Pokemon Yuval GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA]

Pokemon Yuval GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Yuval
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Ishrak’s Poketips
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 11.85 MB
Released September 23, 2023
Downloads 1872
Download now

Get the new available GBA ROM Hack game known as Pokemon Yuval. In this GBA game experience unofficial improvements in the official Pokemon GBA game. Therefore, get New Region, Storylines, Evolutions, Characters, and much more modifications in this hack. So, playing this GBA hack game will be exciting for Poke trainers. Hence, download and play this new GBA ROM hack and enjoy.

Pokemon ROM hacks are popular for providing unique unofficial changes in the official games. Therefore, Poke trainers prefer to play mod games to enjoy higher-gen features in the low-gen game. So, the search for GBA ROM hacks is common on the web. Hence, get a new and unique GBA game to have a fun gameplay here.

What is Pokemon Yuval GBA?

Pokemon Yuval ROM is a GBA ROM Hack Game. This GBA hack is based on the Pokemon FireRed GBA game. Therefore, get improved features in this FireRed Hack edition. So, get a new Region, Changed Storylines, Quests, and many more modifications in this ROM hack. Additionally, 7th Generation features are also added to the gameplay. Hence, enjoy this exciting GBA game with completely new features.

Playing Role-playing games is fun for most Pokemon gamers. However, playing the same gameplay without any changes in the gameplay is quite boring. Because players love to get new features. But, the official Poke GBA games don’t offer any updates or improvements. Therefore, playing the same gameplay used to be the only option until now. Because now Poke trainers can play GBA hacks with unofficial improvements.

On this website, the best GBA For ROMs are available. Although, players can find official games. However, unofficial/ROM hacks are also available here. Therefore, FireRed multiple GBA hacks are available such as Pokemon Saiph 2. But, this page is about the latest available GBA game with multiple modifications. Hence, learn about this new and exciting game here.

Pokemon Yuval Game is the latest GBA ROM hack game of FireRed. This FireRed GBA offers multiple changes such as Characters, Story, Quests, and much more. Therefore, playing this unique GBA game will always be exciting and entertaining. Hence, learn all about changes made in the FireRed game here. 

Macva Region

In this GBA game, the Kanto Region is not available. Because the region is replaced with the Macva Region. Although, this is not an official Poke Region. However, this region does offer the best quality sites to explore. So, the Macva Region is divided into main five parts. And each of these parts offers unique sites to explore. Hence, explore this unique region and enjoy gaming.

Macva Region in this ROM hack has five completely different parts. Therefore, Poke trainers will encounter differnet sites. So, get the Desert in the East, Water in the South, Ice in the South, Volcano in the North, and Central Macva in the center of this region. As the name suggests, this region offers unique environments in each part. Hence, explore available parts and enjoy this unique game.

New Towns and Cities

In this game, the region is changed. So, players will get new locations. However, similar changes are also added compared to the official towns and cities. Therefore, Poke trainers will find Supermarket, Fishing Rods, Guru battles, and many more changes in towns and cities. Hence, enjoy playing and exploring available cities. 


In the offical game, Pokemon from Gen 1 to 3 are available. However, more higher-generation monsters are available in other games. Therefore, this ROM hack offers modifications to the collection of Pokmon. So, get Pocket Monsters from Gen 1 to 7 in this GBA ROM hack. Additionally, available monsters are catchable. Hence, Poke trainers can easily complete the PokeDex consisting of all the first 7 generations instantly. 


The same official FireRed opponents are available in this gameplay. Therefore, players will encounter GYM Leaders, Elite Four, and other relative trainers. However, the Evil Team of Trainers is changed. So, players will encounter Team Haze as the Evil team. Thus, defeat this Evil team of trainers and enjoy playing. Apart from this, new characters are also introduced in the gameplay. Hence, play this GBA game and explore all the characters.

Pokemon Yuval Download to enjoy the available unique features. Although, the main features related to this exciting GBA ROM hack are provided here. However, much more unexplored features are available in the gameplay. Therefore, the best way to explore game modifications is to download and play. Hence, learn about the downloading process on this page.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Yuval GBA?

The latest GBA ROM hacks are not commonly found on the internet. Therefore, this website offers a simple and fast ROM hack downloading system. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. The Tap will start the downloading system instantly. Hence, download and play this new unofficial GBA game.

How To Patch Pokemon Yuval Hack?

The patching process of this GBA ROM hack needed multiple files. So, get FireRed GBA, Yuval Hack, and a patcher tool to patch this GBA and hack. Additionally, version compatibility is also needed to complete this process. However, this website offers a better way known as the Patched GBA game. This means no need to go through the patching process. Hence, download the pre-patched GBA and enjoy gaming.

How To Play Pokémon Yuval Game?

The gameplay is quite similar to the official game. Although, the quests are changed. But, overall the gameplay is similar. So, players have to create a powerful team of Pokemon, defeat other trainers, defeat Team Haze, and become champions. Apart from this, side quests are also available. Thus, communicate with NPCs to unlock sidequests and explore more.  

Main Features

  • Completely New FireRed
  • New Region Available
  • Characters Changed
  • Improved Graphics
  • Background Music Changed
  • Gen 7 Pokemon Available
  • Battle System Improved
  • Mega Evolution Added
  • Shiny Pokemon Staters
  • Quality Of Life Improvements
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Get Pokémon Yuval Cheat Codes?

This GBA hack doesnt offer any cheat codes. However, players can use the cheat codes of FireRed. Save the game before using cheat codes to prevent any problem.

How To Play Pokémon Yuval Android?

Install a GBA Emulator on Android and play this game using the Emulator.

How To Get Patched Pokémon Yuval GBA Download?

Download the pre-patched GBA hack from this page.


Pokemon Yuval GBA ROM Hack Game is the latest FireRed unofficial version. In this GBA game, players will experience a completely new gameplay with tons of modifications. Therefore, Poke trainers should download and try this version. Additionally, more similar GBA hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

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