Pokemon Unbound ROM Download v2.1.1.1 [2023 Patch GBA]

Pokemon Unbound ROM Download v2.1.1.1 [2023 Patch GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Unbound
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Skeli
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 18.61 MB
Released August 28, 2022
Downloads 82774
Download now

A complete ROM hack offers a completely changed edition. Although, multiple ROM hacks are available on the web. But, there are limited GBA ROMs. Therefore, try Pokemon Unbound. This is the only perfect GBA-modified ROM that provides the best alterations for Poke trainers.

Fan-based modified ROMs are known as ROM hacks. So, these editions offer multiple modifications in ROMs. Therefore, here get complete information related to the new GBA ROMs. Hence, have unlimited fun spending your free time with ROM hack.

Pokemon Unbound ROM Review

The Pokemon Unbound GBA Mod ROM is a hack and modification of the Gameboy Adv version of Pokemon Fire Red. This edition players with a more dynamic gameplay experience as well as more amazing features than the original game. Hence, trainers will have ultimate fun.

More Fire Red ROMs are available on this website. So, if trainers are interested in playing more similar editions? Then, trainers should definitely check out Pokemon Emerald Rogue modified GBA ROM. Therefore, this edition accesses unlimited modifications. 

The Pokemon gaming series has a wide range of different games. In these editions, players will get access to Poke world and become Poke trainers. Therefore, fans from all over the world die to play these editions and have fun.  Hence, trainers will have completely unique gameplay with ROM hack.

Fan-based ROMs provide alterations in the official games. So, there are multiple ROM hacks available for trainers. These hacks provide various modifications. This ROM hack provides the best collection of modifications for trainers. Hence, trainers don’t need to worry about official updates of ROMs.

There is no doubt that Pokemon Unbound is the best and most recently altered GBA ROM of FireRed. Thus, this edition offers alterations for players to have fun. Therefore, trainers will get complete information about the GBA ROM hack. Hence, players don’t know need to worry about getting information.

Main Story

ROM hacks usually doesnt offer modifications in the game story. But, in this Pokemon Unbound players will base the level curve to get a unique game story. So, trainers can have a unique experience of gameplay. Additionally, the added unique story about the clash between the Borrius and Kalos regions of Poke world. Thus, trainers will enjoy the ROM hack.

Both of these regions have unique and powerful Pokémon species and Pokémon trainers. Therefore, the war between both of these regions is ongoing without any end. So, the  Borrious region received help from a dark force. Hence, with dark Borrious region gets more powerful as compared to the Kalos region.

The Borrius region got help from the dark force. This help allows Borrius’s army to enhance its strength. On the other hand, Kalos Region also possessed an ultimate Weapon. Hence, using the Kalos King used the ultimate weapon. So, the Borrious region lost the fight. Hence, Borrius and Dark forces were sealed.

Almost a hundred years have passed since dark forces are sealed. However, now there is a group of people known as the Shadows who visit Kalos. The shadows team is trying to release the dark force once again. Hence, Poke world is at the peak of war again.

The Shadow forces started the attempt to take control of the Kalos Region. So, they started making multiple evil actions. Therefore, payers will start to join the game story as young trainers. Hence, trainers will encounter evil organizations. Therefore, the main role of the trainers is to stop the Shadow team from unlocking dark forces. 

Fighting against Pokémon Trainers, shadows boss battles, random trainers, and different quests are added in this hack. So, trainers will have future depends on decisions. Therefore, the more battles won will uncover more events of Pokemon Unbound. Hence, trainers will experience unique gameplay with the modified story.


ROM hacks are incomplete without modifications in Pokemon. Therefore,  In the official edition, players will get limited Pocket monsters. In this revised edition, get the largest collections of Pocket monsters. Hence, trainers will get various choices to build the monster team.

The Pokemon Unbound Cheats ROM offers the best Pokemon added from different gens. Therefore, this hack offers First to eighth gen monsters in this modified GBA ROM. So, Poke trainers will get the largest collection of monsters. Hence, playing this ROM will be more fun for trainers.

Legendary and Rare monsters are hard to find in FireRed ROM. In this edition, players don’t need to worry about finding such monsters. Because this hack offers the largest collection of Pokemon. Thus, Rare and Legendary creatures are available in this hack. 

Catching all pocket monsters is not possible in most Pokemon ROMs. But, this hack offers catchable monsters. Thus, trainers can easily complete National Pokedex. Additionally, players can even catch Rare and Legendary monsters instantly. Thus, trainers will easily collect all Pocket creatures.

Learning legendary moves can be hard in most Poke ROMs. However, this edition provides the best collection of moves for players. Therefore, in this version modified moves are added from the first to eighth gen. So, trainers will get multiple super-effective moves.

Movesets And Abilities

In Pokemon games, the monster abilities are quite important. Therefore, here monster’s abilities were altered. Thus, trainers will find various latest Gen abilities in pocket creatures. Additionally, unlocking these abilities is quite easy for trainers.

It can be quite hard to create good Pokemon Movesets. But, here trainers can find some of the best new gen movesets. Hence,  this will allow trainer’s monsters to learn new moves faster and easier.

Borrius Region

Pokemon Unbound cheats game features the historic Borrius region. So, this region is known for being rich and resources. Thus, it holds unimaginable power and outstanding features. So, this is where trainers can find unlimited weapons and monsters. Hence, explore the modified new locations.

In the Borrius region, multiple modifications have been made for trainers. Therefore, here players will find newly added locations. Additionally, all these modified locations provide extra side-quests. Thus, completing multiple quests is available here. 

The official FireRed offers limited locations with Poke centers. But, the Pokemon Unbound Game offers more newly added Poke centers. These centers are added all over the region. Additionally, these Centers provide more unique items and portions for trainers. Hence, getting items won’t be difficult anymore.

Mage Evolutions

It is very common for pokemon players to evolve their Pokemon. This is why here players will find a selection of the best Mega Evolutions. With the mega evolutions, you can improve the moveset, ability, and appearance of trainer’s pokemon.

In order to be able to activate the mega form players require items and EXP. So, players must get the Mega stones. Mega Stones are available in the Biorrius Region. Additionally, Pokemon EXP needs to be leveled up to activate the mega form in the Pokemon game.

Players will have the opportunity to engage in a keep battle with the wild pokemon. Therefore, In order to level up monster experience points and enable mega evolution. Thus, unlocking the Mega evolution will be easy for trainers. Additionally, follow the above steps to evolve most pocket monsters.

Difficulty Modes

Most Pokemon games are simple for players. However, most trainers don’t like to play easy games. Therefore, Pokemon Un Bound Mod offers smart customizable levels. Hence, trainers will have the ability to control the difficulty levels.

Players have to select difficulty levels according to their abilities. Because a higher level of difficulty will affect the game’s progress. In this hack, trainers will encounter same-level opponents and monsters. Hence, winning battles is hard for players. Therefore, selecting higher difficulty level is not best choice.


FireRed ROM provides limited events in the gameplay. But, UnBound GBA offers a unique mission system for players. So, multiple missions are added to the gameplay. Hence, trainers will have unique gameplay with this exciting edition. Therefore, get interesting main and side-quests to enjoy.

The main quest of the hack will revolve around the Shadow team and Dark forces. Therefore, as the main character, players have to stop these teams. So, trainers will find Gym leaders and Elites in the gameplay. Thus, becoming a champion Poke trainer and stopping dark forces is the main quest.

Mostly, ROM hacks doesnt offer side quests for players. However, Un Bound hack offers endless side quests. Therefore, players will have endless fun with side-quests. Additionally, trainers have to contact Nonplayable characters to enable side quests. Hence, unlocking and completing side-quests are not compulsory.

Time-based events are also added in the GBA ROM hack. These events are active at certain times. Therefore, players will get different time events in the gameplay. Similarly, trainers will encounter time monsters at a specific time only. Hence, some monsters will not be encountered every time.

Pokemon Unbound Edition currently offers seventy-five newly added events. Therefore, players will have multiple quests to complete and have fun. But, finishing all seventy-five events won’t be easy for trainers. Hence, focusing on the main events is best option.

Mission Log

The most common problem with playing Poke ROMs is finding quests. Therefore, a Mission log has been added to this hack. So, players will get complete details about all available events. Thus, no need to wonder about ongoing missions. Additionally, the mission log provides active and completed tasks.

HM System

Traning monsters new moves is quite hard for monster trainers. In this hack, players will get the best collection of altered HM systems. Additionally, Mega Evolution HMs are also added in this hack. Therefore, here players will have the best collection of moves.


Playing with monsters is not the only modification added here. But, Pokemon Unbound Mini-games are also added for trainers. Therefore, this hack offers multiple mini-games that make gameplay interesting. This allows trainers to have multiple altered mini-game in FireRed. Therefore, play Safari Sniper, Underground Mining, and much more mini-games.

Character Customization

In this hack, players will now be able to take full control over character creation. Therefore, it allows players to make a variety of changes to their character. Thus, make the Pokemon game even more fun with their favorite character. So, trainers will have multiple options at their disposal to create a character.

  • Skin Color
  • Hair Color
  • Outfits
  • Many More

In this hack, advanced-level customizations are available. Therefore, the hack offer three hundred character customizations. In this edition, trainers will easily modify characters and enjoy free time. Thus, using special custom characters will be possible for trainers.


The first three generations of ROMs doesnt offer quality graphics. However, the latest Gen games are better. Therefore, this hack provides fifth Gen graphics for players. Thus, players will also have quality graphics gameplay experience.


In this unique improved edition, players will experience the most powerful battle system in eighth gen. Additionally, trainers can unlock different battle methods. Therefore, Battles will help trainers to gain expertise. Hence, players will also have the chance to win various kinds of rewards. Additionally, winning battles and collecting money that will be used to purchase items.


Multiple modifications were made for the players in Pokemon Unbound Hack. So, feel free to find out more about the improvements that were made below. Therefore, getting the option of Auto RUN will allow the players to move more quickly. So, here players will get fast movement speed. Hence, visiting locations will be easy.

The raid system is the latest Gen 8 feature. But, now trainers can get this feature in FireRed. Therefore, the daily raids system offers trainers the opportunity to encounter missions and monsters daily basis. So, have fun experiencing the different raids on a daily basis.

Custom OST

Most Pokemon games offer the same OSTs music. Therefore, getting good music in the background is hard for poke trainers. However, here collection of more than 50 different custom OSTs is available. Hence, enjoy more with custom OSTs.

ROM Details

Screenshots of Pokémon Unbound

How to Download Pokémon Unbound GBA ROM?

The downloading of Pre-Patched GBA ROMs are quite hard for players. However, this website provides the fastest downloading process. Therefore, click the download button and start downloading. Hence, no need to waste on the web anymore.

Downloading will be automatically activated with a single click. Although, the download link is active and checked. But, contact us using the comment section to report downloading problems. Thus, players will easily download and enjoy gaming.

Main Features

  • Best And Latest FireRed Improved Edition
  • Get Changed Storylines
  • Latest Gan Pokemon and Moves
  • Improved Graphics
  • Best Base Level Curve
  • Unlimited Bag Space
  • Mega Evolution
  • Difficulty Levels Improved
  • Multiple Events Added
  • Character Customization Available
  • Upgraded Battle System
  • Many More


How to Play Unbound Pokemon ROM On PC?

Get a GBA Emulator on PC, on which you can run any GBA ROM.

How to Patch Unbound Pokemon ROM?

We are here with the Pre-Patched ROM For you all.

How to Download Pre-Patched Unbound ROM?

Find the download button on this and make click on it. You can also get detailed information in the download section above.

How to Get Wild Pokemon For Free?

You can use Poke balls to catch monsters.

Can We Get Mega Evolution in Unbound ROM Hack?

Yes, here you will get Mega Evolutions. 

Is Creating Good Pokemon Movesets Possible?

Here you can find HMs, through which you can find multiple move sets.

How to Get Pokemon Unbound Apk?

Pokemon Unbound Apk is not available. However, playing it on Android is possible.

How to Play Pokemon Unbound On a Smartphone?

Download a GBA Emulator and download the GAB ROM from this website. Play the game on the Android GBA Emulator.


Pokemon Unbound Download to enjoy the most amazing GBA ROM. In this edition, players will enjoy all new gen features. Additionally, Poke lovers will get more ROM hacks on this website. Thus, no need to search on the web anymore.

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