6 Business tips to choose a good online marketing

Business tips to choose a good online marketing. What they have to do is contact a technical consultancy, a digital consultancy, an expert company in online marketing to advise them on every opportunity that may arise on the internet for their business, to help them carry out all these steps.

And by help we mean that the company what you have to do is put yourself in their hands, and not worry about it any more.


But of course, how to choose the best web positioning advice (SEO), Web Design advice, Social Media advice … Technical advice, in short, when there are tens, hundreds, thousands … when you do an internet search.

Difficult task.

For this, we propose 6 points, 6 tips to choose the best online marketing advice for your company. Shall we start?

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1 Google Search

The first thing you have to do, of course, if what you are looking for is advice on SEO, Web Design, Social Networks, Adwords … is to search Google, and check if the company you are interested in is positioning on the first pages .


Simple, because if you are not on the first pages, how can you trust the services of a company that does not work on its own positioning or its own social networks? Difficult, in this sector, the best way to show a good job is to lead by example.


In addition, you must search with the name of your company in Google, to see the results that appear, the opinions, the appearance of your website, etc… With that glance, you will also have a subjective impression of whether or not the company fits with what you want to hire.

2 Experts in which branches of online marketing?

Once you have verified the results of the first pages of Google, you have to check, if they have articles written on the subject in question that you are looking for.

  • Are you looking for a web positioning consultancy? Check if they write SEO
  • Of Web Design? See if they talk about web design
  • Are you looking for advice on Social Networks? Check if they have articles written on social networks …

The same about marketing, email marketing or whatever you need advice on.

To do this take a look at his blog. It will tell you a lot of information on the topics that the company dominates that can end up advising and working for your business.

They don’t have a blog? So you’re just blind and don’t know what they’re really experts at.


3 Look at her projects

Check if they have success stories, or projects carried out, or with which clients they say they have worked or are working with.

Check how well placed these clients are, check their SEO, their Web Design or in the case of Social Networks, if they are well planned, have good content, etc …

See how they work and if you have any doubts, write them down to ask them the moment you establish a first conversation with the company.

4 Shortlist various online marketing companies

Once these extremes have been verified, choose several of the companies that could advise your business that convince you the most and contact them.

Flee from those that send you a standard budget, or non-personalized flat rates, that sell you that it will be all easy, or a path of roses, that you will have customers knocking on the door of your business at all hours, that will you are going to make gold with online marketing.

Because nothing is easy and does not take little time.

5 Solve the doubts

Evaluate the budgets of the companies that convince you the most, ask them all the doubts you consider, of operation, of terms, of payments, of contractual obligations to each other, of permanence (tends to trust whoever demands you permanence, means that they are determined to work hard for your brand).


6 Very important: Customer service!

Evaluate the service they offer you, if they clarify your doubts, if they are clear with what they offer, if they show that they will be by your side to help you in everything you need and that is related to the work they have to do.

Customer service, from the marketing company that advises you, is one of the most important factors for the success of your business.

In one of the extremes, imagine that you hire a Freelance (freelancer without company structure or employees), he can be an excellent technician, but that same excellent technician will be the one to answer calls, answer emails, do all the technical work , prepare the invoices, keep the accounting of your business, carry the marketing of your business, etc. If we multiply that by all the clients you have, it is clear that the customer service work is not going to be of quality, or at least it is not going to be the one you expect to have a minimum understanding with your online marketing provider.

You do not hire an online marketing company to treat you as one more, without personalizing services, without personalizing the treatment, as in the case of large telecommunications operators.

In fact, as we have previously commented, from a company that does not personalize its budgets in web positioning, you should not trust since it offers the same regardless of the needs of your business.

The optimum is always that they offer you a personalized service and customer service, in this way the results will be in accordance with the needs and aspirations of your business.

In most cases we know that the customer service of most service companies in Spain leaves a lot to be desired. So try to choose this aspect properly, since it will mark the degree of understanding and success of your project on the internet.

A good relationship from the beginning, transparent, clear, will mark good jobs in the future and a good understanding between online marketing consulting and your company.

As you can see, they are not 6 complex tips, but they are necessary tips to establish a relationship of trust with the advice that has to work for you. This will make you choose the best advice for you, the one that best suits your needs. And that the relationship you have with her is fruitful and results-oriented.

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