Pokemon Salt Crystal ROM Download [2023 Patched GBC]

Pokemon Salt Crystal ROM Download [2023 Patched GBC]
Full Name Pokemon Salt Crystal
Console GameBoy Color
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Prof_Oatfield
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 993.42 KB
Released July 11, 2022
Downloads 3978
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Pokemon gamers love to play modified editions with the latest features. Therefore, try the Pokemon Salt Crystal ROM. This latest hack provides multiple alterations in the gameplay. So, trainers can enjoy new gameplay, Pokemon, and modified features.

Pocket monster games offer a unique world full of battle creatures. Therefore, Poke-based ROMs are popular among pocket monster players. Similarly, fan-based ROMs are also loved by players. Hence, stay with us and discover a unique fan-based modified ROM.

What is Pokemon Salt Crystal ROM?

Pokemon Salt Crystal ROM is a GBC Modified ROM. Therefore, find different altered gameplay, Pokémon, and many more modifications in this edition. This is the improvised edition of the Pokemon Crystal game. Hence, trainers can have new gameplay experiences.

With the Crystal Pokémon edition, people from all over the globe enjoy spending their time. Although, the game was introduced for Game Boy Color with second-generation monsters. However, poke trainers still enjoy playing this edition. But it is boring to play with generation two features.

There are multiple types of features available for the players, which you can explore and enjoy. If you played the Pokemon Yellow Supreme ROM, then you will enjoy this one too.

In the Pokemon Salt Crystal Game, multiple modifications have been made for trainers. So, there are the best and most high-end modifications have been made for the players. Therefore, interesting trainers can have a new gameplay experience.  Hence, stay here and explore all available improved features of the game.


In the official game, all available monsters start from level 5. Therefore, this edition provides multiple modifications in the Pokemon levels. Thus, all Pokemon start with the level of 50. Furthermore, super-effective moves are unlocked to have better gameplay. Hence, trainers can have intense battle experience.

Learn Sets

It is hard to teach new moves at the initial stage of Poke games. However, here players will get smarter Pokémon. Thus, learning new powerful moves won’t be difficult. Therefore, learning sets have been completely changed for trainers. So, here you will get new and unique moves. Hence, players can have a more fun gameplay experience.


In Poke games, marts offer different items. So, this altered ROM provides newly added latest-generation resources. But, trainers cannot use these items in battles. Thus, portions, berries, and other materials are useless in the battles. So, these battles will be pretty difficult for players at the initial stage.

Time Control

Time-based events are added in this edition. So, players will get multiple events at a specific time. However, trainers will get Time skipping machine in the Poke Center. Thus, it can be used to skip time. So, the time is divided into three sections. Hence, trainers will encounter different quests and monsters during these timing.

The time is divided into Day, Night, and Morning. Therefore, trainers will encounter different monsters in time laps. Additionally, players can use the time machine to skip any time according to requirement. Hence, Access the center to skip time and encounter events instantly.

Fairy Type

Fairy type monsters are always popular in Poke games. But, the official GBC game doesnt offer this type. Therefore, this hack provides Fairy type monsters for trains. Hence, players can catch their favorite type of pocket creatures and have unlimited fun. 

Multi-Hit System

In normal battles, players get a single chance to hit opponents. But, the rules have been changed in this hack. Now, players get multiple hit systems in the gameplay. Thus, trainers will get three times hitting chance at the start.

Poke trainers can easily win any battle with multiple opportunities of hitting. Therefore, hitting any monster three times gives players the upper hand in battles. Hence, losing chances is low with multiple-hitting ability.

Pokemon Salt Crystal Download to enjoy all modified features of ROM. Although, some basic information has been shared here. But, there are much more available for players. Thus, download the pre-patched ROM and enjoy gaming even more.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Salt Crystal ROM?

On this page, get the fastest downloading process. Therefore, no need to search on the web and waste time. At the top and bottom of this page get the download section. So, players have to click on the button and start downloading process.

The downloading process will start automatically. Hence, trainers only need to wait a few seconds. Contact us, if any trainer had problems with the downloading process. In a short time, we will fix all problems instantly.

Main Features

  • New Edition Of Pokemon Crystal
  • Pokemon With Higher levels
  • More Items
  • Events Changed
  • Simple and Easy to Play
  • User-friendly Interface
  • No Badge Stat Boost
  • Many More


Is Crystal Salt Playable On Emulator?

Yes, you can play the game on any GBC emulator. The game is playable on any GBC Emulator.

How to Download Salt 3DS CIA File?

We shared the CIA File with you all, which you can easily download from this page.

Do We Have To Patch Salt File?

We are here with the patched ROM, which you can play without using any kind of patcher.


Pokemon Salt Crystal ROM provides the best ROM modifications. Therefore, get alterations in ROM and have unlimited fun spending quality time. Thus, enjoy playing ROMs even more with the latest enhancements. Additionally, keep following us for more exciting ROM hacks.

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