Pokemon Fire Ash RPGXP Download [2023 Update 3.2]

Pokemon Fire Ash RPGXP Download [2023 Update 3.2]
Full Name Pokemon Fire Ash
Console RPGXP
Publisher Reinhartmax
Developer Hunter Hoesch
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 344 MB
Released August 15, 2022
Downloads 8119
Download now

Ash Ketchum is one of the most popular characters in the Pokemon world. So, today we are here with one of the most unique games for fans to experience the life of Ash. Get Pokemon Fire Ash and enjoy a new game to have an adventure experience.

There are multiple anime and manga, which are inspired by the games. Similarly, you will find various games, which are created according to any anime or manga. So, today we are here with a game of popular Pokemon characters.

What is Pokemon Fire Ash RPGXP?

Pokemon Fire Ash Fan Game is an RPG XP Game, which has been based on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions. The fan-based edition provides a unique gaming experience with the latest Gen and newly added features for the players.

There are more similar games available, which you can play and have fun with. So, if you are willing to enjoy more similar games, then we recommend you to try the Pokemon This Gym of Mine.

As you know there is a variety of Pokémon games available for different gaming consoles, which anyone can play and have fun with. You can find some of the largest numbers of games, which you can play and enjoy spending your time with.

Each of the gaming editions offers some unique features for the players to have fun. But if you want to try something new and unique, then you should try the Pokemon Fire Ash Role-Playing XP game. 

In the game, you will find some of the best collection of improvements, which has been made for the players. Any Pokémon lover knows about Ash Ketchum, who is one of the most popular Pokemon figures of all time. 

So, in this game, you will experience the life of Ketchum Ash and have a unique gaming experience. There are multiple types of improvements have been made according to the anime and Manga editions of Pokémon.

If you are willing to explore all these available exciting features, then you only need to stay with us. We are going to share some of the best and most detailed information about the game here with you all, which you can explore below.

Game Story

The game doesnt offer any background story, but you will find an interesting story while playing this amazing edition. The journey will take place in Pellet Town, where Ash lives a normal life with his mom.

Now the day has arrived, when Ash is going to get the first Pokémon. But Ash was sleeping during the selection process, which is why now he doesn’t have a choice among Pokemon. A single Pokémon is available, which is Pikachu.

So, after getting the first Pokemon, Poke Dex, and some Poke Balls the journey will begin. The character started to find more powerful Pokémon to create the best team. There are multiple difficulties in the journey, which you can explore.

The main theme of Ash is to become the best Pokemon Trainer of all time, which might be difficult. So, you have to help him throughout the journey and fulfill his wish. Start playing the game and have unlimited fun.


The Pokemon collection of the game is huge, in which you will find some of the largest collections of Pocket Monsters. There are more than 800 Pokémon available for the players, which you can explore in the gameplay.

There are Pokemon added for players from Gen 1 to 7, which means you will find some of the latest Gen Pokémon here. So, if you want to explore some of the best Pocket monsters, then here you should try.

Moves and Abilities

Furthermore, there are also changes have been made in the collection of moves for the players. Here you will find Gen Moves in the gameplay and Gen 5 Abilities are also added. So, you can enjoy playing this exciting game.

If you want to try the Evolutions, then the Mega Evolution, Ash Greninja, and Alola Forms are also added for the players. So, you can evolve your Pokémon to make them more powerful and create an unbeatable team of all time.


The game consists of multiple added locations from FireRed and Greenleaf. So, here you will have some of the best locations in the gameplay. Explore the list below to know about the available locations.

  • Kanto
  • Johto
  • Hoenn
  • Sinnoh
  • Unova
  • Kalos
  • Alola
  • Orange Island

All these locations are available, and players can travel and have a unique gaming experience. With this amazing game, you can explore some of the most popular locations of Pokemon World and enjoy it.

Pikachu Follows

In the anime, you will find that Pikachu is usually on the shoulder of Ash. So, here you will also get a similar experience, in which your first Pokémon will be available on your shoulder all the time. 

The Pikachu will follow you everywhere, which means indoors and outdoors. So, you will have quite a similar experience of gaming. You can also find various added rivals from the Manga and anime in the game.

TMS and Items

Most of the players want to know about the TMs in the game. So, here you will have 100 TMs, which you can use in the battle and have fun. Find some of the best numbers of TMs,w which are added from different Gens.

Similarly, there are also various latest Gen items added for the players. Here you will find a large number of items, which have been added from Gen 6. But there are more available, which are added from different gens.

GYM Battle And Graphics

No more limited Gym battles, in this amazing edition find 50 GYM Battles, in which you will battle against various characters. You will find some popular characters from anime in the Gym battle.

Graphics is also improved for the players to make the gameplay more attractive. Here you will get gen 3 game graphics, in which you will have better graphics and colors. So, you can have unlimited fun.

There are additional improvements have been made for the players, which you can easily get and have fun with. So, if you are willing to enjoy all these amazing features, then Pokemon Fire Ash Download and start playing this game.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokemon Fire Ash RPG XP?

Here you will find the fastest downloading process of all time, through which anyone can easily get the RPGXP. So, you don’t need to search on the internet and waste your time anymore. Here you only need to find the download section.

The download section is provided at the top and bottom of this page. Make a single click on the available download button and start the downloading process. The process will soon start automatically after the click has been made.

Main Features

  • Best Pokémon Game
  • New Game Story
  • Get Ash Character
  • Pikachu As Starter
  • Pikachu On Players Shoulder
  • Attractive Graphics
  • Various Locations Added
  • 800 + Pokémon Added
  • Moves and Abilities Improved
  • Mega Evolution Added
  • Simple Gameplay
  • More GYM Challenges 
  • Many More


How to Play Pokemon Fire Ash RPGXP?

Start with getting the first Pokémon and battle to enjoy your free time.

Can We Play Pokemon Fire Ash On Mobile?

Use a Windows Emulator On Mobile to play the RPGXP.

How to Catch Pokémon In Pokemon Fire Ash?

Use Pokeball and catch any available Pokémon in the RPGXP edition.


If you are willing to have unlimited fun with Pokémon, then Pokemon Fire Ash is the best available option. So, you can easily have a unique gaming experience and have endless fun. 

GamePlay Video

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