Pokemon Crono ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA + CIA]

Pokemon Crono ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA + CIA]
Full Name Pokemon Crono
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Dante
Region Europe, Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 4.7 MB
Released February 24, 2009
Downloads 7651
Download now

Pokemon Trainers love to play modified GBA ROMs. Hence, we are here with the Pokemon Crono ROM for you all. In this edition, try some of the best modifications and improvements in the gameplay. Thus, trainers can have a unique gaming experience.

Searching for modified GBA games on the internet is quite frustrating. Therefore, usually trainers cannot play newly available ROMs. Hence, get all details about a new altered ROM game and relative features.

What is Pokemon Crono ROM?

Pokemon Crono ROM is a GBA Modified ROM. The hack is the altered edition of Poke Ruby. Therefore, Poke lovers can enjoy playing with modified features. So, start playing this amazing game and have unlimited fun.

Ruby is a popular edition of Pokemon GBA games. It has been introduced in 2002. There are millions of trainers all over the globe spending time playing this game. With time, trainers want to have new features in the gameplay. But, the official editions don’t provide any updates in existing ROMs.

Therefore, fans started to make changes in the game according to their gaming interest. You can find multiple editions, such as Pokemon Sinnoh Quest 2 ROM.

There are more modified editions available for Poke lovers. These editions are available on this website. But today we are here with one of the best editions for you all. Hence, stay with us and get info about the latest altered ROM.

Pokemon Crono 2 Game is the latest updated modified edition of Poke Ruby. Although, initially the modified edition was developed a few years ago with limited modifications for trainers. But now, the latest version is available with more advanced level modifications.

In this hack, a series of alterations have been made. Therefore, here we share detailed information about altered features. Thus, trainers can stay with us and get complete information. Getting information before downloading is a better way to save time.


For Poke fans, a game with a new story is the best way to have fun. Therefore, in this hack storylines are completely changed and improvised. So, no more the boring RUBY with the same game story.

The story will start in a small and beautiful town. In this town, a young boy is living a relaxing life. But this beautiful life won’t last forever for the boy. There is a big change is about to happen in his life.

Encountering nightmares is quite common for young people. But in the gameplay, the trainer saw the same dream every night. Therefore, the boy starts to find the reality behind the same dreams. Encounter unexpected events to become a super Poke champion. Similarly, there are more side quests and events available in the new story.

New Region

In Pocket monsters, various regions are available. But in this hack, trainers will get a newly added region. The newly added region is known as Midamond. Hence, trainers can explore new locations, pokemon, quests, and many more. In the Midamond Region, unique and attractive locations added for trainers.


Various Poke fans designed personal-based Pocket monsters. These fan-based monsters are known as Fakemon. So, in this hack, players will get NEORICEISGOOD Fakemon collection.

NEORICEISGOOD designed some of the largest Fakemon collection. Therefore, in this modified version most of the monsters are added from NEORICEISGOOD Fakemon. Hence, players can have a unique gameplay experience with Fakemon in RUBY.

Flocoon, Pyrall, Liotee, Aquaff, Mitorch, Sevris, Rabolt, and Vacule are some of the newly added Fakemon available. Hence, players can find newly added monsters with different stats. So, the gameplay will be more fun for trainers.


In Role-playing games NPCs play an important role. Therefore, players will find different Non-Playable Characters in RUBY. So, in this hack more added NPCs are available for players.

In the game, each available NPCs offer a unique quest for the trainers. So, players can have unique gameplay. Therefore, chat with NPCs in the gameplay to active different quests and events. Hence, trainers can have more fun and entertainment.

Pokemon Crono 2 Download and start playing this altered ROM. In this moded game, Pocket trainers will get multiple modifications. Hence, players can have fun and enjoy. Additionally, you can find more similar games on this website.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Crono 2 ROM?

We are here with the updated edition of the game. So, gamers can easily download the patched GBA file. Therefore, no need to search on the web and waste your time. Hence, Just find the download button and make a single click on it.

Once you found the button, then click on it and get the download link. Hence, you don’t need to watch any kind of ads to get the download link here. So, get the ROM in a few seconds and have fun gaming.

Main Features

  • Ruby Updated Improved Edition
  • New Storylines and Background
  • More Fakemon
  • New Region Introduced
  • Character Changes
  • More Quests Available
  • Fun to Play
  • Simple and Easy Gameplay
  • Many More


Is Crono 2 Is Complete Game?

Yes, it is a complete game, which you can play and have fun.

How to Get Crono2 3DS CIA File?

We are going to share the CIA file, which you can easily download from this page.

Can We Play PokemonCrono On Mobile Emulator?

Yes, you can play the game on any GBA Emulator and have fun.


If you are willing to have unlimited fun spending time with Pokémon, then get Pokemon Crono ROM. For more amazing ROMs keep following us and have fun.

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