Pokemon Emerald Level 100 Silliness ROM Download [GBA]

Pokemon Emerald Level 100 Silliness ROM Download [GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Emerald Level 100 Silliness
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer pengie9290
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.61 MB
Released December 9, 2022
Downloads 10849
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Pokemon Emerald Level 100 Silliness is a ROM. This ROM is an English ROM cheat. Thus, it offers unique modifications in the official game. Additionally, Poke trainers will get newly added fan-based and higher-generation Poke features. Thus, more fun compared to the official GBA game. Hence, Download and Play this ROM to have unlimited fun.

GBA ROMs are fun to play and spend free time with. However, Poke trainers usually try to find new modded versions. Because official ROM games offer the same gameplay. Therefore, playing the modded ROMs is the best possible way to try multiple newly added features. So, this page is about the best and latest available Mod ROM. Hence, stay on this page to learn about the newly modified GBA game.

What is Pokemon Emerald Level 100 Silliness ROM?

Pokemon Emerald Level 100 Silliness Game is an Altered GBA ROM. This ROM is based on the official Poke Emerald. Thus, trainers will find various modifications in the gameplay. Additionally, This Mod Game offers alterations in the Pokemon, moves, abilities, and other official game attributes. Hence, new gameplay experience with modifications.

Modified Poke games are easily found on ROMSFORGBA.COM. Although, there are multiple Emerald hacks available such as Pokemon Emerald Complete Safari and Pokemon Emerald Semi Randomizer. But, this page is about the latest available modified Poke ROM. Thus, new mod means higher generation modifications. Hence, learn about this newly introduced Poke game.

GBA games are initially introduced for Poke trainers. Thus, such games are no longer officially released. So, players can play the existing editions only. However, this problem has been resolved by fans. Because fans of Pokemon introduced special editions known as GBA hacks. GBA cheats or hacks provide modifications in existing officially released games.

Although, multiple websites are available for providing GBA hacks. But, most of those offer unnecessary advertisements and no updates. Thus, it is a waste of time to visit and explore such platforms. To resolve this problem, this website offers daily base updates with limited Ads. Hence, find the latest released ROMs on this GBA ROM Hacks store.

Pokemon Emerald Level 100 Silliness GBA is the latest modified hack. In this unique Emerald edition, find multiple modifications added from higher Poke generations. Additionally, unofficial or fan-requested features are also added. Hence, get details about both types of alterations on this page.


Poke games with more monsters are loved by trainers. However, Poke GBA games provide only limited monsters. Therefore, this mod ROM provides modifications to the official GBA game. Additionally, levels of monsters are also enhanced in this ROM. Thus, players will get smooth gameplay with unlocked levels. Hence, enjoy this unique edition with unlimited features.

Levels of Pokemon increase with the increase of battle experience. Further, higher-level monsters are more powerful compared to the low level. Therefore, this mod ROM provides all Pokemon with 100 levels. So, each available creature in this ROM is at the 100 level. Consequently, have fun gameplay with higher levels of Pocket monsters.

Each Poke generation offers limited monsters. However, getting higher-gen monsters in low games is not an official feature. But, this feature is available in this modified GBA game. Thus, Poke trainers will get creatures from multiple higher generations compared to the official gameplay. Hence, get multiple unofficial creatures and enjoy.

Stats, Moves, And Ability

At level 100 Pokemon has higher stats and abilities. However, reaching level 100 isn’t easy for every Poke trainer. Therefore, this hack offers max stats with 100 levels of all available monsters. Additionally, higher moves and defense are also unlocked. Therefore, use high moves to defeat opponents and win any Poke battle. Hence, battle using high stats and abilities to complete this mod version.


The official region of Emerald Poke is known as Hoenn Region. This region cosist of multiple locations and routes. However, this modded version offers a modified region. Although, the official locations do exist in this game. But, more locations are added. Additionally, more routes are available to visit modded locations. Hence, explore new routes and discover modded locations.

Items available in the Pokemart are limited in the Emerald game. However, this ROM offers modifications in the collection of Mart items. Additionally, much more modifications are available in this hack. Thus, downloading and playing this ROM hack is the best available option to enjoy. Hence, play to have fun modifications.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Emerald Level 100 Silliness GBA ROM?

Modded GAB ROM games are not available on the official website. Therefore, downloading GBA cheats are hard to find. So, this website provides a one-click GBA downloading process. Hence, click on the DOWNLOAD ROM button and download this game. Visiting other platforms isn’t necessary anymore.

The patching process of GBA cheats is the method to add cheats to the GBA game. But, this process requires multiple files and tools. Therefore, normal players face problems with the cheat patching process. So, get pre-patched GBA cheats from this page. Hence, no need to go through the cheat patching process anymore.

Main Features

  • Latest Emerald ROM Hack
  • All Pokémon Level 100
  • Stats, Moves, And Abilities Improved
  • Enhanced Map And Locations
  • Improve Events And Side Quests
  • Evolution Items In PokeCenter
  • Common Candies With More Benefits
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Emerald Level 100 Silliness GBA?

Use a GBA Patcher, but we have pre-patched GBA.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Emerald Level 100 Silliness GBA?

Get the pre-patched GBA from the download section.

How to Download Pokémon Emerald Level 100 Silliness 3DS CIA?

The CIA file is available in the download section.


Download the Pokemon Emerald Level 100 Silliness and start playing the most powerful GBA Pokemon cheat. In this cheat, Poke trainers will experience high-level monsters without any problem. Therefore, join this unique cheat and have endless entertainment. Further, more similar cheats are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more.

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