What is a home page and why is it so important

What is the home page? Would you enter a store that you did not know what it sells? Or with a dirty and disorganized storefront?

Do you really think that after seeing that you would like to enter?

Surely we agree on the answer: no.

And you would not do it for several reasons:

  • It does not build confidence.
  • You don’t know what they sell, so you don’t know if they have something that might interest you.
  • Her appearance is not pleasant for you.

And above all, because you can choose, and the window of the store next door is clean, attractive and tells you what you will find inside.

So you say goodbye to the first store and go to the second one.

Well, that effect is what causes a badly designed homepage to your potential client. But do not worry that everything is arranged.

And it is that in this post we are going to explain:

  • What is a homepage or home page?
  • Why it is important for your website.
  • How a good design of your home page can help improve SEO.

Can you come with us? Let’s do it

What is a homepage or home page?

The homepage or home page is the first page that appears when we type the URL of a website.

Or put another way is:

  • The entrance door of a site.
  • The page serves as a presentation of your business.

And we already know that when you meet something or someone new, the first impression is what counts. And so much that it does.

For example, if you type in the browser bar “ positions”, you land here:


This is our homepage. Welcome to our home.

This is the part that corresponds to the “above in the fold” (which can be seen as soon as you land, without scrolling down), but as you can imagine, there is much more down.

Why does our home have these elements? For what purpose are they so arranged?

We will tell you.

Objectives of a homepage or why this page is so important

The main challenge of a homepage is to get the visitor who has just arrived:

  • Understand how we can help you (don’t forget that your website is a business, so this page should also help you get clients).
  • Convey confidence and the values ​​of your brand.
  • Help the person find what they want (and thus stay longer and move around the site more).

Do not worry if you have not finished understanding it, now we are going to explain them to you in greater depth:

1. Transmit your value proposition

Look at our first message on the homepage: «They will find you, they will visit you and you will increase your sales».

This sentence summarizes how we can help you:

  • Improve your web positioning and attract visits thanks to it.
  • Increase your conversion rate (earn you more customers).

What do we achieve with this?

Instantly transmit to the person what we can do for them, and what differentiates us from the competition (we are not only left to help you win more visits, but our goal is to win clients).

And all at a glance, just enter the web.

The visitor has not had to take any action, just enter.

Surely more than once you have landed on a website of which you have thought: “what is this about?”

Remember that no person is going to spend more than a second finding out what you do. If at the moment he does not see that you can contribute anything, he will go to another website without hesitation.

And be careful, because it could be a potential client who is leaving. That is why it is so important that your homepage transmits your value proposition in a simple and direct way.

2. Drive web traffic

The home page has to be a very clear «map» of your website so that the visitor is guided as soon as they arrive.

It has to be very clear and intuitive, so that the user can quickly find what they are looking for; but also, to direct you to where we are interested.

For example:

  • To the sales pages of our services or products.
  • A squeeze page with which to get you to subscribe.

Because don’t forget that it’s not about making a nice homepage, but …

To create a page that transmits professionalism, but at the same time is optimized for conversion.

A typical error of many websites is that they give many options on their home page, so the user does not know where to click and gets lost in it.

As you can see in our home, we indicate very clearly what our main services are so that in one click, the person reaches the sales pages.

So think first of where you are interested in directing visits; And then, raise your home to guide the user there.

home page

3. Position by strategic keywords

When we talk to you about the different types of keywords that exist, we explain how important transactional keywords are. These keywords are the ones that attract more qualified traffic and prepared for purchase, so they must be treated with special care.

These types of keywords are not attacked with posts (with the contents we go for informative keywords), but with sales pages or … yes, you guessed it, with the homepage.

Your home page is one of the most authoritative for the search engine, so it is common for SEO experts to optimize them so that they rank by the keyword that represents our main service.

4. Reflect the authority of your brand

This is essential.

As we said before, your homepage is your window to the outside where you have to show your best version. So it is vital that you radiate professionalism and authority to reinforce your brand.

Your home has to help position you in the market as a benchmark.

4 tips to keep in mind when planning your homepage design

Each business is different and can have different objectives at a strategic level.

In the end, the design is one more tool to achieve those goals, so it is necessary to assess in each case which is the best option. Therefore, now we leave you now a series of generic tips on how to design your homepage, which will help you whatever your sector or business model.

1. Use copywriting to convey your value proposition

All the messages on your homepage have to be there for something. They have to have a meaning.

Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing, from writing to sell. Therefore, the ideal is for a copywriter to write the texts for your homepage. However, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Your messages must be brief: “wills” tire just by seeing them.
  • The central message should reflect the main benefit of your business: remember ours “They will find you, they will visit you and you will increase your sales”. In just one line we transmit to the user what they are going to achieve thanks to working with us (more clients by increasing organic traffic).
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition: think about what you can contribute that others do not contribute.
  • Find the right tone for your customer: keep your buyer persona (or target customer) in mind, and focus on it when designing your messages.

Persuasive writing helps you “direct” your visitors, and lead them to the next actions you want them to take.

6 keys to making an effective web design

2. Use a functional and simple design for your visitors

We leave you some ideas about how to approach the design so that it is practical:

  • Simplicity, even minimalism, must prevail: this makes information visible clearly and without distractions.
  • Look for homogeneity in the color palette: it is not a place for shrillness or great contrasts.
  • Make reasonable use of fonts: rule number one should be readability.
  • Make the design consistent: do you have a tattoo studio or a bioproduct farm? Your website has to reflect the message of your brand, the tone, the image you want to show.

You already know that in Your Web Positioning, in addition to SEO, we are also experts in web design. Trust us, in design matters, less is more.

The simpler, the more effective.

3. Make them click where you want using call to action

You have already managed to keep your visitor on the page. You have also managed to pay attention to your texts and be interested in what you have to offer …

And now?

The next thing is that they go to the call to action and do what you ask.

A ‘call to action‘ (CTA) is a button that calls the user to click and perform a specific action.

There may be different actions that interest you, for example:

  • To subscribe.
  • Go to the catalog.
  • Download content.
  • Contact, etc.

The question is whether or not you get the visitor to do what you are proposing. That is why we use CTAs, to increase the conversion rate.

4. Social proof and logos to build trust

Reputation in a business is essential. And it is something that your client has in mind since they enter your page (even if they are not even aware of thinking about it).

But it does, and asks:

  • Will you have experience in my sector?
  • Will you offer me solutions?
  • Can I trust your service?

The homepage can help reinforce your authority and credibility, including, for example, the opinions of other clients or brands with which you have worked. We do it including videos from our clients: optimize homepage

In this way we corroborate that our clients achieve results with our work.


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