Top 5 Xbox ROMs to Try in 2022

Well, today we are focusing on the ROMs offered by the gaming console Xbox and we have made a list of the best games available to play on this device. Xbox has a massive library of great ROMs and we have listed the Top 5 Xbox ROMs to Try in 2022.

Xbox is a brand of video gaming that has produced some of the most popular and widely played games. It was developed and is owned by a reputable company known as “Microsoft” in 2001. It has tasted great success since then is still a force in the gaming world.

Apart from these services it also offers streaming services and online services with the name Xbox network. It is a fantastic platform for gamers all across the world that comes with many consoles options to choose from and use.

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Top 5 Xbox ROMs

In this article, we have manufactured a list of the best ROMs you can try in 2022 considering the gameplay, graphics, and popularity. These are the top-quality games available to play on your Xbox devices.

GTA: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a popular gaming franchise all across the globe. GTA San Andreas is one of the best ROM available to play on Xbox consoles. It is an action-adventure game famous for gameplay and storylines.

The in-game features refer to real-life elements like regions, landmarks, and cities. The character can perform the activities including driving, stealing, shooting, fighting, flying planes, and enjoying the food, dance bars, clubs.

The character is also capable of running, sprinting, climbing, jumping, and swimming. Players have the option of how they want to play this game and explore the San Andreas world. The players can play various modes and complete many missions as well.

Burnout 3: Takedown

If you are a fan of racing games then this is the best driving ROM available to enjoy on your Xbox devices. Burnout 3: Takedown is a fast and furious racing cars gaming experience that comes with different thrilling modes and features.

Takedown version of Burnout emphasis dangerous races and enthralling racing encounters. The high-quality graphics and exciting gameplay make this ROM a must-play one in 2022. The players will be up against deadly AI opponents on difficult tracks.

A large number of fast cars are available to choose from and players can also upgrade the functionalities of the cars. You can also play online multiplayer mode and split-screen multiplayer on your particular consoles.

Mortal Combat: Shaolin Monks

Combat gaming style is one of the favorite genres of most gamers. So, we are here with one of the best action-packed adventures the offers stunning graphics and frantic storylines to enjoy. This is a Beat ‘em up style ROM with numerous modes.

In Cooperative mode, two players can work together throughout and defeat enemies with different strategies.  The Shaolin Monk is based on a multi-directional combat-style gaming experience that allows players to attack enemies who are around them.

The character has his signature moves and combos that are usable during fights. Special moves can be upgraded and made more effective using the experience points you acquire playing this adventure.

Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

This is another Beat ‘em up style 3D game with all the features of the best Combat ROMs. This is also a fantastic option to play on your consoles. Character in this combat adventure can fight in three basic styles Combo, Ki, and Melee.

This game has several modes and different character moves that you can acquire by gaining experience points. It offers good quality graphics and linear combat-focused sagas that are exciting and gripping to play.

WWE Raw 2

WWE is an entertainment sport that is loved by many millions all across the world. If you want the thrills of WWE on your Xbox then WWE Raw 2 is the best ROM for you. The character can perform all the activities of a famous wrestler.

Players can set up wrestlers, wrestle anyone in the locker room by calling them out, and can also form alliances like they do in real WWE shows. Players can be a big influence in hiring managers for the show and rule the WWE Raw 2 rings.


Xbox is a fabulous console to use and experience gaming in a unique way. The list of ROMs is too long to mention all that’s why we created this list of the best and Top 5 Xbox ROMs to Try in 2022.

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