Pokemon Legends Arceus Team Altaria ROM Download [v3]

Are you guys willing to play the Legends Arceus? If yes, then we are here with the Pokemon Legends Arceus Team Altaria ROM for you all, which you easily get and enjoy gaming.

As you know there are multiple editions of Pokemon are available, which are playable on different gaming consoles. So, we are here with one of the most popular games for you all.

What is Pokemon Legends Arceus Team Altaria ROM?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Team Altaria ROM is a GBA Modified ROM, which is the modified edition of Legends Arceus Nintendo Switch.

As you know, there are multiple editions have been developed for the players, which players can easily play and enjoy.

But there are also different consoles available for different games, which you cannot play on other consoles. So, we are here with one of the most popular Nintendo Switch games.

The Arceus was released in 2017 and is only available for Switch, but some fans want to play it on other consoles.

Therefore, the fan developers provided modified editions of the game, through which anyone can easily play the game on other consoles.

So, today we are here with the Pokemon Legends Arceus GBA Team Altaria Game for you all. The ROM is compatible with the GameBoy Advance consoles.

For the modification, the developers used one of the most popular Pokemon editions FireRed. There are already multiple improved editions available, which include Pokemon Tentaquil ROM and more.

But this is one of the most unique editions for all players, where you guys will get some of the best features. The game has been improved and multiple changes have been made for the players.

So, we are going to share the most popular features of the edition with you all here. If you want to explore all the amazing features, then explore below and have unlimited fun.


The main story of the game has been changed for the players, which means here you will get Arceus Storylines. So, you have to start your survey and have fun spending your time.

Here you have to join the Galaxy Expedition Team, where you have to start collecting the Pokemon. You have to collect travel to the region, where you have completed the Pokedex.

Similarly, there are more changes have been made according to the gameplay, which you can easily access and enjoy spending your quality time.

Hisui Region

The Hisui Region isn’t available in the official Fire Red edition of the game. But here you will get the new region, where you have to complete most of the quests.

The region has a great history of humans and Pokemon, where all live peaceful life. So, now you have to start the journey here and have fun.

The main expedition is to complete the Pokedex here and have fun. You can explore multiple new Pokemon, which you can catch and have fun with.

Pokémon Legends Arceus-Team Altaria Download to explore more amazing features. There are tons of features available for you to explore and have fun with.

If you want to get all these exciting features and gameplay, then you should try this amazing ROM. You will enjoy spending time playing FireRed even more.

The only problem, which any player can encounter is the Language. The ROM is specially developed for Portuguese fans.

So, if you don’t understand the language, then you might encounter problems. But we have more improved editions are available on this website, which you can also try.

But if you understand the language, then you don’t need to worry about anything else. We are here with the complete game for you all, which you can play.

ROM Details

NamePokemon Legends Arceus Team Altaria
Size10.8 MB
VersionBeta 3
DeveloperTeam Altaria
Base ROMFire Red
Release DateApril 18, 2022

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokemon Arceus Legends Team Altaria GBA?

If you want to download the game, then you don’t need to search on the web. We are here with the fastest downloading process for you all.

Anyone can easily get the ROM from this page with just a single click. Find the download button, which is provided at the top and bottom here.

Once you found the button, then you have to click on it and download the ROM. Here you don’t need to watch ads or anything else anymore.

Main Features

  • Legends-Arceus In FireRed
  • New and Unique Edition
  • Get Complete Story
  • Hisui Region Available
  • New Storylines
  • Simple and Easy to Play
  • Play on Emulators
  • Support Only Portuguese Language
  • Many More


Can We Play Arceus On Emulator?

Yes, you can play the game on any GBA emulator and enjoy it.

Do We Need To Use Patcher?

No, we are sharing the patched ROM with you all. So, you don’t need to use any patcher.

Is It Safe To Download?

Yes, we tested the game and shared a scanned file here. So, you don’t need to worry about safety anymore.


If you are willing to have a new gaming experience, then get Pokemon Legends Arceus Team Altaria ROM. There are more features available for the players to explore and have fun with.

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