These are the 10 BEST Pokémon games ever

Taking advantage of the fact that Pokémon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch has been released this month. We have decided to update and review our selection of what we believe to be the 20 best Pokémon games

To make things a little more interesting and varied, we have set ourselves a few small rules when designing this list. Thus, we will only choose one delivery of each spin-off. While for the main titles we will encompass all the editions (including its final) as one. Also, if there is a game that has a remake, such as Silver and Gold or Red and Blue. We will only select either the remake of the original version, but never both.

10 best Pokemon games: we hope you enjoy it!

1. Pokemon X / Y (2013 – Nintendo 3DS)

Thanks to Pokémon X / Y interest in these iconic creatures from Nintendo. Which seemed to have waned with its previous installments, returned in a big way. Becoming one of the best-selling games in the entire series. The sixth-generation did many things well, among them taking a necessary and spectacular graphic leap that became their main claim. In addition, the new creatures featured a great design, recovering to some extent the style and charm of the first two games in the series.

Unfortunately, at a playable level, it did not contribute much, offering the same (and fun) formula as always. and its contents were not up to the task. Leaving us with one of the most decaffeinated and empty post-games in the entire saga. Nor did the enormous slump that brought with it the difficulty of the main adventure help it, turning our journey through Kalos into a real walk. Of course, although it is the generation that we have least enjoyed. It is still a highly recommended and entertaining game for all Pikachu and company fans.

2. Pokémon Pinball (2000 – Game Boy Color)

Pokémon Pinball had the honor of being one of the first spin-offs in the series and, at the same time, one of the most addictive. An idea is as simple as combining the capture of creatures that have characterized. The license with the fun of a good pinball table ended up coming together perfectly.

The title had two boards (red and blue), each with its own characteristics and exclusive Pokémon to capture, while our ball was obviously a Poké Ball. As we played, we could activate the trip various mechanisms to improve it. Travel between regions (in each one different monsters appeared) and. Of course, find these iconic creatures to capture them with a clean ball and even evolve them.

Of course, the goal was to get hold of the original 151 Pokémon and complete our Pokédex. Thus giving us the perfect excuse to play game after game and always feel that. We were progressing along with it. We had a great time. A real vice that on top included a special cartridge to add a vibration function to the console and that we felt each one of the blows that we gave. Also, it had a fantastic sequel to GBA just as recommended.

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3. Pokémon XD: Dark Tempest (2005 – Nintendo GameCube)

With this game, we break a bit the rule of not including more than one installment of the same spin-off saga. Since despite what its title might imply. It is a sequel to Pokémon Colosseum, although much more focused on the role-playing adventure part than the Stadium-style combat part.

Thanks to this, Dark Tempest is presented as a much bigger, more complete, long, and polished game than its predecessor in every way. The story was much more interesting, the characters were better treated, there were more Pokémon that we could “steal” (almost double), their purification process was considerably improved, and so on. And all this while maintaining the tone and playable bases of Colosseum, as well as its multiplayer modes and compatibility with Game Boy Advance and third-generation games to be able to give us 3D cakes.


4. Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (2001 – Game Boy Color)

Although many may only know Intelligent Systems by Fire Emblem and Paper Mario, the truth is that this veteran and reputed studio has participated in many Nintendo games, and these have always displayed an enviable level of quality. His contribution to the Pokémon world was to create the Puzzle League saga taking up the gameplay of Panel de Pon, which resulted in two addictive puzzle games (later there would be more, but they would no longer be related to the creatures of Game Freak), one for Nintendo 64 (Pokémon Puzzle League) and Pokémon Puzzle Challenge for Game Boy Color.

Both titles showed the same gameplay consisting of aligning three equal pieces to make them disappear and thus create combos with which to take life from our rival in really intense duels in which we had to avoid our chips touching the top of the screen. We opted for the portable version, as it seemed much more complete and entertaining, in addition to adapting better to the console due to its style of play, offering a multitude of challenging long-lasting modes, capture elements and an enviable soundtrack, in addition to be based on the Pokémon Gold and Silver games instead of the anime, as it happened on the desktop. What was said: addictive and complete like few others. Its quality was such that no subsequent attempt to make a new Pokémon puzzle spin-off has even shaded it.

5. Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum (2007, 2009 – Nintendo DS)

The fourth-generation Pokémon left us with an extremely conservative title that, despite everything, had many virtues. The formula of the series has been more than proven in these two decades. So it continued to offer an extremely addictive adventure, very complete, and with many hours of fun. Even if it was limited to doing the usual and its post-game did not arrive at the level of its predecessors, not to mention somewhat irregular creature design.

Here we must highlight its Platinum edition, which solved many of the problems of Diamond and Pearl. Leaving us with a much more memorable, complete, and interesting title. That also gave us the joy of recovering the Battle Front of Pokémon Emerald. Furthermore, we cannot forget that this generation was the one that introduced the current distinction of attack movements between special and physical, assuming a whole revolution in the competitive field that has lasted to this day.

6. Pokémon Ranger: Strokes of Light (2010 – Nintendo DS)

The Pokémon Ranger trilogy may not have been the best thing that has come out of the license, but it must be recognized that they are far from being bad games, offering very simple, enjoyable and enjoyable adventures to play. In addition, his proposal was, at least, quite curious, since here our objective was not to “capture” these creatures but to make friends with them and “calm them” by drawing circles at full speed, something that against the bosses had more crumb than what it might seem like. In fact, here the Pokémon we made friends with did not fight, but simply supported us during the confrontations, giving us various advantages with their abilities.

Unfortunately, its low difficulty, the low rhythm of its scripts and how monotonous its main mechanics became, prevented these games from going any further. Of all of them, we are left with Light Traces, the most polished and complete delivery of all.

7. Pokémon Colosseum (2004 – Nintendo GameCube)

In the beginning, Pokémon Colosseum was going to be the equivalent of the third generation Pokémon Stadium, but in the end what we received was a much more ambitious and experimental game that, in addition to offering us the possibility of fighting three-dimensional battles on the desktop with our cartridges of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf Green in all kinds of stadiums, also brought with it an exclusive and surprisingly original role-playing adventure.

In fact, it was not the typical Pokémon game, since here we played one of the “bad guys” (who, obviously, was not so bad) and instead of capturing pocket monsters we had to steal them from other trainers to purify them, as long as these were corrupt. Thanks to this premise, the title presented a story and a tone somewhat more mature and darker than what we were used to seeing in the saga, in addition to completely moving away from its typical cliches, such as “get hold of all” or get all the gym medals.

The downside is that the main plot was extremely short and the selection of Pokémon that we could steal was too limited. Some more exploration was also missing as the settings were too small and linear. Of course, all this did not prevent it from being a very entertaining experience and recommended for any fan of the series.

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8. Tournament DX (2017 – Nintendo Switch)

We are not going to deny that we wanted a Pokémon fighting game practically since we were able to get our hands on Red and Blue for the first time, so the announcement of the Pokkén Tournament was something we received with open arms, even more so when the team behind him had such reputed names in the genre as Katsuhiro Harada, creator of Tekken.

Although the final result was not as satisfactory as we would have liked, we must admit that it offered us a very original and unique fighting game that divided the action into open phases with three-dimensional free movement with more closed dueling actions and with the classic camera. lateral of the genre. Both did not stop constantly exchanging, which favored very dynamic and entertaining confrontations, especially if we take into account the care and care that had been put in representing each of their playable Pokémon.

However, its character template was too sparse, the game modes seemed insufficient and very unattractive, and the title suffered from an alarming playable depth that made us tire of it prematurely. Luckily, its DX version for Switch solved some of these problems (relatively), making it an interesting purchase option for anyone who wants to have cakes with their favorite pocket monsters.

9. Detective Pikachu (2018 – Nintendo 3DS)

Detective Pikachu is the most recent and pleasant surprise that the saga has left us in a long time. In essence, it is a very easy and simple graphic adventure whose puzzles offer everything but a challenge, but despite this, it managed to conquer us for a single reason: its charismatic protagonist.

Unlike the Pikachu that we all know, this peculiar detective speaks with a hoarse and serious voice, is addicted to coffee, does not know how to run on all fours and always goes everywhere tired, does not hesitate to try to flirt with any cute girl who crosses his path On his way, he is unable to perform Pokémon moves and solves cases and crimes like no one else. Thanks to its constant presence, the adventure gains interest and charm in its narrative as we have never seen before in a game in the series, getting us hooked and enjoying every step we take until we reach the end and solve all the mysteries that are pose us.

10. Stadium (1998 – Nintendo 64)

Although logic tells us that we should have chosen its sequel, since it offers twice as many playable Pokémon, we have finally settled on the first Pokémon Stadium (really the second, since the original never left Japan) for various reasons.

In essence it was a game where the only thing we did was fight, either with rented and predetermined Pokémon or with which we had trained in our Red and Blue cartridges in Game Boy (the transfer could be done thanks to an accessory that was included with the title), although of course, this was the first time that we could see our favorite monsters recreated in 3D, a jump that for many of us was really shocking after getting used to the pixels of the veteran Nintendo handheld.

In addition to this impact, which evidently was largely lost with its continuation, it should also be noted that all the battles were commented live in Spanish by a commentator who left us one of the most mythical dubbing of the time (they look like fires of artifice!), who was changed for the sequel without reaching the same level. Finally, in addition to fighting, both titles included a surprisingly addictive selection of minigames, although these were much more inspired by their first part, which is why we have kept her for this list. In short, a very iconic and brutally challenging game (completing all the cups was not turkey mucus) that allowed us to experience the fighting of the saga with all the show they deserved.


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