6 Advantages of entering the cloud with your SME

Many SMEs are reluctant to take the step to work 100% in the cloud with new technologies, and to trust in the so-called “cloud computing”.

But … why not use these technologies, if there are proven advantages that will make you get the most out of the tools you use on the internet, and reduce the possible costs of your company.

Do you want to know what those advantages are?

  1. Cost reduction
  2. Scalability
  3. Offshoring
  4. Security
  5. Availability
  6. Many options to choose

In this article we will tell you in detail about each of these advantages, but before we will analyze …


But before entering with the advantages, we are going to explain some examples of services that use «Cloud Computing» and we are going to compare them with the versions hosted on the company’s own servers:


Email service

It often happens to us in Your Web Positioning that we see that in certain companies we work with email hosted on the company’s own servers (servers that are physically in the offices or in a data center of the company itself). The disadvantages of this way of working could be:

  • If there is a theft or a bad practice within the company, the email servers could be affected.
  • You need in-house IT staff or outsource companies to take care of server maintenance (medium-high cost).
  • Periodically, configuration problems appear in the mail, because the technicians in charge of the maintenance of the servers can indirectly influence aspects that they had not taken into account that affected the email.

In the case of hiring a cloud service for email, such as Google Suite, the advantages are innumerable, such as, never having to worry about maintaining the service, or falls, since Google’s servers they hardly fall in years.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service

A CRM is a client management software that facilitates the relationship with your clients and adds value to the data you have of your company’s clients. This software is normally installed on company servers, but this has many drawbacks.

The main advantage of hiring a CRM in the cloud is that it is a software that updates only, you do not have to worry about maintenance, and there are even some very powerful CRMs that are free, such as Hubspot CRM.

Now yes, we detail each of the advantages of entering the “cloud” with your company:

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1 Cloud Computing: Cost reduction

Access to any technology in the cloud will have a lower cost than if you installed or developed the same application or tool yourself. Anything that makes the procedures cheaper (the purchase of the physical support, the fixed installation in the computer or waiting for updates and maintenance of these tools) will be advantageous for your business.

cloud computing

In most cases, cloud services have monthly rates, or succulent discounts if paid semi-annually or annually, and generally only pay for what is used. This is usually the case in accounting, tax, document or documentation file management services.

Almost everything that an SME may need, can be contracted through a cloud service. Which will include maintenance, and will be more economical.

2 Cloud Computing: Scalability

The possibility of hiring only what is necessary for the growth of your company according to the moment is another important advantage, it is scalable services because they adapt to your needs with just a click. And you can immediately enjoy the application or the service you need.

3 Cloud Computing: Offshoring

Another advantage that involves employees is that since it is not fixed on a computer. The cloud allows it to work offshore. That is, from various platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet, telephone, …), as well as from different locations (office, coworking, home, …).

It is one more way to reduce costs and time since working online also means significant savings for all companies.

4 Cloud Computing: Security

Cloud applications have security systems that make any application installed on the computer pale.

That’s right, they always contemplate terms and conditions, security protocols, which guarantee (usually beyond any doubt) the privacy of your data, those of your clients … And a backup that if you lose anything, they can usually be recovered in a short time.

5 Cloud Computing: Availability

Applications in the cloud are fully available. That is, you can access the data stored in it at the time you need it. Since it will only be necessary to have a physical medium to access and an internet connection.

cloud computing

6 Cloud Computing: Options to choose

And the best, variety, offer, good developers, good support, attention … There are a variety of applications for almost any need that your company has. So before hiring an application, search, compare, analyze, review opinions, possibilities, prices, profits … And taking all that into account, choose the best option for your company.

And you? Do you think that opting for applications and work in the cloud can help you improve your company’s expenses? Its effectiveness, and the quality of the services you will provide to your customers?

We are sure that choosing these applications and services in the cloud will help you to be more effective in the quality service that you offer to your clients.


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