The best free PS4 games of 2020

We put the magnifying glass on the best free PS4 games and demos available on PS4. There is life beyond Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

The seven years of PlayStation 4 in the market have given enough juice to nourish its digital store with all kinds of proposals. Since those beginnings with DC Universe, Blacklight Retribution, and co, PS Store signs a generation end full of experiences with which to accompany its users every morning, afternoon, and night.

Although we already told you what are the best free games to spend this 2020 on PC, we do the same in this piece with the Sony console. We focus on those Free to Play titles, those proposals that can be accessed and enjoyed at no additional cost. This list will be updated as the months go by, so we urge you to stay tuned for all the news that will come in the future.

The most popular free PS4 games

The initial selection is made up of ten Free to Play (F2P). What does it mean? Well, they are complete games that can be played without contributing a single euro. Monetization will be subject to the policies that each company carries. In some cases it will be linked only to aesthetic components, while others may force you to pay to be equated with those that do.

1. Call of Duty: Warzone

Activision has hit the nail on the head when launching the Battle Royale of its successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This standalone version, under the nickname Warzone, shares the same content as the delivery that gives it its name, except that those who access the free version will only be able to enjoy this part of their offer.

All the progress you make in it will be saved in your Modern Warfare profile in case you want to jump into multiplayer, so each experience point you achieve can be reflected in the other modes.

You must also bear in mind the particularities crossed between the platforms. All PC, Xbox One, and PS4 users can play each other through the Activision infrastructure. Progress will also be linked to the same profile in case you want to download it to another platform, which will take you everything you unlock, purchases in the store, and the advance of the battle pass. Never before has Call of Duty felt this way.

2. eFootball PES 2020 Lite free PS4 games

Konami, as usual for several installments, launches free PS4 games and a limited version of the annual Pro Evolution Soccer experience package. PES 2020 Lite includes all the functionalities of the MyClub mode, that is, the Japanese interpretation of the FIFA Ultimate Team.

It also offers all the content of the demo to play friendly matches against selected clubs, including matchmaking. If you want to knit your dream outfit, perhaps this free version is what you are looking for.

3. Fortnite: Battle Royale

At this point we are not going to discover the fashionable Battle Royale. Epic Games’ crossplay is fireproof. The battle passes released for each season leave us with a multitude of thematic challenges that go beyond the mere fact of surviving.

free PS4 game

These challenges translate into new skins, stickers … cosmetics of all kinds that help to show who is the boss on the most famous flying bus of this generation.

This second chapter as version 2.0 introduced new features in the game mechanics, such as the water possibilities, a greater presence of vehicles, and, in short, a greater spectrum of actions to be carried out on the maps. Can you survive the remaining 99 players?

4. Destiny 2 free PS4 games

Alongside the arrival of Shadow Hold, Bungie separated base story mode to incorporate more games into his space odyssey. New Light became the entry point to Destiny 2 for many of the Guardians in these winter months. This version offers all the content seen in its original release.

The main adventure until reaching the first foray, reaching level 20, and more. At this point, the game offers to expand the experience package to the height it is at right now. We are talking not only about the Shadow Bastion Moon, but also The Forsaken and their first two DLC. Two expansions that excessively expand the content of the game.

5. Realm Royale

Hi-Rez Studios is not only known for its excellent work with SMITE. The study launched in 2018 the early access of Realm Royale, a new contender in the world of BR capable of offering different mechanics to the rest of its competitors.

That mix of cartoon fantasy merges with a fast game, easy to play and difficult to master. As we kill and find loot, we will obtain shards, a currency that we can exchange in the forges around the map in exchange for legendary weapons, runes (perks), or health or armor potions. When we die, we will have around 20 seconds to revive from our “chicken” state, where we will be extremely weak at the cost of greater speed.

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6. Dauntless free PS4 games

This Monster Hunter F2P was not walked with nonsense soon after going on the market. 5 million registered users took over in just a few days, propelling him into a community whose greatest supporter is the Capcom game. Monster hunting through crossplay makes it an attractive title to play with any friend who has a current gaming platform.

Among the ranks of Phoenix Labs are veterans from studios like BioWare, Blizzard, and Riot Games, among others. They are not exactly newbies when it comes to exploring the world of online cooperation.

7. Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Hi-Rez demonstrated extensive experience in creating popular projects on the competitive scene. SMITE and the recently mentioned Realm Royale have another contender added to their current trio. And it is that Paladins (abbreviation of his full name) is a mixture of the elements of the Hero Shooter and the MOBA.

This first-person shooter transports us to the team collaboration of a series of characters that have their own traits. Using skills, knowing how to position yourself… Overwatch’s greatest rival continues to demonstrate why more than 25 million users joined his contest.

8. Path of Exile free PS4 game

The path of Path of Exile has expanded over time. From his official launch on PC to the console port, several years passed that led him to grow as a community. Because when Diablo 3 disappointed at launch, Path of Exile was a breath of fresh air for those who craved a classic-flavored zenith ARPG. Although the sequel is still in development, the original installment continues to receive content updates that augment an already extensive catalog. Few titles like this are on the console market.

free PS4 game

9. Warfram

Digital Extremes is from another universe. Since 2013 they have been nurturing Warframe with content that goes beyond the possibilities of play. These seven years have served to create a solid game formula. Few third-person shooters are on the market with the depth and quality it displays. In addition, its monetization policies are among the most user-friendly. All updates and expansions are free.

It is through your progress that you access new characters, weapons, and more. Paying is a way to speed up processes and acquire new cosmetics, without cheating or cardboard. And his universe goes long …

10. Apex Legends free PS4 games

Electronic Arts launched just one year ago one of the Battle Royale that would look from you to you the popularity earned by Fortnite. Respawn Entertainment demonstrated with the Titanfall saga its quality in executing authentic playable bombs.

The remains of the titans coexist in a spin-off of the future, and that is that Apex Legends is just the tip of the iceberg of a brand called to success. The mechanics of climbing are added to the usual mechanics, which makes mobility agile, precise. It is undoubtedly one of the best Shooters that we carry from generation.

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11. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

Collection games and combat between cards are not common in consolation terrain. From what was born as a simple minigame for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it became a full-fledged project. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game transports the epic of the world captured by CD Projekt Red in a title that knows how to play (and never better said) its cards.

With solo campaign and matchmaking features, you must choose one of the wizard’s world factions and embark on a new adventure to survive another day in this fantasy Middle Ages.

12. Let it die free PS4 games

It is difficult to decipher what is happening inside the mind of Suda 51. The famous creator continues in his line… exotic, to say the least, with a project that clashes with all those seen so far. You are a human who must make his way through rooms full of challenges.

We are talking about an ARPG that leaves nothing to chance: it seeks to perfect your skill to the maximum. Repeat, repeat and repeat until you master it. Let It Die forces you to be one in command.

13. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Lite Version

The free version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is halfway between the demo and the F2P. As with PES 2020, in it we will be able to access without restrictions all the content of the Colosseum of heroes and matchmaking. Of course, we can only access the first five episodes of the main campaign. After FighterZ and Kakarot, Xenoverse 2 is a good platform to continue enjoying the license that we like so much and without contributing a single euro more.

14. Planetside 2 free PS4 games

Planetside 2 has been practically from the beginning of the generation giving war on consoles and PCs. The famous brand debuted on PS4 with ingredients that at that time were very powerful on paper: large-scale combat with hundreds of players on screen, several sides in simultaneous conflict, vehicles …

What is said a galactic battle in the palm of your hand? Over the years, their community has grown strongly around those faithful players to the extreme. If you want to try an intense and different first-person shooter, here you will find it.

15. PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2

The sequel to Championship Edition is available for free. We are not talking about a traditional free to play, but if you add it to your library you will have the complete game at no additional cost forever. The famous ‘Comecocos’ is renewed with one of its last appearances so far in the current generation of console. Its formula is immortal: eat before the ghosts catch you, now even in 3D stages.

16. Fallout Shelter

We have always seen the shelters of the Bethesda saga from the perspective of one more inhabitant. Thanks to Fallout Shelter, we now put on the supervisor jumpsuit to guide those who trust Vault-Tec’s safety.

In this friendly management game, you must manage and organize your own nuclear power shelter. From attracting new faces to knowing how relationships arise between them, it will be in our power to make everything a pleasant place to live, away from the dangers of the wilderness.

17. H1Z1: Battle Royale

If there is something free to play is variety in the fashion genre. Before PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Warzone, H1Z1 emerged as the primary supporter of a game style that would catch millions of players.

The main differential factor of the title in question is the importance of the vehicles in the last circles. Seeing a marabunda of police cars spinning around each other is priceless, and knowing how to drive is even more important than doing a good collection of equipment.

18. Warface

Crytek’s silence from Ryse: Son of Rome was broken with a Cryengine-flavored shooter. Warface debuted last 2018 on PS4 as a competitive multiplayer divided by class. Up to 32 players can battle each other in a title that has almost become a bundle of weapon take experiences.

Nor can we overlook the cooperative missions, which allow us to see the other side of the game, this time against the machine. On the PlayStation Store you can access a multitude of free content if you are a PS Plus subscriber.

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19. Spacelords

Mercury Steam dared to launch into the science fiction adventure with Spacelords, formerly known as Raiders of the Broken Planet. More than 80 scenarios await us through 17 characters, each with their own playable features. The 4 on 1 campaigns were designed to be lived from both perspectives: Raiders or Antagonist. Set up your weapons and choose from dozens of cards to customize your ultimate hero. If you want third-person action, you may find your desired game in it.

20. Don’t Even Think

The editors after Remnant: From the Ashes and Torchlight II, among others, launched a new multiplayer project last April. Don’t Even Think immerses us in the asymmetric PvP formula along with the characteristics of a battle royale. Up to 26 humans can jump onto the map to search for weapons, ammunition, and resources to find classified information and escape. Meanwhile, the werewolves, controlled by a player, cling to the search for corpses in order to feed and offer their skills to the highest level. The only downside to this F2P is the language: full English.


As we said in the opening of the text, we will update the entry as new free games are added to the PlayStation Store. We will also facilitate the most notable demonstrations soon. We urge you to stay tuned to all of this in the coming days.


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