition on this page.

What is Pokemon Better Than Better Emerald 2 ROM?

Pokemon Better Than Better Emerald 2 GBA is a GBA ROM hack. This is the modified edition based on the Pokemon Emerald. So, players will get a changed storyline, characters, regions, and much more changes. This is the follow-up modified edition of Pokemon BTBE 1. Hence, try the updated edition to enjoy endless alterations.

Mostly, ROM hacks offer a single edition. Therefore, it is nearly impossible finding follow-up hacks. But, there are limited editions with follow-up hacks such as Pokemon Better Than Better Emerald 1. This is the first modified edition. Hence, players should also try both of these hacks.

Pokemon ROM players face a common problem of no updates. Because ROM games only provide a one-time gameplay system. Therefore, no upcoming updates are available for players. However, most players want to have more upcoming versions. Hence, it is boring for trainers to play ROMs with the same gameplay.

Monster trainers enjoy playing the modified editions of Pokemon ROMs. However, the problem of no future updates is also available in mod ROMs. Because ROM hacks also don’t offer updates in modifications with time. However, this page is about the details of the ROM hack second version. Hence, stay to know about this unique updated mod ROM.

Pokemon Better Than Better Emerald 2 Game is the second sequel hack of Pokemon BTBE. This edition offers more advanced features and modifications in the gameplay. Therefore, players will enjoy playing this edition more than the previous one. Hence, on this page to know about all relative information.

Game Story

In the previous version of the game, MC become the champion of the region. However, this mod provides gameplay after the championship. After six months, the MC gets an invitation from another region Betreon Region. This invitation was sent by the Pokemon Professor of the Betreon Region known as Pittsburgh.

The Betreon Region currently has two legendary Flying Pokemon. Thus, it attracts the attention of monster trainers from all over the globe. Not only monster trainers, but evil organizations are also looking for a way to catch them. Therefore, the main characters are invited to find a perfect solution to this problem. Hence, start the journey to help the people.


In GBA games, the problem of catching monsters is quite common. Because the official edition doesn’t allow players to catch all monsters. Therefore, modifications have been made to the monsters. Hence, trainers will find formidable monsters with a high chance of catchability.

  • 80 New Pokémon
  • 396 Pokémon Catchable

Forms And Types

Pokemon Regional forms are hard to find in GBA hacks. However, this GBA hack offers some of the largest collections of monster forms. So, find the best 41 new Regional forms of monsters in this modified edition. Additionally, Fairy-type monsters are also added to this hack. Hence, players will get different types of creatures.

Region And Characters

The Betreon Region is newly added to the GBA edition. So, this region consists of newly added locations. Hence, exploring the region will be exciting for monster trainers. Addtionally, the existing characters of the official GBA are also altered. Thus, players will encounter unfamiliar characters in this GBA hack.

Currently, this is the latest available altered edition of Emerald. Therefore, download this hack and enjoy all the amazing modifications. Although, some major modifications are mentioned on this page. But, there is much more unexplored. Hence, playing this hack will be surprising.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Better Than Better Emerald 2 GBA ROM?

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The patching process of GBA hacks is also quite problematic. Because this process requires multiple files. Therefore, this website offers pre-patched hacks for players. Hence, no need to go through the patching process anymore. Simply, download the patched file and enjoy gaming.

Main Features

  • Latest Emerald ROM Hack
  • Get 2nd Sequel Of Hack
  • New Game Story
  • More Pokemon Added
  • Additional Forms and Types
  • Characters and Storyline Improved
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Better Emerald 2 GBA?

Use a GBA Patcher for patching, but we are here with the Pre-Patched GBA.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Better Than Better Emerald 2 GBA?

From the download section, you can get the Pre-Patched GBA.

Can We Play Pokémon Better Emerald 2 GBA ROM on PC?

Use a GBA Emulator on PC and play the amazing game.


It is recommended to players of Pokemon Better Than Better Emerald 2 Download. Because the right way to explore modifications is to play the game. Hence, download this exciting ROM hack and start exploring all added modifications. 

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