The Most Popular Nintendo DS (NDS) ROMs

Nintendo DS was a handheld console made by Nintendo and released in 2004-05 globally. With its release, it became the bestselling system from the makers. So here we are with the most popular Nintendo DS ROMs that you can play and relish your old memories.

With these ROMS you will never be longing for the long-gone days, as you can enjoy them at this moment. With that being said, this particular console brought us amazing games to play.

The double screen is the favorite of many people still to date. That is why they are looking for ways to get the gems back in any form. If you don’t know, you can still have them on your mobile or PC as ROMs.

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Popular Nintendo DS ROMs

There are many game titles that are specific and others from previous versions of the console could also be played here. This created a rich list to explore for the fans. It is not possible to adjust each and every title in this list.

So we will keep it to the top few. We hope you would like it. Without further delay, let’s get to the part of exploring the list.

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Pokémon Platinum

If you have played Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, this is the more developed version of it. Released in 2008, it got the attention of players soon.

Here you have to control either a male or female and start with one of three Pokémon coming from Professor Rowan.

Here you will have to explore an extensive landscape that includes mountains, grassland, cities, water bodies of various sizes, and expanses of snowfields. Once you encounter a new species, it is battle time.

So this adventure game with Role-Playing mode is on the top of the NDS ROMs list prepared here.

Pokémon White Version 2

This is the sequel to Pokémon Black and White Version 2, the other being Black Version 2. It features two latest forms of Kyurem which are introduced as game mascots.

As it takes place two years after the Pokémon Black and White events.  So this means new areas and access to them, especially, in the northeast and southwest of the region.

With the introduction of Unova Link, there came the possibility of new features in the title. You can pick between easy mode and challenge mode. You can start with 10 Poké balls, not just 5 as in previous versions.

New Super Mario Bros

Released first in 2006, it is a platform video game for our DS.  So here you are battling against the Bowser’s men while on the mission towards rescuing Princess Peach.

Here you will have access to several power-ups. This will help you boost your power as Mario, and come in handy while you move closer to your quest. These include Fire Flower, Super Mushroom, and the Super Star, each with the ability to confer unique powers.

In New Super Mario Bros you will have to travel through eight different worlds with 80 levels in total. In the final stages, it is Bowser Junior and later the formidable Bowser himself who you will have to tackle in order to complete the rescue mission.

Mario Kart DS

Obvious from the name, this is a Kart racing game. Released in 2005, it is the fifth in the series. With an amazing gameplay and awesome graphics, it is a must-have for you if you are a fan of these vintage games.

So here you are up against eleven other racers in the arena. To begin with, there are only two karts available for each character, but if you make some progress, there will be an option for you to unlock additional ones.

Here you can either race or battle on a given course. No matter which track you take, you will have to look out for obstacles, other racers, and other dangers on your way. Pick items and enjoy the power to hinder other racers in the arena.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

In Animal Crossing you are living in a distant village. This village is populated with anthropomorphic animals. You are here to collect items or do the plantations. The title could be played in real-time that also influences events in the gameplay.

This is an open-ended game released in 2005 developed and published by Nintendo itself. So here you will spend time doing the rural chores or interacting with other village residents.

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So these are the most sought-after and popular Nintendo DS ROMs that you can still play on your device. Which one is your favorite from the NDS era? Mentions your favorite and let others vote for it in the comments below.

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