Pokemon Mercury Azoth Project ROM Download [2023 GBA]

Pokemon Mercury Azoth Project ROM Download [2023 GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Mercury Azoth Project
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Trench Coat Dark Knight
Region China, Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 12.55 MB
Released April 5, 2022
Downloads 25869
Download now

Mostly, Pokemon ROMs offer the same characters in the gameplay. Therefore, try the Pokemon Mercury Azoth Project edition with modified characters. This modified edition provides unique alterations for monster trainers. Hence, players will enjoy playing altered features of Pokemon ROM.

For Pokemon lovers, different and unique alterations are introduced. However, finding the best-modified ROMs is quite hard. Therefore, this page provides information about the latest modified ROM hack. Thus, monster trainers will get details on this page. Hence, no need to search and waste time.

What is Pokemon Mercury Azoth Project ROM?

Pokemon Mercury Azoth Project Game is a GBA ROM Hack. This modified GBA provides altered monsters, Characters, Battle Engine, and much more. So, players will get a variety of alterations in the ROM. Addtionally, this is a special edition introduced specially for Chinese players. Hence, play the modified edition of Pokemon FireRed.

This website provides endless modifications of Pokemon FireRed. So, players will get various unique editions available on this page. Therefore, try Pokemon Adventure To Empire Isle. Although, this is one of the best modified Fire Red. However, this page provides information related to the latest ROM hack.

Monster trainers enjoy playing different modified editions. Because mod editions provide unique improvements. However, useless modifications are available. Therefore, finding the best-modified editions are hard to find. But, this website provides the best-altered editions.

Each region introduced special editions of Pocket creature games. So, players of familiar regions enjoy playing these unique editions. Therefore, this page provides details related to a specially introduced edition. This edition offers unique modifications for players. Hence, creature trainers will have fun gameplay.

Pokemon Mercury Azoth Project GBA is the latest modified GBA ROM. So, this modified GBA provides advanced-level alterations in the gameplay. Therefore, this page provides information related to all modifications. Hence, players can stay on this website to know about all alterations in GBA.


There are some special altered GBA ROMs for specific regions. Similarly, this edition is specially developed for Pocket monster players of the Chinese Region. So, this edition only supports the Chinese language. Thus,  Chinese Pokemon trainers will have better gameplay.

The altered ROM only supports the Chinese language. However, this might be an issue for unfamiliar players. Therefore, unfamiliar trainers should find other available altered ROMs of FireRed on this website. Hence, it is up to the players taking decisions about playing it or not.


Finding eighth Core Pokemon generation monsters in GBA ROMs is hard. Therefore, players prefer to play altered GBA ROMs. But still, it is not easy to find GBA hacks offering eighth-generation monsters. So, this altered GBA provides players with modifications in the monsters. Thus, it is possible to get the latest generation core monsters in FireRed.

The modified edition doesn’t only provides the eighth generation. But, this edition provides also offers monsters from all eighth generations. So, it is the best chance for players to build a powerful team of monsters. Addtionally, all available monsters are catchable. Hence, catching monsters will be easy.

In GBA ROMs monsters are stored in the bag of Pokemon trainers. But, this modified ROM provides a follow-me system. This system allows monsters to follow the Pokemon trainer. In this edition, the main Pokemon of the player will run with players on the field. Thus, changing the main monster will change follow me monster in this altered GBA.


In FireRed, multiple characters are available. So, similar characters are available in all modified FireRed GBA. But, this altered edition provides modifications in the available FireRed characters. So, players will encounter different nonplayable characters. Hence, get new characters and new interactions.

The voice of characters is not available in GBA ROMs. Therefore, this limited feature is removed. So, now players will get the voices of characters in this modified edition. Hence, get talking characters and have fun playing this altered edition.


The battle of monsters is the main theme of Pokemon games. But, this modified edition provides an upgraded battle engine. Hence, players will get a better experience of gameplay. Additionally, the battle engine provides CFRU. So, players will get a better gameplay experience.

This Chinese-modified edition provides all amazing services. So, players will enjoy the altered edition with unique alterations. Therefore, download the edition to explore all the amazing services. Because this is the best way to enjoy modifications. Hence, Chinese players will have fun with pocket monsters.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Mercury Azoth Project GBA ROM?

Downloading modified GBA hacks is hard on the internet. Because most websites provide unnecessary advertisements. However, this page provides the fastest downloading process for the GBA hack. So, no need to search on the internet and have fun. Hence, get the GBA hack from this page.

The patching process of the GBA hack is quite frustrating. Because without the patching process adding hacks is impossible. However, this page provides a pre-patched GBA hack. Hence, players don’t need to go through the patching process anymore.

Main Features

  • Latest FireRed Hack
  • Get HGSS  From Kanto and Johto Regions
  • Added Pokemon Gen 1 to 8
  • Following Pokemon
  • Improved Graphics
  • Changed Region
  • Changed GameStory
  • More Characters
  • Characters With Voice
  • Night and Day System
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Mercury AzothProject GBA ROM?

We are here with the Pre-Patched GBA.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Mercury AzothProject GBA?

Get the Pre-Patched ROM from the download section.

Can We Play Pokémon Mercury AzothProject On PC?

Yes, you need to install a GBA Emulator on your PC and play the game.


Pokemon Mercury Azoth Project Download to enjoy the Chinese ROM hack.  This ROM hack provides endless alterations in the GBA. Hence, players will get upgraded editions with multiple services. Additionally, for more GBA hacks keep following this website.

GamePlay Video

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