Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo Download [NDS Spanish Hack ROM]

Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo Download [NDS Spanish Hack ROM]
Full Name Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo
Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Game Freak
Developer PokeAndroid
Region Global, Spain
Genre Role Playing
File size 139.0 MB
Released August 12, 2022
Downloads 17742
Download now

Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo is a new Spanish NDS ROM hack game. This NDS game provides a new game with multiple modifications. Therefore, this NDS hack offers more Pokemon, New Characters, More Challenges, Changed Movesets, Upgrade Movements, and much more changes. Besides, this ROM hack offers Poke higher-gen and unofficial features. Hence, Download and play to enjoy this NDS ROM hack.

The poke community is spreading all over the globe. Therefore, differnet regional based games are introduced. However, game hacks are not regionally based categorized. Therefore, find a new Poke NDS game for the Spain Region. Although, this new game hack isn’t restricted to the Spain region. However, it does support only the Spanish language. Hence, learn more about this new NDS ROM hack here.

What is Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo NDS?

Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo Game is an NDS ROM Hack Game. This NDS hack is based on the official Pokémon Negro 2. In this hack ROM, multiple changes in the official gameplay. Therefore, find higher-gen Pokemon, Difficulty Increased, New Movesets, Evolutions, and more modifications. Apart from this, the main quests are the same in this gameplay. Hence, play to experience this new mod with improvements.

Nintendo DS provides the best collection of Poke role-playing games. Although, available games provide unique and entertaining gameplay. However, official games don’t offer updates. Accordingly, Poke players get the same gameplay in the official NDS games. Hence, Poke trainers prefer to play NDS hacks with new features. 

Finding NDS ROMs on the web isn’t difficult at all. However, surfing for the Mod ROMs/ NDS hacks is quite problematic. Because not all online ROM stores offer hacks. Therefore, ROMSFORGBA.COM is the best online ROM hack store with top NDS ROM hacks such as Pokemon Altered Platinum. So, get information about a new available ROM hack with countless mods here.

Negro 2 Kaizo ROM is the latest and best Spanish NDS ROM hack. This ROM provides multiple improvements in the official Pokemon Negro (Black) 2. In this Spanish Game, find multiple improvements and modifications. Therefore, get information about newly added features before downloading this NDS Spanish Hack. Hence, find complete details here.


In this game, the gameplay is the same as official. Therefore, players won’t face much difficulty while playing this edition. However, subquests are added to make the gameplay more interesting and entertaining. Therefore, find multiple sidequests in this gameplay. Although, completing such quests isn’t necessary. But, Poke trainers will enjoy completing all available quests.


Pokemon are completely modified in this NDS game. Therefore, now 670+ Pokemon are added to this Game hack. So, Poke trainers will have additional options to get monsters in the gameplay. Apart from this, capturing all available Pocket monsters is possible. Therefore, completing the national Pokedex in one go is possible. Hence, capture all Pokemon and create a unique team of monsters.


Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo Spanish provides more challenging gameplay. Therefore, all trainers in the gameplay will be more powerful. Apart from this, Poke trainers will also have one extra Pokemon and powerful movesets. So, the Player will get extra challenges in the gameplay. Consequently, enjoy playing this new challenging Spanish Game.


The evolution of Pokemon is the best way to enhance appearance, moves, and relative attributes. However, most NDS games provide evolution items. Therefore, this NDS hack provides the best collection of evolutions. So, in this game get EXP level-based evolutions. Apart from this, players only need to increase the EXP levels of Pokemon to evolve. Hence, evolve monsters and have fun gaming.

Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo Download to enjoy the available unique features. Although, information related to this unique game is provided here. However, the best way to enjoy a Nintendo DS ROM hack is to play. Therefore, download this new and unique NDS game and enjoy your free time. Hence, get a simple way to download this new Poke ROM hack here.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo?

The download of this new NDS game is rare to find. Because most websites don’t offer this NDS ROM hack. But, this website provides the fastest ROM hack downloading process. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap to get this game. Hence, the downloading ROM system will provide the direct NDS ROM Hack game.

What Are Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo Cheats?

In this game, challenges are high compared to the official gameplay. Therefore, Poke players prefer to use Cheats. Therefore, this section is about the commonly used cheats in this game. Hence, explore this list and know about available simple cheat codes.

Increase Catch Rate 100%

  • 521AF850 7820D203
  • 121AF850 000046C0
  • D2000000 00000000

Steal Pokemon

  • 521af628 2f06d134
  • 121af628 0000e001
  • 121af662 00002001
  • 121af648 00002000
  • d2000000 00000000

Get Shiny Pokemon

  • 5201C534 43084050
  • 0201C538 2000D108
  • E201C540 00000010
  • 2000900A F027900B
  • E00AFCF1 980B2100
  • 94000130 FFFB0000
  • 1201C538 000046C0
  • E201C540 00000010

Pokemart Free Items

  • 5200C9EC 1A51E000
  • 1200C9F0 000046C0
  • D2000000 00000000

Unlimited Money

  • 94000130 fffb0000
  • 022266e4 0098967f
  • d2000000 00000000

Get Master Pokeball 900

  • 94000130 FCFF0000
  • 02233FAC 03840001
  • D2000000 00000000

Main Features

  • Completely New NDS Game
  • Spanish Storylines
  • New Quests And Subquests 
  • 600+ Pokemon Available
  • Challenges Increase
  • Evolutions Added
  • Attractive Graphics
  • New Locations Added
  • Opponents With More Monsters
  • New Movesets Added
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play POKÉMON Negro KAIZO 2?

The gameplay is quite similar to the official game. Hence, get the first Pokemon and start the gameplay.

How To Use Pokemon Negro Kaizo 2 Cheats?

On the emulator, use the cheat section and enter the cheats. 

How To Play Pokemon Negro Kaizo 2 Android?

The game is not available for Android devices. However, install an NDS Emulator on Android and play this game using the emulator.


Pokemon Negro 2 Kaizo Spanish is the best available game for Spanish NDS players. In this game, multiple unofficial features are added to the gameplay. Therefore, playing this unofficial game will be exciting. Apart from this, more similar NDS hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to download more similar NDS games.

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