WordPress web design: what your company needs

Surely at the moment when you have considered creating, ordering, or changing the website for your company, you have thought about how to do it, how you would design it, what you would use it for, or what you would say to the company that has to develop your web, etc…

And already put, surely if you are reading this, it is because you know or have thought that you want your website to be developed in WordPress. And yes, WordPress is going to be the solution to your problems, and if you keep reading we will tell you why.

But first we are going to distinguish between 2 WordPress modalities that are not the same but a priori may seem like it. which is a platform where you can comfortably publish without having to buy a domain or hosting to host your website (in the style of the Google «Blogger« platform): does not recommend it for business since it has many limitations. If you have to start a web project, it better to be in the next alternative that we present to you.

WORDPRESS FOR BUSINESSES which is an open-source system that you can download and install on a hosting, under a domain that your company has previously purchased. This is the option that we will talk about next, since it is the best option in every way, and it only has advantages over other alternatives such as Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, etc…

What can WordPress design for business?

With WordPress, you can design a company website, an online store (with the Woocommerce extension), a Landing Page to carry out conversion campaigns, or even a personal blog or journal website, if that is what you are looking for.

What is a home page and why is it so important


What is WordPress and why is it so good for business?

WordPress is what designers call a CMS (“Content Management System”), a content manager, or a content management system.

And one of its most powerful advantages is that it is not something closed, but rather open source, which allows it (always free of charge) to make it one of the most powerful “market” CMS, with more functionalities, capabilities, updates , etc…

WordPress is therefore one of the most powerful tools that exists.

What would you need if you want a website designed with WordPress?

Choose a domain and a web hosting service designed to maintain your website for as long as it will be working.

To give you an idea of ​​the penetration of WordPress in the web market, according to the official WordPress page itself, 30% of all the websites in the world are created with this content manager.

And the best? It will always be kept up to date thanks to the fact that it is open source and the millions of collaborators that WordPress has.

We understand that many people develop their own web pages, because they cannot pay for a professional developer or designer, or because they have decided to position the web in Google for themselves (although it is not the option that we as an SEO agency would never recommend because it can pose problems SEO, usability or subsequent operation).

For this type of public WordPress offers a very interesting possibility, to be able to make a website yourself, without intermediaries, following published instructions step by step, with almost no programming or computer skills. Of course, even with some SEO knowledge, making SEO mistakes one after another. We see it every day.

Why is WordPress such an attractive tool for web designers?

What does WordPress offer that other tools do not offer from the point of view of a web designer?

It is the best CMS (content manager) for the SEO of your company

WordPress is, from the point of view of Your Web Positioning, a key and indisputable tool for improving the SEO of your website.

It is not a matter of installing or choosing which may be better or worse to help convert traffic into contacts, or direct traffic from one section of the web to another, or that is more or less attractive with respect to images, icons, videos , etc … But WordPress is a specific PHP structure that makes it easy for Google robots to index the contents of the web.

The possibility of having a blog hosted on the web can enhance the SEO of your company

A website designed with WordPress has two powerful tools for SEO, one is its own code, the code structure of the web. The other is the possibility of having a blog on the same website.

These blogs are designed to structure the content in a unique, clear way.

Schedule the contents so that the blog is always up-to-date and this allows greater indexing of contents and more possibility that the SEO positioning of our website is better and therefore attracts more traffic and higher quality.

From our point of view, having a blog on a corporate website, apart from being good for SEO, helps to tell the story of the company in first person.

WordPress is the easiest CMS to use

Both for the administrators of the web as for the editors or the users who register in it through the forms.

The day-to-day of an administrator using WordPress will be simple, without the need for FTP (in most normal cases, not for SEO), or knowing HTML to format a text, a page, upload images, etc … Many of the web’s functionalities are as simple as clicking and dragging, which makes it very easy for everyone to use.

Do you need specific functionality for your company? There is a WordPress plugin for it

What is a WordPress plugin? It is an application developed expressly to fulfill a specific function that was not foreseen in the basic installation of WordPress. From reservation managers, purchasing systems, calendar management, forms, users, databases, automatic emails, Pop Up notices, active and passive security, etc …

For practically any need that is not foreseen in the original CMS, there is a plugin capable of doing it, free or paid. You just have to check how it affects the code, that it does not generate incompatibilities (you have to be very careful with what plugins are installed), and that it can be updated or modified if necessary.


WordPress adapts to mobiles and tablets in most occasions

And why do we say most of the time? Because it depends on the theme («theme») that has been installed.

That is, WordPress is by default a responsive CMS, prepared to be viewed on mobile or tablets, but not all WordPress themes are, yes most of them, but not all, so when choosing a theme, there are We have to be very careful with what theme is chosen for our website. Although currently all the new issues are responsive. Of course, not everyone has an optimized code to position without putting obstacles, you have to be careful with the theme that is installed.

WordPress security is important and easily implementable

In WordPress they take security very seriously, and that is why they have made it very easy for this security to be implemented in the CMS and thus protect your company’s website against any attack. For this, the CMS must be updated as far as possible, that the themes are original, with secure access and antivirus.

In addition, you have to know one or two additional security plugins that will protect your WordPress against attacks of almost any type. This point is important too, since sometimes the WordPress structure alone is not capable of protecting itself against certain hacker attacks.

With these aforementioned issues well insured, we will have one of the safest possible websites.

You have all the designs in the world for your website at your fingertips

It may seem pretentious, but for nothing, there are infinite templates, infinite themes so that your website is as you expect it to be visually, or fulfills the functions you expect or need your website to perform. And remember, the themes are not just visual issues, there are themes that allow special functionalities, that’s why you have to choose the right theme for the company website, portfolio or personal website you want to develop.

But not only that, but if you want that the design of the theme does not hinder the positioning of your company in Google in the future, the best thing you can do is to leave the design of your website in the hands of SEO experts. Your business will thank you.

As you can see, for web developers and designers, WordPress is one of the most attractive and powerful tools when it comes to designing websites.

So if you are looking for a good web design or a website to replace the one you have, you can contact us, whether you are in Madrid or anywhere in Spain, we can become your marketing, SEO and Social Networks agency and accompany you on this whole process Shall we talk?


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