5 Best Nintendo DS Games for 2022

When it comes to the Nintendo switches, Nintendo DS is surely considered among the most famous consoles. There were some absolute favorite games of the players as well. So here we will be sharing information about the 5 best Nintendo DS Games for 2022. We will try to provide the best ROMS.

Now there are numerous favorites of players and there is no chance one can provide an accurate. But all we can do is share those NDS ROMs that were mostly played and talked about. There are many memories associated with these games for millions of users and many want those moments again.

There are various reasons why this console got so famous.  There are a lot of saying that the Dual screen feature was the reason it fame. There is a lot of truth in this statement but there are some aspects as well. And the options of games that players could run on this console were impressive.

The creators tried their best to provide a smooth gaming experience.  Those experiences were fun which is why the users are still interested in playing those games.  Now with the help of ROMs, the experiences and moments can be relived on a PC or simple a mobile phone.

So for those who are interested,  this list can turn out useful. All of the mentions here are going to be shared on the basis of audience likeability in the past.  There is a chance that we might miss some but those will also get mentioned one way or the other on this very site, so stay connected.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

This ROM does not require a review because it is extremely famous to date. This First-person shooter game has been ruling the gaming industry over numerous platforms. The Nintendo DS version which was developed by nSpace, had an immense following. Millions of players loved the gameplay.

COD has been famous on the Windows and Play station series as well. Now in recent years,  the creators have also offered mobile versions. Still is a lot of Audiences out there who must be interested in playing this retro version.  This for sure is going to be a great option to get started with.

 It has multiple game modes for the players to get started. There is an option of playing in Single-player, Dual player, or Six person teams.   Gamer had the liberty of playing in any mode they wanted to. There is so much more in the gameplay to enjoy and experience.

Legend of Zelda, The: Spirit Tracks

There are numerous parts to this gameplay. This gameplay is the most appreciated one among all. Although all the remaining versions were also very famous. Nintendo DS fans really loved this version of the game. There were numerous aspects here to talk about.

The gameplay was very interesting in this one. It provided players the opportunity to explore the other world.  There will be places where you don’t want to be and there will be some features that are going to be the most fun to play with.

There will be many enemy encounters and battles. There will be numerous weapons and battle tactics to learn and enhance. All the previous versions are all really great and their ROMS will also be available to get. These options will for sure be a lot of fun for the gamers.

Screenshot of Nintendo DS Games

Pokémon: Black Version

This surely is among the most requested ROMS.   The Black version was quite a hit in the switch and now there will be many who still want to enjoy playing again.  The players will get an opportunity to set out on a long journey. The journey will be filled with numerous tasks and catching Pokémon’s.

Due to the next dual-screen option on the switch. There were a lot of improvements in the gameplay as compared to all the previous versions.  The graphics quality was a lot better and probably the best at that time. This ROM will surely be a great option for all retro gaming fans.

Metal Slug 7

This Run and Gun game was the absolute favorite of all the players. It had numerous levels and bosses which the players had to face. The gaming mechanics were extremely thrilling and fast-paced.

There will be many out there excited about getting this ROM for their PC or mobile using an emulator.

There was a wide range of weapons to use. It also provides multiple characters to choose from.  The reason for its fame was smooth controls.  The overall gameplay is quite fast-paced, so the movements have to be fast as well. Smooth and responsive controls were extremely useful.

Grand  Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto series is extremely famous all around the world. The game series has gathered an immense audience over numerous platforms. The Chinatown wars is another series for the Nintendo DS with quality graphics and highly smooth controls.

The gameplay has a lot of missions for the players to complete. It offered the opportunity to save all the progress and start again from where left earlier.   The missions get harder and harder as the player progresses. So new stuff will be offered regularly to keep the gamer interested.

Here are options for gamers who are into running them on their devices. If these are not enough and you are looking for more then take a look at the Top 5 NDS ROMs.

Final Words

In recent times,  where modern-day next-gen games are peaking.  The Old school games still have a lot of audiences.  So here are the best ROMS for Nintendo DS which gamers can consider in 2022.    

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