How To Get Hoopa Unbound Pokemon Go? [2023 Guide]

Getting the best and most powerful Pokemon is one of the most common dreams of Pokemon lovers. So, today we are here for the Pokemon Go players with the complete guide for you. Stay with us to know about How To Get Hoopa Unbound Pokémon Go?

Pokemon offers various types of games for the players, which anyone can play and enjoy. You can enjoy playing multiple types of games and have a completely unique experience. Stay with us to know about the detailed information.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular adventure games, which provides the best multiplayer gameplay for the players. Start online battles with the best and most realistic experience of all time and have unlimited fun playing this amazing game.

The game offers various types of services for the players, through which anyone can easily have unlimited fun. Catching Pokémon, battles, raids, and many more features are available for you, through which anyone can enjoy spending their time.

There are multiple types of Pokemon available in the game, which you can catch solo or in teams. Each of the available monsters has unique abilities, which players can use in battle. So, you have to build the best available team.

In the gameplay, there is a variety of Pokémon available, through which you can have fun. You can find multiple types of monsters in the gameplay. So, if you want to know about one of the most difficult monsters of the game, then stay with us.

Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa is one of the most powerful Elite Raid Boss, which players encounter during the indefinite journey. As compared to the available other bosses, it is one of the most difficult and powerful legendary Pokemon.

  • CP 66, 170
  • ATK 326
  • DEF 206

With these stats, it is hard for you to get the Pokémon in solo mode. So, if you want to catch the powerful Elite Boss, then you should stay with us and get all relative information. Explore the guide about the catching process.

How To Get Hoopa Unbound Pokemon Go?

There are multiple things, which you have to remember before going for the raid. So, we are going to share the weakness of the Pocket monster and the best available options for the players. Explore all information below about the monster.


The first thing, which is quite important for the players is to select the best available team. You should use more than 5 high-level Raid Teams, through which players can make easily defeat the monster in the battle.

Using the lower-Raid teams will affect the battle and you might lose the battle. Therefore, using high-level raid teams is one of the most important things, which you should remember. You can easily capture monsters with them.


As you know there are different types of Pokémon, So, the Hoopa Unbound has Dark and Psychic Type Pokemon. So, the pocket monster is resistant to any type of Psychic Moves, which won’t affect the Pokémon in the battle.

But there are also some extra privileges available for the Fairy and Bug Type Pokemon, which can be used for the raid. If you want to increase the damage, then Bug-Type Pocket monsters are the best-provided option for you all. You can make damage of 256% more using these types of Pokémon.

Best Pokemon For Hoopa Unbound Raid

There are various types of options provided for the players, which you should select and have fun with. If you are willing to explore the available information about the team, then explore the provided list below.

  • Genesect
  • Mega Beedrill                                                              
  • Mega Scizor
  • Shadow Pinsir
  • Shadow Scizor
  • Shadow Scyther

These are the best available options for the players, but it is quite hard to get these Pokémon. If you have any of these provided pocket monsters, then you can easily start the battle and get the Hoopa Unbound and have fun.

Alternative Pokemon For Hoopa Unbound Raid

As we mentioned, the best-provided Pokémon for the raid might be hard. So, if you are facing problems with getting these pocket monsters, then you don’t need to worry about it. Get information about the alternative options below.

  • Absol
  • Accelgor
  • Bisharp
  • Crustle
  • Durant
  • Escavalier
  • Golisopod
  • Heracross
  • Leavanny
  • Lurantis
  • Pinsir
  • Porygon
  • Samurott
  • Scizor
  • Scolipede
  • Scyther
  • Togekiss
  • Vespiquen
  • Vikavolt
  • Yanmega

These are the available alternative Pocket monsters, which you can use in the battle. Using all these available steps, anyone can easily get the Pokémon without any problem and have endless fun playing this amazing game.

Final Words

We shared complete information about How To Get Hoopa Unbound Pokemon Go? So, if you want to start the raid, then follow the provided steps to easily win the battle without any problem. For more relative information keep following us.

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