Pokemon Amalgamation of Emerald ROM v1.1.6 Download [Update]

If you want to experience double battles in the Emerald edition of Pokémon, then then you have come to the right place. You are going to find the Pokemon Amalgamation of Emerald, which provides a number of benefits to all Pokémon fans.

There are a number of Pokémon games, which you can play and enjoy. However, if you wish to experience something unique, then you are at the right place. Stay with us, so that you can learn about one of the most unique editions of pokemon.

What is Pokemon Amalgamation of Emerald ROM?

Pokemon Amalgamation of Emerald Game is a GBA ROM Hack, which offers a better and improved version of Pokémon Emerald. With this hack, you will get some of the best and most advanced-level changes to the game to have more fun.

If you want to try more similar emerald editions, then we have some of the best options available for you. You can try Pokemon Emerald Chaos Ambulation, which offers unique changes for the players

You can find various types of GBA ROMs, which provide different types of games for the players to enjoy, which is a great way to get the most out of your gaming experience. As you know, there are different types of games available, which can be played and enjoyed. 

Players can choose from several fan-based improved editions of the game, which are available for download. However, most of the available modified ROMs are incomplete, which is the main reason why players do not want to waste time looking for them.

We are glad to present to you today one of the best and latest completed editions that you have been looking forward to for years. Now you are able to enjoy the Pokemon Amalgamation of Emerald GBA complete version and have unlimited enjoyment.

You will find that there are various changes that have been made in the game, which you can also play and enjoy. So, if you want to know more about all these changes, then you will only need to stay with our website. Here you will find all the information you require.

Double Battle

The double battle system in this game is one of the most popular features in the game. In the battle, you will encounter two pokemon, which you must defeat. Using double Pokémon against double Pokémon and having fun at the same time!

As we mentioned previously, the battle feature was also available in the previous edition of the game, but there were some bugs. Some pokemon were not available for the battle system, which is why you will get the complete, fixed edition here.

You will be able to easily battle all Pokemon, which means that you can have fun and have some great gaming time. Various types of wild Pokemon are available for you to explore. More information about monsters can be found below.


In addition, there are also some tweaks made to the Pokemon collection. In this case, you will find a number of Pokemon that have been added from the latest generations. Therefore, you will have a unique combination of monsters in the game.


A few additional changes have been made to the collection of trainers in the game. All trainers have double monsters in the game, which must be faced by the players. Similarly, the holding items for players have also been changed.


The Pokémon Market offers you a variety of goodies, such as rare candies, that you can purchase and have a lot of fun. However, the Rare Candy is quite expensive, which is why it is best to consider it before purchasing it. There are tons of features you can explore in the Pokemon Market.

Pokémon Eevee

You will receive a Pokémon Eevee as a gift at the beginning of the game, which you can use for double battles and have a lot of fun with. So, before the first rival battle, you will meet an NCP who will provide you with the Pokémon Eevee, which you can use and enjoy.

The above are some of the common features of the game, but there are many more that are available for the players to explore. So, if you want to take advantage of all the features available to you, then you only need to download the ROM from the page and start enjoying it.

ROM Details

NamePokemon Amalgamation of Emerald
Size6.55 MB
Base ROMEmerald
Update DateJuly 11, 2022

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Amalgamation of Emerald GBA ROM?

The latest updated edition has been made available for you all here, so there is no need to search on the Internet to find the right edition and waste your time anymore. All you have to do is simply access the download section from this page.

You can find a download section at the top and bottom of the page. Simply click on the download button and wait a few seconds. After clicking on the download button the downloading process will start automatically as soon as the click has been made.

Main Features

  • Latest Updated Emerald ROM Hack
  • Get Double Battle System 
  • More Pokémon
  • Fixed All Bugs
  • Changes In Trainers
  • Rare Candy Added
  • Unique Gameplay
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Amalgamation of Emerald ROM?

We are here with the Pre-Patched ROM.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Amalgamation of Emerald GBA ROM?

You can download the pre-patched ROM from the download section.

How to Download Pokémon Amalgamation of Emerald 3DS CIA?

You can also download the 3DS CIA from the download section.


If you want to explore all these amazing services, then Pokemon Amalgamation of Emerald Download on your gaming console. You can explore tons of more features and enjoy your quality time.

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